Kayode Alfred’s Aristocrat Clothing Dazzles With Special Collection for Twice As Nice

Twice as Nice Shirts and Accessories, a leading provider of unique and cost-effective fashion solutions has boosted its extensive array of fashion products on offer with the launch of an exclusive summer Special Collection from the stable of Aristocrat Clothing.

Aristocrat Clothing, the wave-making brainchild of veteran celebrity journalist cum fashion designer Kayode Alfred, is taking the fashion scene in Nigeria to hitherto unknown heights. Its signature blend of designs inspired by the vast variety and richness of local culture mixed with modern innovations has turned the label into a winner with the fashion conscious crowd.
The exclusive summer Special Collection is now in Twice as Nice stores nationwide and is sure to fly off the shelves in no time, much like the other trendsetting creations of Aristocratic’s CEO Kayode Alfred who is renowned for his craftsmanship and encyclopaedic knowledge in all things sartorial.
The publisher of the Lagos Times Magazine and its online twin www.thelagostimes.com is no spring chicken but a seasoned crafter and curator of bespoke tailoring solutions for men in love with style and colour. Since venturing into the fashion industry, the graduate of Lagos State University as steadily acquired a cult following of die-hard devotees of his excellent fashion releases.
The latest collaboration between Aristocratic Clothing and Twice as Nice, one of the country’s biggest fashion companies, offers fans of both outfits the best of both worlds. They are assured of first class services as they troop en masse to stores nationwide in pursuit of Aristocratic’s much sought-after summer special collection.

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