Celebrating Wale Tinubu, The African King of Oil At 51

It was Prof. Femi Osofisan, an acclaimed literary giant, who aptly titled one of his award-winning plays, ‘Birthdays Are Not for Dying’.  Indeed, birthdays are supposed to be occasions for the celebration of life by the living. Birthdays are also a period when the celebrator takes stock of his or her life and feels like climbing the mountaintop to shout Halleluiah. Undoubtedly, if there is any human being who is currently experiencing the proverbial Seventh Heaven, typical of a woman who has just safely been delivered of a baby, it is no other than Jubril Adewale Tinubu, the quintessential businessman.

As this oil and gas wizard  clocked  his 51 today , many are willing to share in his joy. The reason is the “birthday boy” means so many things to so many people in and outside the country. Just as Diamonds are uncommon stones, same as Tinubu who is also a rare gem and a  great man, who  sees wealth as divine from the creator. Like some of his peers, providence smiled on him by placing him on the Forbes list as one of the most industrious, influential and wealthy men in Africa.

The Oando Plc. head honcho, did not just stumble on those feat with mere word of mouth; but with sheer dint of hard work and ceaseless prayers to his creator. The husky voiced entrepreneur loves to pull people around him up. He believes that “the amount of wealth you gather in life does not make you a successful man but the amount of people you have pulled up from poverty and render selfless assistance to.’’ This has remained the secret of his astronomic rise in business.

   If you think the birthday is all about merriment, you are wrong! Just like a man that is passionate about generosity, the day would as usual serve as another opportunity for him to visit the orphanage, widows as well as the less-privilege, where he would be donating cash, food items and other materials.

Impressively, Wale Tinubu a desirable model for many Nigerian youths has been at the helm of Nigeria’s Oando Plc, formerly Unipetrol, an integrated energy services provider, for several years with meritorious records. Tinubu is credited with leading indigenous firm Oando to the top of its class in providing services that cover upstream, energy services, gas, power and international supply and trading of refined products.

This reticent, purposeful and energetic star has consistently delivered his vision of leading Oando to become a world-class company, with a global reach, and show the world that Nigeria, and Nigerians can produce home grown companies that are able to compete favourably on the global scale.

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