Arik Air Passenger Caught Stealing Mid Air In Business Class

arikA Nigerian passenger, who was travelling on Business Class from the Nigerian capital of Abuja to the Southeastern State of Enugu aboard Arik Air has been caught stealing mid air and taken into custody, sources said.

Sources said the passenger boarded an Arik Air flight at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja in November after paying for a business class seat, where some politicians were also seated.

About 25 minutes in the air as others tried to take a nap, he stood up and reached to the overhead locker and pulled out a small bag full of cash, sources said.

But he was already being suspected after a similar incident happened sometimes ago while he was on the plane travelling to Enugu as well, sources said.

After a cabin crew noticed that he was back to his seat with the bag already opened, she approached him and asked if the bag he was already searching belonged to him.

The owner of the bag, who was seated just a row away realised that the bag being discussed was his with N500,000 in it.

He collected his bag with trepidation, and this time, he did not keep it again in the overhead locker but under a seat where he could watch it very well.

After landing in Enugu, the passenger was handed over to the police.

It was not the first time money was stolen midair. Cabin crew have been accused in the past of stealing money from passengers. But the airlines have consistently defended them, saying that their staff had integrity.

It seems we now have to be vigilant even while on the plane as there are thieves everywhere, including in the skies. Even business class is no longer safe.

It used to be for comfortable people, the rich and the wealthy in the society. Not anymore! It is now full of thieves and people who disguise to be wealthy but end up stealing from the true wealthy.

The airline will not comment on the matter and the source does not want to be quoted.

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