Anal Sex, Pregnancy Increase Risk of Kidney Infection – Physician

imageAn-Abuja based physician, Dr Okezie Emenike, on Tuesday said abnormal sexual activities that irritate the urethra increase the risks of kidney infection.

Emenike said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

He explained that “infection that enters through the opening of the urethra can infect the bladder, which can later lead to infection of the kidneys.

“Having sex that irritates the urethra can easily allow bacteria to enter the bladder and cause the development of kidney infection.

“Anal sex, pregnancy, kidney stones, as well as prolonged use of urinary catheter are also causative factors to kidney infection.’’

The physician said bacterium such as E.coli which lived in the bowel of humans was mostly responsible for the development of the infection.

According to him, Kidney infection occurs when bacteria enters the urinary tract through the tube that carries urine from the body (urethra) and begin to multiply.

The medic said bacteria from an infection elsewhere in the body could spread through the blood stream to the kidneys and lead to infection of the kidneys.

He added that women were most at risk of developing kidney infection, noting that the urethra of women was closer to the anus, which made it easier for bacteria to enter the urethra.

He attributed weakened immune system due to diabetes type 2, as well as infection of the prostate gland as factors that predisposed one to kidney infection.

He said any abnormality in the urinary tract, dehydration, as well as constipation could also increase the risk of developing kidney disease.

He added that “certain medications, HIV and damage to nerves around the bladder also pose risk of developing kidney infection.’’

Emenike, however, recommended frequent consumption of water, saying “it helps to remove bacteria from the body through urination.’’

He then stressed the need to always empty the bowel to free the bladder after intercourse, adding that it would help to prevent infections.

He advised women to always wipe carefully from front to back and avoid the use of douching products, including soap in the genital area in order to prevent the condition.

“The consumption of cranberry juice is beneficial too in preventing kidney infection,’’ he said.

The physician urged patients with the condition to take the prescribed dose of antibiotics to help treat the infection, saying painkillers such as paracetamol would help to relieve pains.

He, however, advised patients treating kidney infection to avoid the use of Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), stressing that such drugs would increase the risk of kidney problems.

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