Be Prepared For Leadership Roles -Gani Adams Charges OPC Members

Members of the Oodua People’s Congress [OPC] have been urged to get themselves ready for higher responsibilities in the future.

Speaking at 2018 edition of the Leadership Training Retreat in Ibadan, Oyo state, the Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Aare Gani Adams, said leadership is about service to humanity.

He said one of the best qualities of a leader is to get prepared for future challenges.

Adams, who also restated his commitment to defend the interests of the Yoruba race, charged all members of group to be vigilant and watchful, particularly, against the illegal activities of the herdsmen, who attack and kill innocent people across the country.

He warned them not to take undue advantage of the accommodating nature of the Yoruba race.


’’The Yorubas by nature are very accommodating, we are brave and courageous, however, we will not allow the indiscriminate killings of our people, we will resist any attempt by the herdsmen to spill innocent blood in the southwest‘’, he said.

In his lecture, Dr. Abiola Ayankunbi harped on team work and leadership as a recipe for success and development in all organization.

He urged all members of the OPC to instill in them, a team spirit, saying it is as an attributes needed most to advance the ideals of the organization. ’’We are in a new world, where everybody must have a little knowledge about everything that happens in the world. This is the reality of the new world, where everybody is a stake holder. In doing this, we all have our different but complementary roles to play in ensuring a better society’’, he said

The Leadership training Retreat is organized by the Olokun Festival Foundation [OFF], in conjunction with the Oyo state chapter of the Oodua People’s Congress [OPC], to train and retrain all members on the need to be responsible in all their dealings.


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