Is Jonathan a Beautiful Bride?

  • By Ray Ekpu

The crowd that is chanting Run, Jonathan, Run is a composite contingent made up of greedy and hungry fellows, rented fellows, political flunkeys of the basest type and those who think that Nigeria may be ready for any kind of political tomfoolery at this time.

Ordinarily, a man who had risen from the position of a Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President to the apex of his country’s administration, the presidency, ought to be happy that he had done, without being harmed, a marathon that most Nigerians only dream about.

In that case, he would be expected to play only the role of a statesman who would seek to contribute his ideas to the resolution of his country’s and continent’s existential problems, some of which had haunted his country since the days that he grew up in his village without the adornment of even the cheapest pair of shoes. Now he is in a position to acquire the most expensive pair of designer shoes ever made.

He hasn’t forgotten, has he, that when President Umaru Yar’Adua was sick it was a tug of war for him to be made the Acting President even though he was the Vice President and the next higher office was just a spit away. It took the concerted efforts of reasonable Nigerians including his party from the north to get the National Assembly to shoe-horn him into the office by the novel idea of the doctrine of necessity. After Yar’Adua’s death and the end of that term his party, the PDP, gave him the nod for a new term of four years.

And when in 2014 he wanted another term his party stood by him even though his performance in the previous five years did not truly warrant an elongation of his tenure. Now that some strange do-gooders are telling him to abandon his party and seek the APC’s presidential ticket how will that make him feel? What will doing so make him look like, a loyal party man, or a cross opportunist? Cross opportunism is a common and standard fare in Nigerian politics but people who think highly of him think he should behave differently.

Afterall it was he who called Mr Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and congratulated him for winning that year’s presidential election. That was a first, a noble first, in the history of our country. That is why most Nigerians have hoisted him on top of a pole and celebrated him as an outstanding man of honour. That is why the international community shows enormous respect for him and invites him as a leading observer in elections. Now he wants to throw all of that honour away in a gamble that is likely to be more futile than fruitful. Dr Goodluck Jonathan, don’t. Where I come from there is a proverb that says there are several vices that are as disreputable as stealing. This would be one of them despite the fact that Nigerian politics is a zero-sum game.

I ask Jonathan to remember that some of the APC people including some of their governors who are now seeing him as the New Messiah always told us that he was “clueless,” cluelessly clueless and incompetently incompetent. There are very few derogatory words in the dictionary that the APC’s Goebbels did not use for Jonathan. Now they and Jonathan pretend to have forgotten all that since Nigerian politics thrives on amnesia but the records are there and if Jonathan and the gang want him to dare they will be confronted with their own vomit. Now opposing parties will have ready dirty material to use for Jonathan. The other aspect of it is that the APC will have to struggle to prove to Nigerians that the man that they said was a clueless fool in 2015 has suddenly become a wise problem solver in 2022. They will have to explain the trajectory of that transformation to thinking Nigerians.

Northerners have run Nigeria longer than Southerners if you crunch the numbers from 1960 till date. So if Jonathan accepts to run for one term of four years and power returns to the north for another eight years, the gap in years of rulership between the north and south will widen the more. Why should Jonathan allow himself to be the vicious instrument for that act of short-changing the south, which ought to position someone who can govern for eight years? And from the list of southerners who have thrown their hats into the ring from the two major parties, there is hope that if Nigeria chooses wisely Nigeria will be on the way to being redeemed and renewed. If Jonathan chooses to allow himself to be drawn into cheating the south because of greed he will carry that burden for life because the south supported him massively for the five years or so that he was in power. That will be the equivalent of repaying gratitude with ingratitude, removing fish from the mouth of the south and replacing it with a piece of stone.

