A Wedding To Remember… SIFAX Boss, Taiwo Afolabi’s Daughter Marries In Dubai

And so they kissed and started a lively, tender life. It was the kind of life that blossomed like a truth universally acknowledged and treasured by only the pure at heart. Bride, Mariam and groom, Qudus Badmus beamed majestically, with content. Their heartfelt dreams had finally come true; they were bound by swathes of bliss, two simple vows and a grand matchless love – which makes them one of the happiest couples of their time.

And these are indeed precious times for Mariam, the beautiful daughter of Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, the billionaire businessman behind Sifax Group and Marriott Hotel. The Nigerian social establishment and high society listed like a cruise ship and literally burst at the seams, yesterday, Tuesday, in Dubai, where their wedding unfolded like a red carpet, rolling out smoothly far from Lagos city, Nigeria, on the grand boulevards and palatial pleasure domes of the United Arab Emirates.

As it unfolded, the bride’s family, the Afolabis clan and the groom’s folks, stepped out with aplomb and took their positions before the crème of the Dubai high society flocking to rejoice with them and bear witness to the memorable union of their son and daughter.

Mariam smiled contentedly through the proceedings. Anyone would feel such contentment in such defining moment. She cut a marvelous picture as she sashayed towards her groom. Qudus bit his lip nervously and sweated profusely in thermo-induced chill of the grand setting, the gaze of onlookers and culmination of years of expectation. It took keen observers to deduce that his anxiety was borne of bliss and love everlasting.

That blend of anxiety and ritual splendor in a relaxed atmosphere was something very special. The joy of the newlywed couple knew no bounds as they swooned with joy and excitement on the dance floor. The pair waltzed across the reception hall of the prestigious Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, like two royal scions at the threshold of their dreams. The bride’s parents ferried their guests to this World’s most luxurious hotel. So breathtaking was the party and consumption of continental cuisines and drinks that four Seasons’ rivers of champagne and expensive alcoholic drinks thinned to a tributary.

Every detail about their wedding was undeniably gorgeous. The rich and enviable social contacts and affiliations of the bride’s family, was fully displayed and amply felt by everyone present at the occasion as the hall was packed full with the crème of the pack of Nigeria’s business and political high societies.

In the midst of splen­dor rarely seen in this part of the world, the bells pealed, and the crowds cheered. Indeed, the couple couldn’t have had a better wedding; a reality not a few of their guests unhesitatingly admitted.

However, as you read, the couple would be criss-crossing the world for their honeymoon playfully running after each other and picking pebbles on the sandy esplanade of holiday resorts while retiring under the moonlight of Europe’s scenic cities among other idyllic vacation spots.

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