22 Things Goodluck Jonathan Said During the Presidential Media Chat

imageIn 2011, I was already in my village when INEC announced elections had been moved by 2 weeks. I didn’t know
INEC did not consult me before postponing elections. I don’t even want to be consulted by INEC-President Jonathan
INEC is an independent body and if INEC conducts this election poorly, it’s on my head
People are not being fair to me over postponement of election, I do not decide the date for the elections
Few people are doing things for me i think are not the best, there must be a nation before you do what you want to do
I appointed Jega and if I think he’s not good, I have the power by constitution to remove him
I’ve not told anyone I want to remove Jega
I don’t see why we continue to doubt that elections will hold. Elections will hold!
Election is like any tournament, FIFA says March, later say April or May. The winning team will still win. No big deal
Let me reassure Nigerians that elections will be conducted in this country and a govt will be inaugurated on May 29th
We found it difficult to contain BH because we didn’t get the necessary equipment and our neighbours were not too committed
Nobody is saying Boko Haram must be wiped out completely before they conduct elections
I had meetings with the President of Chad and he said before he can send troops the AU have to be involved
Is it by going to carry flags and singing around the world that we’ll bring our girls back? Why use your international links negatively?
I cannot give a time frame that the Chibok girls will be rescued, I don’t want to be quoted
imageI am more hopeful now than before on the Chibok girls
If you put a goat where yam is, it will eat it. If you put people where money is, they’ll steal it
The word corruption we have abused it and it’s not making so much sense. I did not say stealing is not corruption
A thief is a thief. Don’t use the word corruption to cover stealing. Call the person a thief
We must not destroy Nigeria because of elections
I attend Muslim programmes like youth programmes
Nobody will go to war. Nigeria will remain Nigeria

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