In the 2015 election, Jonathan and PDP propagandists painted the APC as a den of terrorist sponsors and religious bigots. If he and his team truly believed this to be true can he swear by the Seven Books of Moses that the reverse is the case now? Has President Muhammadu Buhari taken back his words that Boko Haram terrorists should be treated the way the Niger Delta militants were treated with a package of amnesty concessions? Now has the APC led Federal Government proven in the last seven years to be religiously neutral? I doubt it. So what makes the APC such an attraction for Jonathan except for the lust for power?

Many issues in this Jonathan gamble do not make sense to right-thinking people. During the 2015 campaign, the APC identified three issues that it considered to be the Achilles heel of the Jonathan administration: corruption, insecurity and a dying economy. These three issues still remain, to this day, the chink in the Federal Government’s armour. What makes Jonathan the magic man to solve these problems that have frustrated Buhari for seven years? Choosing Jonathan would mean an admission of failure by APC and a commendation of PDP for producing a man that is adjudged as the New Messiah that the APC is dying to hand over its presidential ticket to.

If Jonathan thinks he can jump into APC today and get its nomination by consensus tomorrow what does he think of those who have been spending their time, energy and resources to build the party? Does he think they are zombies who will stand and stare? Jonathan and the do-gooders who are egging him on must understand that there will be no consensus candidate in any of the two major parties. Those in the ring are ready to fight to the bitter end because the stakes are sky-high and the rewards exceedingly tempting. Mark my words, no one, not even Buhari can guarantee him or anybody the position of a consensus candidate.

The presidential contest is different from the party chairmanship where the potential contestants decided to surrender the chairmanship position to Senator Abdullahi Adamu. That will not happen in the presidential race. Those who have been building the party since 2013 are now ready to reap the fruits of their investment in the party. They will fight for the presidential ticket with all that they have in their armoury. It is doubtful if Buhari will choose to destroy the party with a forceful push for a consensus ticket for a stranger, an interloper, a man who was never and as of now, is not a member of his party. That risk is too big to take. And Buhari is not such a frivolous gambler.

In any case, no one is certain if by law Jonathan is fit to run. A 2017 constitutional amendment precludes anyone from being sworn in more than twice as President. He has reached that milestone though there is the argument by some lawyers that there is no room for retroactive laws in Nigeria today. This depends on the interpretation by our courts. So does Jonathan still want to gamble in the midst of this uncertain legal position? What exactly is the desperation about? Is there something he forgot in the Aso Villa that he must seek to recover? He can ask Buhari to send it to him at Otueke, in Bayelsa.

It is interesting to note that before the 2011 presidential elections the full name of Jonathan was said to be Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan; someone had to trace his roots to Igboland and dig up Ebele Azikiwe, probably never used by him or his ancestors until then. It probably worked wonders to have a link, even a remote one, with the name of the erudite statesman Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. Now that the Igbo want the presidency badly a tenuous link with Azikiwe may not be a massive vote catcher for Jonathan in Igboland.

When Jonathan said to the campaigners who asked him to declare that he couldn’t declare “yet” because the “process was ongoing” I was shocked. He also told them to “watch out.” Watch out for what I wasn’t sure. I thought that he ought to be satisfied that he had bought for himself a place of honour in Nigeria’s history as the sitting President who accepted defeat and handed it over peacefully to an opposition candidate. Now some people are telling him that he is a beautiful bride. They just want to take him to bed and dump him. What they are offering him is a poisoned chalice, a Greek gift, a Trojan horse with hostile warriors buried within.

Jonathan, don’t take the bait.
Be a statesman.

KUA Africa 2022: Make Your Dreams To Study and Live Abroad A Reality With Ease

KUA Africa 2022: Make your dreams to study and live abroad a reality with ease

The crave for foreign education has gone up for many Nigerian students, especially during a period like this when the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is at dagger-drawn with the government. Recently, the academic body declared a 12-week strike when the government was unable to bring the body to the negotiation table after a month’s warning strike.

As expected, most students have given up hopes of a better education abroad and resigned to their fate. Some not because of funds, but inability to get a dependable vehicle for a successful application to any foreign universities of their choice.

