US Suspends ‘Drop Box’ Visa Applications In Nigeria

The United States embassy in Nigeria has suspended its drop box service or interview waiver for those renewing visas in the country.

The service, before its suspension, enabled Nigerians who were renewing their existing or expired visa to apply for a renewal online, via the visa drop box service.

The change takes effect from Tuesday according to a statement by the embassy.

Part of the statement said: “The Embassy and Consulate of the United States in Nigeria has suspended the interview waiver ‘Drop Box’ application process effective May 14, 2019. “Mission Nigeria’s processing procedures are regularly reviewed in order to assess our ability to quickly, efficiently, and securely process visa applications. “The U.S. Mission is taking this step to provide more efficient customer service and promote legitimate travel, and will continue to facilitate applications of established travelers to the best of its ability.” The suspension means that all attempting to renew their visas must now attend visa interviews like first-timers.

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