EXPOSED: Meet Bimbo Odeyemi, The Canada-based Lady Ooni Ogunwusi Is Madly In Love With

– Why Oba Ogunwusi Can’t Marry Her

– What Ifa Oracle Forbids Ooni Ogunwusi To Do About Women

– How Rukkies Boss, Ronke Ademiluyi Also Lost Out In Her Bid To Marry Him

Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi with Bimbo Oduyemi, Canada-based mistress
Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi with Bimbo Oduyemi, Canada-based mistress

The exit of Oloori Bukola Ogunwusi from the Ile-Ife palace, gave many women true vista to prey on Ooni Enitan Ogunwusi. First, the Ooni was reported to have expressed his wish to take a new wife. Thus, began, a mad rush among many ladies to become his new wife.
However, The ELITES exclusively gathered that the Ooni, like most powerful kings, was instructed by his Ifa oracle not to marry a woman who has birthed a child. This instruction from the Ifa, deflated the hope and aspiration of a couple of Oba Ogunwusi’s most celebrated mistresses.
The first of these ladies, is Bimbo Odeyemi, a mother of two. Odeyemi is based in Canada, but she is a constant fixture in the life of Ona Ogunwusi. Insiders disclosed that their affair dated back to their collage days. They carried on, even after their respective marriages to their spouses. And after Odeyemi’s marriage crashed, she still carried on with Oba Ogunwusi. Odeyemi is reported to be the principal cause of the constant bickering between Oba Ogunwusi and his wife, Bukola.

Ooni Ogunwusi and Bimbo Odeyemi, till Ifa do them part
Ooni Ogunwusi and Bimbo Odeyemi, till Ifa do them part

Sources who are privy to the happenings between Oba Ogunwusi and Bimbo Odeyemi revealed that the two love each other to bits. Also, Odeyemi’s mother, who is a senior member of the Celestial Church of Christ, is said to always smother Oba Ogunwusi with love, adulation and constant prayers, ever since he came into her daughter’s life.
During the coronation, while Oloori Bukola was relegated to the background, Bimbo Odeyemi was on ground, taking charge as one of the chief hostess. Her mother, siblings and close friends played pivotal roles during the event.
Although, Odeyemi is said to have felt devastated when Oba Ogunwusi announced his decision to take a new wife, sources disclosed that she is comforted with the fact that she will always have a special place in the heart of Oba Ogunwusi.

Ooni Ogunwusi and Ronke Ademiluyi (Rukkies)
Ooni Ogunwusi and Ronke Ademiluyi (Rukkies)

One other lady who also aspired to become Oba Ogunwusi’s wife is Ronke Ademiluyi. This celebrated Lagos Big Girl, who is popularly known as Rukkies, had also nursed the hope that she would become an Oloori. Rukkies, who is much older than Oba Ogunwusi, had capitalized on her her pedigree as an Ife blue blood to work in her favour. She almost succeeded but her status as a single mother posed as the factor that worked against her. Ademiluyi, who organizes the annual African Fashion Week in London, has since moved on with her life.
However, close source disclosed to The ELITES that Ooni Ogunwusi will take another wife this year. Already, the search for a beautiful, well-educated and well-bred lady from a good family, has already begun.

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