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In a hybrid event tagged “KUA AFRICA”, the company would be presenting discerning parents, students, professionals and agents in Nigeria with an unmatched one-on-one networking with representatives from prestigious international institutions of higher learning in Ireland and Germany as well as the Institute of Education in Ireland.

The institutions that will be in attendance include the Galway and Letterkenny Campuses of the Atlantic Technological University, University of Europe for Applied Science in Berlin, Germany and Institute of Education in Ireland.

The meeting would be held at a designated venue in Lagos with offer holders, prospective students, and professionals in the ICT, management, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Other sectors include fintech, health care, nursing, engineering and medicine.

This discussion, which is coming up on May 12, 2022 from 10am – 4pm, would be centred on their offerings for registered participants.

To be confirmed to attend the event, send YES KUA AFRICA with your full names to 08182705617. You can also visit to get more information.

Senate President Joins APC Presidential Race

Senate President Ahmed Lawan on Monday joined the growing list of presidential aspirants under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

He becomes the 24th aspirant to pick the party’s expression of interest and nomination forms for the May 30 primary.

A group of his friends led by Chief Sam Nkire, a member of the National Caucus of the party and 15 other Senators, purchased the form for him at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

Details Shortly…

Fake News! Forensic Experts Rubbish Photoshopped Image of Governor Dapo Abiodun

A forensic expert, Dr. Abdulhameed Adedeji, has dismissed as a poor hatchet job, the photograph circulating on social media purportedly showing that the Ogun State governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, was arrested for criminal activities in the United States in the late 80s.

Adedeji, who said photoshopped images could be easily detected through zooming in, reversed text, missing reflections, bad perspective and by checking its edges, among others, wondered why it would take a badly photoshopped image to prove that anyone has a pending criminal case when the country is known for its meticulous record-keeping system.

He said that apart from the fact that checks in the office of the District Attorney and in courts at the purported jurisdictions of the crime put a lie to the claims of Abiodun’s detractors, the circulating image was nothing but concocted documents superimposed on Governor Abiodun’s younger picture, probably taken from his old passport.

He challenged the authors of the picture to show evidence that the United States deliberately blurs the neck region of any suspect, making the head to look like a caricature, as done by the authors of the photoshop in their hasty bid to purvey falsehood.

Reiterating that the picture was a photoshop apparently done by the governor’s political adversary, Adedeji said a close look at the picture reveals two lines on the right, one for the passport and one for the other line, while a finger is clearly visible on the left.

He added: “This kind of photoshop is so crude that no self-respecting media outfit can publish it, and it cannot be presented as part of the evidence pool in any court of law.

“I am inclined to believe the claim that it is the handiwork of political adversaries who see that the governor is doing so well and thought of what they could do to discredit him, following their woeful outing at the last election. It is so bad that it will cause considerable embarrassment to anyone who presents it as ‘evidence’ in a court of law.”

Adedeji, who admitted that there were different software to manipulate photos, said a simple click on a photograph could give revealing information on when it was actually taken and whether or not it is an original document.

“The image is the outcome of crude superimposition on a photograph. It should be completely disregarded,” he said

The Comedy of Emefiele’s Case

  • Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, SAN

By the decision of the Supreme Court in Akinlade v INEC, there is no competent suit filed by Mr. Emefiele pending before the court for adjudication.

The affidavit in Support of the Originating Summons and indeed the Affidavit of urgency, were both deposed to by counsel on his behalf, in flagrant violation of Rule 20 of RPC.

An Originating Summons cannot be determined in the Federal High Court without a competent affidavit in support thereof.

By his status, Emefiele is an employee of the CBN. Any case to determine his status or eligibility should be filed at the National Industrial Court. So long as Emefiele earns salary as CBN employee, he should not dream of contesting election while still holding on to his office. It is an insult to our collective psyche as a people.

