Men of God, Ordinary Men and Samson Syndrome!

By Emeka Oparah 

I have deliberately and prudently refrained from jumping into the fray of analysis paralysis with regard to Timi Dakolo’s wife’s interview (read revelations). I need to not here dilate on the consequences of speaking without facts, but Pastor E. A. Adeboye’s intervention attracted my most serious contemplation. 

I was especially fascinated by his reference to the Biblical “Bad Boy”, Samson, which reminded me of a book I’ve had the humility to read over half a dozen times, Samson Syndrome.

Samson Syndrome is an epic analogy of the life, the accomplishments and, especially, the failures and weaknesses of the Biblical Samson. Mark Atteberry, the author assumes there is a Samson in every man, particularly those who are driven, powerful and successful-Strong Men.

Atteberry, effortlessly, highlights a dozen, yeah 12, attributes of Mr. Samson, which can be found in strong men-and indeed every man. The first time I read the book, I kind of like felt the author was talking to me or about me!!! I wager you’ll feel the same, if you pick up this easy-to-read and even quite-easy-to-comprehend piece of awesome literature.

Samson was a strong man. Atteberry, in picking apart what snookered Samson, points out the 12 tendencies that eventually led to his fall and death. 

So, he states that strong men, like Samson:

1. Tend to disregard boundaries

2. Tend to struggle with lust

3. Tend to ignore good advice

4. Tend to break rules

5. Tend to overestimate their own cleverness

6. Tend to use anger as a tool

7.  Tend to repeat same mistakes

8. Tend to have big egos

9. Tend to take foolish risks

10. Tend to struggle with intimacy

11. Tend to take too much for granted

12. Tend to lose sight of the big picture

These dozen attributes are perhaps the real reasons strong men fail, says Atteberry. On a few occasions, I have deployed these 12 tendencies in mentoring young men, who, in all intent and purposes, have the potential to become strong men-or want to be strong men (whatever that means to them). Truth is, STRONG means different things to different people. What may seem strong to you may appear weak to another person. And what signifies strength in Nigeria may not represent same elsewhere.

But the author takes reasonable time, talent and trouble to analyze and dissect the man Samson just so you can locate yourself before you get into the groove. And you’ll most definitely get in the groove once you start.

I recommend this book highly, because it has helped me and still helps me to focus on my weaknesses just as I focus on my strengths, opportunities and threats. You’ll surely thank me after.

In reading this book, pay particular attention to the second tendency: “Strong men,like Samson, struggle with lust!” And that’s part of the hidden undertones of G.O. Adeboye’s treatise. Pastors or Men of God, like Samson and other strong men, are susceptible to the temptations of the flesh. 

Remember how Satan took Jesus to the mountain top, showed him all the riches of the world in their fullest splendor and commanded him to bow to him-and take over!!! That’s how the Satan tempts Men of God with carnal things. Don’t also forget Satan used Eve to get though to Adam.

So, let us continue to pray for our Men of God and also BOLDLY caution them, when (and if) we perceive them straying. After all, the are human. There are also criminals amongst them. Some are rehabilitated criminals, who can relapse without notice, if you get my drift. You may also do well to gift them a copy of this awesome book. It might be the saving grace they truly and desperately need. 

Y’all have a great week ahead!

©️Emeka Oparah

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