As Otuoke Awaits Jonathan’s Return

OTUOKE 2In less than two weeks, President Goodluck Jonathan will be returning to his native Otuoke in Bayelsa State. Austin Ebipade, who recently visited the town, reports the changes that have taken place since Jonathan’s ascendance to the state and nation’s top seats and the mood of the people ahead his homecoming.

President Goodluck Jonathan, after handing over the baton of power to General Muhammadu Buhari on 29 May, will return to his home town , Otuoke in Bayelsa State. Since the 28 March presidential election which president Jonathan’s party, Peoples democratic Party, lost to the All Progressives Party, people of Otuoke have been eagerly awaiting the return of their illustrious son.

According to some of the residents, Jonathan did his best for the country and made enormous personal sacrifice to make Nigeria remains one. Therefore, for them, he deserved a heroic return. Besides, they were all unequivocal about his great contribution to the development of the town and Bayelsa State.

The Paramount Ruler of Otuoke, His Royal Highness Lot Ogiasa, said the community is proud of President Jonathan, whom he described as “our Illustrious son”. According to him, Jonathan “went, saw and conquered”. The entire community and indeed Bayelsa State “are anxiously waiting to receive and host him to a grand reception in his honour for transforming Nigeria, Bayelsa and Otuoke community.”

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