TRIBUTE: Who Will Tell Mama Isanlu Pius Adesanmi Is Dead?

The life we live is a void, it gives no guarantee, like a balloon, it goes up in busted prick. Two months ago, he survived a horrific road accident during a visit to Nigeria. He survived the road only to be killed in the air, the road crash would have saved his remains if he had died, now only ashes will be his remains! Sometimes it hurts so deep that we are tempted to ask God why? But we dare not, because we are mere pawns in the dictates of nature.

Pius Adesanmi, the son of Mama Isanlu, is gone, far away from the embrace of mama Isanlu. Who will sing her song now that Pius the vocalist is gone? How would mama Isanlu receive the news that her professor son is no more? That he was killed in the air, very far from the land? If you know mama Isanlu, tell her, her loving husband is dead, he died in the embrace of the steel bird, tell her, her son her pride is gone in muted silence. But who can tell Mama Isanlu that her Pius is gone?

So, what the hell is the whole struggle for this life when we aren’t sure of our next breath? So, all the struggles end with a blink and the lid closes forever? If death kills the hardworking what then will it do to the lazy? Pius died working hard even in the air.

Indeed, the life we live is fleeting light of a shadow, short, unpredictable and ephemeral. If you get to see Mama Isanlu, tell her our Pius is gone.

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