Academy of Medicine Warns, Cites Lipstick, Others as Cause of Infertility

Following the induction of 136 fellows into the Academy of Medicine Specialties of Nigeria (AMSN), medical experts have warned women against wearing lipstick, driving barefooted, and proximity to insecticide, citing such as factors for infertility in both male and females.

The President of the Academy of Medicine Specialties of Nigeria, Professor Oladapo Ashiru, said this at the inauguration and induction ceremony of Honorary, Emeritus and Foundation Fellows of the Academy held in Lagos.

In his lecture, Ashiru cautioned that lipsticks and insecticides are toxins, yet society does not pay enough attention to them.

“Driving barefooted, consuming stockfish and fish that have a large presence of mercury in them are embryo-toxic and are major causes of infertility.

“Some women do not drive with their shoes because they find it easy. Many of the patients who had miscarriage after going through IVF is caused simply because the upper lining of those pedals have antimony and antimony has been proven to be embryo-toxic. Not until we remove this antimony from them, they can’t be pregnant or keep a pregnancy.”

He also extended the same warning for mercury which he said is present in large fish and stockfish. “The various colleges have now recommended that to get pregnant, avoid such fishes.

“Fumigation, oil spillages, the use of lipstick and pesticides are also injurious to the health and affect pregnancy.

” Fumigation and pesticides can affect a woman who is carrying a baby. It will affect the baby and the child to be born by that baby. That is, toxins from pesticides affect three generations.”

In the words of Ashiru, a woman uses a lot of lipstick in her lifetime. Unknown to women, lipsticks carry a lot of toxins especially if they are cheaply made. He added, “Oil spills are also toxins to the sperm and eggs. It causes miscarriage. Until you detoxify them, it is risky.

In his remark, the Minister of Health and one of the inductees, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, enjoined young doctors not to be swayed by the offers they get abroad, explaining that they need to remain in the country for a while to contribute their part to the development of the health ministry.

He said, “It will be fair if all doctors trained in Nigeria stay and serve their country in return for the training they got, especially those that were trained at public expense. The training of doctors in Nigeria is highly subsidised.

“It will be good if they remain for some time to practice and also support the country, especially now that there is a high demand for doctors even outside the country.

“Countries come to Nigeria to woo our doctors. I hope that there will be a time we will be able to balance that. At the moment, we can’t compete with salaries but the cost of living here is much lower and our doctors live well.”

Reacting to the induction of fellows, the Chairman, Board of Directors of the Academy, Dr Sonny Kuku assured participants that the admission was done thoroughly, giving much interest to excellence.

He emphasised: “This Academy is long overdue. We thank God that it has come to reality. It is open to people who meritoriously have achieved that scholarship. It is a merit-based academy.”

Other inductees included Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu; Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu; Minister of state for Health, Dr. Olorunnimbe Mamora; and a business mogul, Alhaji Abdul Rabiu

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