Assassinations of Harry Marshal, Dikibo: Pius Anyim’s Hallucinations, Infantile Thievery and Concorted Lies

imageOrdinarily, we have no business responding to these childish tantrums as it relates to our highly respected National Vice Chairman (South South) of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Cairo Ojougbo.
We refer to the South South Rennaissance Group and New PDP Reformation and Coalition Groups accusing our leader of masterminding the assassinations of former leaders of the party in the persons of late Marshal Harry and Dr Aminasoari Dikibo, our great party men. May their souls rest in the bossom of the Lord.

We know too well that the above groups are non-existent and are the creations of former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim. We are also aware that illiteracy and the looting mentality acquired since 1999 has robbed him and his groups of the ability come to terms with historical records but we intend to educate them further.


*Former President Olusegun Obasanjo had at the time of the assassinations stated that Dr Dikibo was killed by armed robbers. The police concluded that it was a robbery attack although Dikibo’s family disagreed with these positions.

*Former President Obasanjo subsequently set up a 6-man panel of enquiry led by Justice F. Ukata, retired Chief Judge of Abia State to look into the matter. The investigation has remained inconclusive.

Marshal Harry

*Even very recently, an Australian hostage negotiator, who spent sometime trying to secure the release of more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram revealed that he and President “Obasanjo found out that Obasanjo’s Transport Minister, Abiye Sekibo, had contracted the assassins who killed a prominent politician, Harry Marshall. He said he tried to persuade Mr. Obasanjo to prosecute Mr. Sekibo, but the then president declined, stating that such a trial could bring down his government”.

Abuja Centenary City Project

It is obvious that Chief Anyim’s unholy activities as they concern the Abuja centenary project has exposed him as a huge fraud . His fraudulent activities as Secretary to the Government of the Federation under President Jonathan has led him and his groups to the desperation to the point of unleashing unfounded allegations on matters that are of public record further potraying him a monumental fraud and why late Senate President, Chuba Okadigbo aptly described him as “ a mass of protoplasm”- a reference to his huge appetite for fraud.
It was the dubious and selfish actions of people like Pius Anyim and his cohorts that led to our party’s defeat at the last presidential election.

As our leader contended, Chief Anyim conered the centenary city project, a huge project spanning 3,000 hectares, the size of three districts in Abuja, that is, Garki, Maitama and Asokoro put together and registered it in his company’s name and paid out N1.2 billion as compensation to Abuja natives.
He claimed the place was a free trade zone but the Nigerian Export Processing zone Authority (NEPZA) only listed the Abuja Technology Village as “Abuja Technology Village Free Zone” confirming our leader’s position that the centenary project was dubiously designated a free trade zone.

Ebonyi State PDP

We make bold to say that this same overbearing conduct has been brought to bear on the Ebonyi State Government which Chief Anyim claimed to have installed and has continued to harass the governor to the point of demanding to be made Secretary to the State Government. From SGF to SSG! What further proof of greed can one ask for?


We are, therefore, asking Chief Pius Anyim and his faceless groups to respond to the HEIST at the Abuja Centenary City Project and come to terms with the prospects of serving a jail term. This would probably allow the government in Ebonyi to achieve focus and allow our leader, Chief Cairo Ojougbo and other party faithful to focus on the job of rebuilding our party and allow our GREAT PARTY to reclaim its lost glory.

Anthony Iduma
National Coordinator
Ebonyi Liberation Council
10, Ikwo Street, Abakaliki

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