Sensitive election materials are always kept in CBN offices nationwide by INEC, unknown to Nigerians that Emefiele as Governor of CBN had been a politician all his life.

The political party that owns the presidential ticket that Emefiele wants to grab is not a party in his court case, contrary to extant laws and practice.

I urge the Nigerian Bar Association, Election Situation Room, SERAP and other civil society organizations to apply to court to join EMEFIELE’S case and put an end to this joke.

I Am Not Contesting To Be Plateau Governor – Wiebe Boer

The Chief Executive Officer of All-On, Wiebe Boer has debunked reports that he planned to contest for the seat of the Plateau State Governor.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Dutch-Nigerian said that he had no intention of running for the office as he was ineligible to do so.

“It has come to my attention that posters implying that I am running for Governor of Plateau State under the name of Yohanna Maigona have gone viral.

“I am categorically stating that I have no intention of running for political office in Nigeria, and I am not eligible to do so.”

“The only truth to the insinuation is that I was born in Jos and raised in Taraba and Plateau States to Dutch missionary parents and have spent the last 12 years living in Lagos and serving Nigeria and Nigerians in various capacities.

“I have always been a staunch believer in the potential of Nigeria and will continue to support the country’s development from the sidelines,” he said in a statement.

Boer is CEO of All On, a Nigerian off-grid energy impact investment company seeded by Shell. He joined All On from BCG where he was one of the founders of the Lagos office. Prior to BCG, Dr Boer spent 5 years with Heirs Holdings in Lagos, playing a variety of strategy & social impact roles.

Dr Boer also worked in the Rockefeller Foundation & McKinsey. He is the author of the acclaimed book A Story of Heroes & Epics: The History of Football in Nigeria and earned a History PhD from Yale University & a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College.

He completed his primary & secondary education at Hillcrest School in Jos, Nigeria where he was born and raised to Dutch missionary parents.

Senior Lawyer Seeks Extension Of Buhari’s Tenure

Elder statesman, Chief Robert Clarke, has called for the extension of President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), who said this on Monday, argued that the months preceding the 2023 elections are not sufficient to put an end to the insecurity, making the conduct of election possible.

Speaking when he featured on ARISE Television, Clarke maintained that the Constitution provides that the President can extend his tenure for six months, in the first instance, if he feels that conditions are not good to carry out elections.

He averred that it was wrong to believe that the President cannot stay in office for more than eight years of two tenures.

Clarke said the President can continue to give himself fresh six months extension a time elections could be held.

He said: “The Constitution provides that the President can stay longer than eight years. I’ve always said it. It is in the Constitution. If the situation in which we’re in now continues, and it is impossible to vote in the 2023 election, the Constitution says if a situation persists, the President will write INEC in view of all insurgencies, in view of kidnappings, in view of Boko Haram, I don’t think in these different areas of Nigeria, we can have a good election.

“The Constitution says I am going to stay for six months and in the first instance. So, the fact that the Constitution says the president cannot stay for more than eight years is wrong. Because the same constitution says he can be giving himself six six months if those conditions persist.

“Now, I don’t see any green light. I don’t see how what is happening today can be stopped within a period of six months from today or before February next year when the elections will be held.

“The alternative then is for Mr. President to continue as president, allow the security watches to carry up the mopping up and Nigeria will become stable.

“Because I swear to God Almighty, without stability in Nigeria, without security, Nigeria is going nowhere. No foreigner will bring his money and put in any business in Nigeria, when he knows that any of his expatriates who are sent to Nigeria can be kidnapped at any time. So, until all these things are sorted out, I don’t see any green light.”

“If nothing happens before the elections, God forbids, this country will be in flames,” Clarke warned.

The legal luminary regretted that the country has not been well run since the advent of the latest democratic dispensation in 1999, citing attempts to subvert the Constitution by explioting its loopholes.

