Tell Your Children About Pius Adesanmi

Tell your children about Pius Adesanmi, let it be known there was an African, a Nigerian specifically who challenged oppressive and western norms with cerebral engagement.

Tell your children Nigeria produced one of the best that had global ratings and stood shoulder to shoulder to the best in the west.

Tell your children that Pius Adesanmi wasn’t the stereotypical professor but a brain house filled with street credibility.

Tell them, that with Pius Adesanmi, got encomiums as badges. He didn’t have to task his brain enormously before churning out briefs. Tell them he was a restless academician who sought answers to questions plaguing Africa and her people.

Tell them, Pius Adesanmi though home grown from Isanlu, Kogi state, was a quintessential African son who transversed the continent in keeping up with scholastic engagement.

Tell them, he abhorred mediocrity and the word never existed for him. Tell your children that Pius, though born in the trenches and hamlet of Isanlu, rose to become an internationally sought speaker, writer and public figure.

Tell your children that Pius Adesanmi, lives in our hearts and resides in our ability to model a Nigeria where the country rises above the status quo.

Tell your children of the colossus, enigmatic, notable, distinguished and credible fellow he was. Tell your children that another Iroko tree was felled from the forest.

Tell your children that Pius Adebola Adesanmi, was a gift to us and one who gave himself selflessly.

We mourn, we grief yet we celebrate the man Pius Adesanmi

May you continue to rest in power.

By Folake Oyetosho

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