Aisha Falode Writes Sons Killer(s) On The 1st Anniversary Of His Death


The Island was lush and green. Fruits of all kinds dropped from trees with such deep green leaves sheltering flora and fauna. The leaves fluttered in the bright sun as I gazed into the calm sea with soft waves caressing sand and shore. Then it all went blank. Did the clapperboard snap shut? What type of darkness envelopes me thus?

This darkness is overwhelming, when will the scene resume, can you please call for a re-take Mr. Director?
Exactly one year ago this day, a young man was murdered in cold blood. A man born into prominence and on the path of sure greatness. He was the pride of his family and the future of his country for he was wise beyond his years on earth.

At 19, he was on the brink of getting his university degree. At 19, he wrote songs which directly questioned humanity and existence. At 19, he challenged the world and served God with all his heart. He was a son to be proud of, his name was TOBA TYLER FALODE.

Questions deserve answers. When Toba was born, 20yrs ago, I knew I would be asking questions and I knew that somehow we would find the answers for together, we would ask, together we would seek answers and together we would fathom solutions. Not in my most frightening nightmare could I have thought that Toba will not be here today. He will not be here to help me navigate this overpowering darkness as I try to know why.

Why did they do it, why do they hide it, why did they spill my son’s blood so innocently, why do they condone murder?

Can the world help me? Can you help me ask the murderer of Toba Tyler Fray FAISAL ALDAKMARY AL NASSER and his co-conspirator OLIVIA MELANIE RICHARDS EVANS why they killed Toba so cruelly?

Faisal and Olivia, why did you take away the soul of Toba? What did he do to you? How could you kill and yet walk the streets free? Do you see his blood on your hands? I am sure your minds are twisted, yet you must see the monsters you have become…pushing a young man in his prime to his death from the 17th floor of a building that night in Dubai.

The Director of life will call for the lights soon and your darkness would take another depth. For your end is near.
We are not sleeping; justice is served though it may be slow. Be sure Faisal that the long arms of justice will catch up with you no matter how long and how far you run. Olivia, does he haunt your sleep? Surely a young woman like you must be living in horror knowing you are a cold blooded killer.

Do not for a moment think that Toba’s soul will not get justice; we shall pursue justice the lawful way until you are in chains and begging for mercy.

Yet, we leave you in the court of the all-seeing and omnipresent God. Your day will come; hasten your steps for HIS avengers are after you.

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