He added: “I am 84 years old, and I can assure you I’ve had the best time in my life, both in my legal practice, in my social life, in every aspect of life, but I can assure you, that those days are gone by. Since 1999, I have not been a happy man, the way and manner Nigeria has been moved.

“For instance, look at our first President, Obasanjo with due respect. What was the first negative act he did? I want a third term. Can you imagine? But he says, oh, it’s not me who wants it, is my friend who are asking me to go for a third term.

“That is how we started 1999 constitution by looking for loopholes to breach the Constitution. I don’t see any green light for Nigeria. And if we’re not careful, if we’re not careful…the only consolation is this.”

Clarke’s call for tenure elongation followed earlier suggestion by another legal luminary, Chief Afe Babalola, to suspend the 2023 general elections while an interim government should be instituted at the expiration of President Buhari’s term in May 2023.

The founder of Afe Babalola University, had proferred that the interim government should be in office for six months to chart a new constitutional course for Nigeria.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria had also posited that it was regrettable that the current 1999 Constitution, foisted on Nigerians by the military was no longer in tune with the realities of the day.

“The same Constitution has made politics become not only very attractive, but the only lucrative business in Nigeria today.

“What this means is that any election that holds under the present scenario will end up producing transactional and recycled leaders, with no ability to turn things around,’’ he maintained.

2023: Buhari, Osinbajo and Reno’s Fundamental Emptiness

Re: 2023 Political Realities That Annoy And Heal

By Sen. Olusola Adeyeye

This is a rejoinder to Reno Omokri’s piece of the above title published in his column (‘THE ALTERNATIVE’) on the the backpage of ThisDay newspaper of Tuesday, the 3rd of May, 2022.

I like Reno. Even though we are on different ideological pages, I love his energy and commitment to the Nigerian national cause. He’s an example of how I want young people to engage with Nigeria. When I sit with young people in my orbit or talk with them in any setting, I keep repeating that they cannot afford to just be spectators in our national affairs. The men and women who helped birth the nation from colonialism were young people who answered the call of duty. There is no time to stand and stare!

In his piece, Reno missed two fundamental truths about Nigerian politics. The first is that if the establishment does not want you, you can never win the presidency. The second is religion as a factor in Nigerian political outcomes is overrated, especially at the national level. Yes, the establishment uses it when convenient, but, when it matters, realpolitik always trumps religion.

Nigeria is not a land of political revolution. We have been caught in the web of the ‘Class of 1966’ like since forever and they are still in charge. They determine who is president, irrespective of parties. Buhari, for good or ill, has reshaped the establishment platform to be more pro-North. He may have done it deliberately or it may just be something that has developed naturally under his watch. Whichever is the case, it is today our reality.

Of course, the popular wisdom is that religious sentiments determine the outcomes of national political contests, especially for the presidency – at the party and general election levels. But the historical facts do not support this. What history tells us is that any candidate of any religious background can be sold successfully nationally by the establishment once they determine he or she is the one they want there.

So, Omokri’s attempt to aggressively launder the now emergent falsehood that Osinbajo is a Christian fundamentalist unsellable in the Muslim North will not fly. He’s only trying to scrape his way through a barrel to a ready-made answer. In fact, the fundamental emptiness of his position can be seen in his attempt to compare Osinbajo to Isa Pantami. I mean, isn’t that the height of skullduggery? Ordinarily such poppycockery does not belong in the realm of even quasi-intelligent discourse; but, in Nigeria, it’s par the course. When we discuss politics, we throw in the kitchen and the toilet sinks and religion is the odious perfume we smell everywhere. But, as I have implied, the establishment does not think that way.

If the North thought Osinbajo a problem on religious grounds, he wouldn’t have been accepted as the Vice President to a Buhari as President. What they saw was a man who was a vital intellectual backbone of the Tinubu machine and the one who ran the biggest programme (through the courts) that created the Tinubu mystique. Surely, when the Lagos State Government repeatedly beat the Federal Government at the Supreme Court, the establishment had no choice than to notice the genius behind the string of legal victories- Prof Yẹmí Osìnbàjò.

