A Woman Who Has Spent More Than 25 Years In Marriage Is A Witch

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

A few days ago, one Tinubu diehard decided to commit suicide by taking me on, on a friend’s wall. If I were a screen grabbing monster, I would have treated you to the juicy insults I curated for him. This guy was a friend until about two months ago. He comes alive whenever I mention his god’s name. He would lob subtle insults and tacky innuendoes because of political differences. He is one of those who project their insecurities on others. Like his misguided brothers and sisters in their political pen, they think everyone is in for the money. When my patience wore thin, I unfriended him. A few days ago, I posted an update and my dear friend and brother shared it. Because he can no longer peddle his wares on my wall, this guy went in there with; this writer is a self-designated thought leader. She writes for the cowries. Who? Me?

Jejely, I went to his wall to look for material to dust up my Local Authority Primary School insult playbook. I found out he has a Ph.D. Aha! I promptly removed Philosophy from his Doctorate and tagged him Doctor without Philosophy. He got a full description including his mental state and interpersonal skills. Within two hours he was defending his degrees, telling us he’s never drank alcohol, taken drugs etc. In another poor attempt at improving his image, he said he teaches part-time in a community college and works on cybersecurity for a Midwest bank. I replied him; Doctor without Philosophy, I don’t brag. I have taught in an American University not a community college and I have worked in two fortune 500 companies not a regional entity. The guy deleted his comments and all my replies were gone. He blocked me after enjoying those blinding slaps.

The lesson; never mess with a woman who has gone through menopause. You will get slaughtered. The slice through the jugular can be most painful when the woman is educated, has worked in pressure cooker environments, gone through adversities and still holds her own. The Yoruba says a woman who has stayed long in her husband’s house will become a witch. Yes! A middle age woman is no fodder for silly men, driven by misogyny, and unchecked testosterone. That woman is a witch. Beware!

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