Aftermath Of President Jonathan’s Failed Re-election Bid: Skye Bank’s Chairman, Tunde Ayeni In Fresh Mess Over Investors Funds!

imagePanic has taken over Skye Bank Plc, as investors and depositors of the financial institution are currently asking to know the status of their investment.

This was revealed by a source within the bank. The source, informed us that most of the shareholders, depositors of the bank who had frowned at the Chairman of Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni when he donated the whooping sum of N2 billion to the President Goodluck Jonathan campaign organization during a fund raising dinner which held sometimes in December 2014, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, now want to know how secure their money is.

Although when the speculation about Ayeni financing President Jonathan’s campaign with investor’s money first broke out the shareholders who had called for the head of Ayeni were percified having been told their money is safe and funds invested on President Jonathan was for better relationships and opputunities.

With President Jonathan’s re-election bid hitting the rocks and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari winning the 2015 presidential election panic is said to have set in once again within the bank’s investor and depositors, as many want to know about the safety of their investment.

The clamour by investors and depositors to know the fate of their money has also not been helped by Ayeni’s flamboyant lifestyle, as he has been severally alleged of dipping his hand too dip into the bank’s finances.

imageInformation reaching us revealed that Ayeni is running from pillar to post as at the time we are compiling this information to enable him get enough funds in order to maintain its investors relationship.

One of the people we learnt he ran to first was Mr Jide Omokore, one of his very best friend in the social circle.

we gathered further that all things been equal if he is able to raise the funds things might go on right in the bank but if not things might go very awry for the ladies man, Ayeni.

We will update you with more information as soon as we lay our hands on more details from our very dependable source.

Source: Daily Mail Nigeria

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