When Reno says that Buhari’s political foot soldiers in the core North are united behind Tinubu, we simply tick that off as an error of assessment. The reality is that those he refers to as Buhari’s political foot soldiers are showing Tinubu everyday with action that they are not with him. Let him name one Buhari foot soldier in Tinubu’s camp and I will name a hundred that are not there. When Buhari candidly said that the presidency is not for sale to the highest bidder, wise citizens paid attention.

Yes, Tinubu has the structure, he has amassed the money and is already throwing it around left, right and centre, but the truth is that many are just fleecing him at the moment. Many signals within the party and within the establishment indicate he is on a hiding to nothing. Many see Tinubu as a greedy blackmailer who must be kept away from Aso Rock because he has the capacity to create an entirely different political patronage structure that can alienate the ‘Class of 1966’.

Incidentally, Tinubu went full throttle to politically terminate Ambode when the latter tinkered with the patronage structure in Lagos. As far as the establishment are concerned, Tinubu has been amply rewarded with the free rein they’ve given him over Lagos and its purse strings. Giving him Aso Rock is class suicide for the establishment.

We have seen the establishment flying the idea of parachuting Jonathan in as the consensus candidate of the APC, but it’s a bridge too far. We have been hearing of the attempt by some top members of the establishment to draft in Godwin Emefiele and now we see that he has actually picked up the APC Expression of Interest and Nomination form. Of course, that is quite troubling because the corruption writ-large in his candidacy is brazen. I wouldn’t want to believe that our party has degenerated to the level that they can openly slap Nigerians in the face with the candidacy of a serving Central Bank Governor. So, I still believe the real battle is among three other aspirants that include Osinbajo.

A lot of people don’t know that Professor Osinbajo faced very stiff opposition in 2019 from people who didn’t want him to return as part of the reelection ticket with Buhari. At the head of those opposed to him returning as Vice President was the late Abba Kyari who was said to have been working closely with Tinubu at the time. Buhari had to sternly tell off the lobbyists, insisting he was happy with Osinbajo and would run with him. Osinbajo as Vice President today is a strong indication that Buhari thinks him worthy of succeeding him in 2023. He could have easily replaced him prior to the election of 2019.

For those who still think Buhari has no favourite amongst the candidates, they need to read between the lines. When in January he was asked in a Channels Television interview by Maupe Ogun to name his favourite presidential candidate, he responded: “I won’t tell you my favourite for 2023, he may be eliminated if I mention. I better keep it a secret.” He wasn’t joking. The comment is revealing. It tells us he was aware of the intense jostling for the position going on within our party. It tells us he had someone in mind already and that person isn’t a party Goliath. For a man who knows what Osinbajo has endured as Vice President, he knew what he was talking about. Of course, the only thing is that he has not expressed his preference to Osinbajo himself.

Though Buhari can appear aloof, he appreciates loyalty. If Osinbajo works hard to win him over and Buhari helps make the case with the Northern establishment that Osinbajo is the best bet for Nigeria, they will vote him overwhelmingly. For Buhari, he must see the overwhelming benefit to him and his legacy if he endorses Osinbajo. It would prove that he is a true statesman and a wise and methodical leader of men. He should be proud that for the first time a Nigerian Vice President will succeed his principal.

Osinbajo knows that a lot is riding on his candidacy. He knows that he presents young Nigerians and the progressive forces, North and South, their best opportunity to win back the country and set it on a confident future where all citizens will feel proud to identify with our national aspirations in healthy competition with the best in the world. He knows there is nothing partisan about true national development, which is why he is committed to making Nigeria work for every Nigerian, no matter their ethnic group or faith and no matter where they live and work. He knows that as the President, if given the opportunity, he has to rapidly build upon the foundations laid at a time of enormous difficulties for our republic.

