Another Woeful Result From Law School: 1805 Fail, 4 Make First class

Onadeko, DG of Law School
Onadeko, DG of Law School
Nigeria Council of Legal Education said on Thursday that a total of 1805 resit and regular students of the Nigerian Law School failed the 2015 final exams and thus would not be called to Bar in October this year.

This was disclosed by the Council when it released the results of the Bar final resit examinations conducted in April 2015 and the Bar final examinations of April entry (2014/2015 school year) regular students, conducted in May 2015.
The call to Bar ceremonies have been fixed for October 20 and 22 in Abuja.

The Council also said for the resit examinations, a total of 2,736 students participated, while 1,648 representing 60.2 percent of the students were successful.

A statement from the Council signed by its Director-General, Olanrewaju Adesola Onadeko Esq, indicated that 98 candidates (3.6 percent) recorded conditional pass while a total of 990 students, representing 36.2 percent failed.

The Council also indicated that in the May 2015 Bar final examinations for regular students, 2,852 students took part with four candidates emerging with First Class.

They include Sani Fatima Bombom (Abuja campus), Mbonu Genevieve Chinyeaka (Lagos campus), Olowu Adetutu Abisoye (Lagos campus) and Abajou Reason Emma (Enugu campus).

Also, the Council informed that 109 students passed in the Second Class Upper category, 418 were graded in Second Class Lower, 1422 graded in Pass, 83 with Conditional Pass while 815 failed.

By this, 68.5 percent passed, 2.9 percent had conditional pass while 28.6 percent failed.

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