Anxiety Grips Jonathan’s Ministers Over The Mysterious N37 Billion Found In Nasarawa Farm

Recently, the sum of N37 billion Naira equivalent in USA dollars was allegedly recovered from a farm, which belongs to a former top government official under Goodluck Jonathan administration. The farm is located in Nasarawa state.

During the recovery operation, which lasted several hours, seven military Hilux trucks were seen, leaving the farm in Nasarawa state and heading to Abuja.

The ELITES gathered that the owner of the farm is not a native of Nasarawa state, as many top government officials in Abuja are known to own farms in the sate.

According to Citizens Untied for Peace and Stability, CUPS, a non-governmental organisation, since the emergence of Muhammdu Buhari as Nigeria’s president, many government officials, who dwelt in grandeur theft with impunity during the tenure of Goodluck Jonathan, are having immense difficulties finding where to hide their loot. This is because hiding ill gotten money in local and foreign banks is no longer an option.

CUPS further disclosed that, going by the security reports at its disposal, most of the usual exit routes of hiding loot are now being blocked. Invariably, many top government officials with loot, have now devised new ways of hiding their money.

Some of these ways include;
1. Farms.
2. Overhead water tanks at home.
3. Granaries at home and at relatives’ homes in villages.
4. Trunk boxes.
5. Underground bunkers for storing Yams and Potatoes.
6. Irrigation farms and plots.
7. Old cars that are no longer in service.
8. Underground fuel tanks at disused petrol stations.
9. Ceilings inside houses.
10. Family garves.

Aside the aforementioned, one other ingenious method the top government officials have devised in hiding the nation’s stolen wealth, is the use of converted houses. CUPS revealed that these officials have resorted to buying properties, and then convert some of the rooms into security cells. These rooms are then cleverly concealed with wardrobes, in which they hide their loot.

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