REVEALED: Why Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi’s Marriage To First Wife, Bukola Crashed

– How She Allegedly Slapped Him In The Presence of His Father

– Why The Ogunwusi Family Cannot Forgive Her

imageAdebukunola Adebisi Ogunwusi, the first wife of Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi has since returned to the United Kingdom.
Bukola (nee Bombata), returned to the UK, immediately after the coronation last December.
The ELITES gathered that the marriage between Ooni Ogunwusi and Bukola, was tottering on the brink of collapse, shortly before he decided to contest for the throne. According to insiders, the then Prince Ogunwusi’s decision to vie for the throne, was met a strident opposition from his wife.
Sources attributed the estranged marriage of Oba Ogunwusi and Bukola to many factors. One of such factors was the constant interference from the couple’s families. It was gathered that there a no-love lost relationship existed between Bukola and Oba Ogunwusi’s three sisters.

imageThe crisis rocking the Ogunwusi’s union, which was consummated in 2007, reached a climax, when, Bukola, reportedly, slapped her husband during a family meeting.
The Ooni’s father, Prince Ropo Ogunwusi, who was witnessed what he considered to be a sacrilege, was said to be mortified beyond word.

Oba Ogunwusi and Bukola during their wedding in 2007
Oba Ogunwusi and Bukola during their wedding in 2007

Invariably, when Oba Ogunwusi eventually emerged as the new Ooni of Ife last October, his sisters did all they could to keep Bukola away from him. The ELITES gathered that when Bukola arrived at Ife, she was was not allowed to see her husband for many days. Sources disclosed that the family, surreptitiously, tried to hook the king up with a couple of ladies, but their effort didn’t yield any result.

imageAt this juncture, Bukola, who had suspected she was about to be frozen out of the scene, approached some of her husband’s close friends. One of the people she approached, waded into the matter, pleaded with Oba Ogunwusi’s father to allow Bukola to be integrated into the coronation activities. It took a supreme effort on the older Ogunwusi’s part, before Bukola could be absorbed into the preparation. But no sooner had the coronation ended than Bukola returned to the United Kingdom.
The ELITES gathered that, in spite of their turbulent marriage, Oba Ogunwusi genuinely loves his wife. The chances of their coming back together is said to be very high.

12 thoughts on “REVEALED: Why Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi’s Marriage To First Wife, Bukola Crashed

  1. Why wouldn’t her come back. That is the love of his life. Clean record. Not am ashawo opportunist
    She had her genuine reason for slapping him. We all know
    She was afraid for the publicicity
    oba for that matter. Please tell that macquinne to stand away from the true love. Benin people are so diabolical to a fault.

  2. “SHE HAD HER GENUINE REASON FOR “SLAPPING HIM” Wow Seriously!,! Omo kaaro o jire, aya God bless Wuraola, Lucky her! (Owo”hand” eni la fi n tun iwa eni se)…
    Oluwa ma se mi ni iyawo ti ngba oko leti…

    1. olorun ma se e ni obinrin ton gba oko leti, If your husband put you in a dilemma that you cannot handle, and you get frustrated, what will you do. You cannot blame bukola much, although she is not suppose to do that to her hubby, But then they have been together , years of courtship before marriage, and adeyeye genuienely love his wife, so they should forgive her and let her have her time with the love of her life. If it happens to you, that your daugjhter was in bukola position, and your daughter reacted like that, so you will tell your inlaws to drive your daughter home back to you. It is not fair on the lady (bukola) they have been for years and the love to be cut off, it is very unfair on her. Baba adeyeye should forgive him including the sisters as well, and all the family, because KAbiyesi still love his wife. There is a difference between bukky and the ashewo bastard that took over the palace, Ask all the families can they control her, Do they enjoy wuraola at all, the sisters should come and say it outside if they are enjoying wuraola as their wife. The families are ashamed they cannot say all what she has been doing for them, The one she did in USA, and even the one in London, The sister live in the palace, are they still there? Kabiyesi dad had his 75th birthday, it was celebrated as if he is not been celebrated, Did wuraola come there ? Did she perform her duties as a daughter in law, this is not money matter but her behaviour are open to all of them, but they cannot say or tell anyone what they the family (Ogunwusi) are facing with her. We shall all live to see what her end will be in the palace with the OMOALE she wants to bring in for the KING. OMO ELEPO NI SONIA ITOHAN

      1. Was the Ooni blind when he decided to marry Wuraola, let him take responsibility for his choice, as for Adebisi, slapping your husband in private is one thing, slapping him in the presence of his father, shows a total disregard of everyone present, and a total lack of home traing, ‘won ko, ko gba ni”!

  3. Anything can happen between husband and wife, but when families interfiers that is the Genesis if problems, the new olori was arranged for him, run girl or whatever, and that 3 sister of ooni are the main problems. The first love who.married him as he is not because if money or anything itohan that was given wuraola that cant even speak yoruba, married him because of money because he is ooni. Elebolo lafin hmmmm

  4. It is surprising that people make comments on issues they know nothing about. All I would say is that God sits in heaven watches and judges. TBH, I doubt she slapped him but if she did, believe me she must have been pushed to the wall. Bukola is an extremely calm, longsuffering and reasonable lady. I have a lot of respect for her. She has kept a low profile, in the face of all the lies and rubbish that has been and is being printed about her, that says a lot about her character. It is interesting that the Ooni has never publicly said anything negative about her, that also says a lot.

  5. My advice to Ooni and Olori Bukky is that, they should know that they are joined together and divorce is not acceptable to God. They should reconcile and leave together as husband and wife. The fear of God should be in their mind. It is not good for his royal majesty to abandon his wife though he has another wife. Note, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. What one sows is what he will reap. Let us leave by example

  6. Kabiesi in name of our Almighty God. Please forgive her I will prefer you to accept her back for the sake of your children’s. Your first love is your heart and I think will protect you in always as she as learnt her mistake and must be ready to take correction. If you think about you not being with your lovely kid’s as a man I think you might be loosing out in shaping their lives. Please and please take time and think about this as this is your own family and you deserve to have your own family.And am cousin your personal assistant babajide Ogunkoya.
    Thank you very much and God bless you

  7. Your Majesty, ooni of Ife. I am over sixty five years of age. I advice you to make decision yourself. you had lived with Bukola for so long and you knew her better than any of us, but evil you know is better than the one you don’t know. I want you to move forward in making Ife grate. Please let all these rumors about wives die down quickly. May God guides you through, during your stay on the throne.

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