Amaechi Fumes With Anger: Wike Is A Clown, and He Belongs To Nollywood, Ikuru Is A Worthless Piece of Trash

imageimageImmediate past Governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amaechi, has accused his successor, Nyesom Wike, of probing his administration to carry out a personal vendetta against him.

Amaechi stated that Wike is fabricating tales of corruption against him and has also mandated the Inquiry Commission to indict him by all means.

According to the former governor, the incumbent is playing out a script he created, adding that his skills would be much appreciated in Nigeria’s movie industry- Nollywood.

Amaechi, also lashed out at his former deputy governor, Tele Ikuru, whom he clled a “worthless piece of trash”, for claiming that his administration was corrupt.

A statement was released to this effect by the former governor, through his media office on Sunday, June 21.

“This so called Wike’s probe of Amaechi is dead on arrival. All the noise Wike is making is to grab media headlines with his lies of monumental corruption against Amaechi. It’s all drama made for the media. What is playing out is a script written and directed by Nyesom Wike. Wike should move to Nollywood where his devious skills would probably be useful. Even while inaugurating his yeoman commission of Inquiry, Wike could not conceal his vendetta agenda.

He was clear to the panel members that their job is to indict Amaechi. While it’s no longer in doubt what would be the report of Wike’s sham probe commission. What may shock Nigerians is the extent Wike has gone and is ready to go to manufacture stories of corrupt practices, and the kind of bogus tales of corruption against Amaechi that he would soon be feeding the nation.
We are aware that even the Chairman of his Inquiry Commission, was shocked and protested when Wike gave him the litany of phony claims of corruption against Amaechi that the chairman would write in the panel’s report. But Wike had assured him not to worry that he had since been working towards arriving at that conclusion and he would provide the commission with all the (fake) evidence needed to arrive at that report. Truly, since May 29, that is all Wike has been doing; cooking spurious reports of corruption against Amaechi.

Wike has been intimidating, threatening, coercing and blackmailing officials of the past administration, especially civil servants into making false, phony and bogus statements that would make legitimate government transactions appear as corrupt practices. Permanent Secretaries, Directors of Finance and Administration (DFAs), the State bankers and even contractors are harassed, threatened and blackmailed to twist and distort, or even completely alter legitimate government transactions in his desperation to cook up, and fabricate sham cases of corruption against Amaechi.

This has been the one-point agenda of the Wike government, a vendetta mission against his former boss and benefactor. Amaechi will use every constitutional and legal means available to protect his name and image from this massive smear campaign, State-sponsored onslaught against him by this directionless, purposeless Wike led government. As governor, Amaechi served his people well and the good things he did with the resources of the state are visible all over the state.

On the claims by his former deputy, Tele Ikuru while presenting a report to Wike, the statement condemned Mr. Ikuru. We won’t dignify him with a response. He’s such a worthless piece of trash that we won’t waste our energy on. This is a man with no dignity, no shame. No self-respecting man would talk the way Ikuru is talking right now.

This is a character that served the Amaechi administration for almost eight years. While he was there, he never for once complained that Amaechi or the government that he was the second-in-command was corrupt. As a matter of fact, he was singing and parroting everywhere that Rivers State was truly blessed to have a governor like Amaechi, that Amaechi will always be remembered and hailed for changing for good the fortunes of Rivers State.

Today, the shameless clown is the one shouting Amaechi is corrupt, everywhere. If the government was as corrupt as he claims, what was he doing there for almost eight years, telling the world that Amaechi is the best thing to happen to Rivers State? No character, no self-respect, no dignity, no shame. A character like Ikuru should never be taken seriously.”

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