Omokri is analytical but he clearly does not understand the game of thrones. Contrary to what he opined, methinks that the majority of the northern governors will bend towards the candidate that President Buhari endorses. Buhari did not win the affection of the North through these Governors. Rather, many of them rode on Buhari’s coattail to ascend into office. To assert that even Buhari cannot stop Tinubu in the North is the height of sophistry.

I have repeatedly said that Osinbajo cannot totally separate himself from the perceived shortcomings of the Buhari Government. I find the accusation a bit lame that Osinbajo failed to distance himself from PMB. The constitution is clear about who is the ‘driver’ of the Nigerian vehicle. To his credit, even Tinubu has not disowned Buhari publicly.

However, writers paid by Tinubu would naturally project Osinbajo as the architect and cornerstone of every shortcoming the current Government. Meanwhile, it will be lost on them that the Buhari Presidency is an APC Government. How many times did the National Leader of the APC speak to the derelictions of the Government of his party?

The only period when Buhari was away was when people came to appreciate Osinbajo’s leadership qualities. Nigeria needs a man who must combine a tender heart with a tough mind. Yemi Osinbajo epitomises this combination.

Dapo Abiodun: How Sterling Performance Defies Venom of Calumny

The brewing smear campaign against the incumbent Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, by drowning politicians in the State, led by the former Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, is not in anyway strange to every discerning individual in the state and beyond, in fact, it is even expected, going by the enviable performance of the Governor and the cynic nature of his predecessor.

This war of attrition that started since the very moment Dapo Abiodun indicated interest to change the trend of despotic governance in Ogun State by vying for governorship on the platform of APC continued rather tirelessly, as the king of the manor remains blindfolded by inordinate ambition of total dominance.

The onslaught against Governor Abiodun was later intensified when his dynamic leadership became manifested in the steady and progressive manner he is transforming the state from all fronts, especially in the area of infrastructure and human capital development, despite the enormity of deficit left behind by his predecessor.

Obviously, this revolutionary change of order to the admiration of many in the State, especially the downtrodden, who had been callously oppressed by the suffocating civilian junta superinteded by Ibikunle Amosun became a nightmare for the former Governor and his cohorts, hence, the move to bring the incumbent Governor down by all possible means.

That Amosun and his co-travellers have thrown decency and Omoluabi ethos into the dustbin is no more a news, they have practically become satanic and dangerously desperate, in their fruitless efforts to take over mantle of leadership by force in order to continue with their oppression.

It is shameful that Amosun and his foot soldiers could come this low after their failed attempts to stop the Governor in the countdown to 2019 gubernatorial election in the State, and the level of global embarrassment they brought to the State during campaigns.

Sincerely, this paradigm shift in the pattern of development and growth in all strata of the State and the people-oriented leadership entrenched by Dapo Abiodun in Ogun State will not stop, no matter the degree of propaganda embarked upon by Ibikunle Amosun and his docile team.

It is quite interesting now that majority of Ogun Citizens are aware of the antics of the former Governor to impose a rubber stamp on the State and rule by proxy, which informed his cat race to control the party and the political structure.

While it is certain that many Nigerians are also aware of the intricacies of cold war in the political space of Ogun State, spearheaded by Senator Ibikunle Amosun and the determination of the people in the State to follow the path of honour and developmental leadership as against autocracy and deception, it is therefore instructive to tell Amosun and his ‘boys’ to listen to the evergreen warning of Amil Cabral:

“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies wherever they are told.

“Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories”.

  • Comrade Kayode Tella writes from Abeokuta.

The APC Puppet Masters


The APC puppet masters are certainly onto a political game of egregious mischief, with the way they are encouraging every Tom, Dick and Harry to join the presidential race, including the gentleman the party toppled in 2015.

At the last count, 26 people want to succeed Muhammadu Buhari and we are still counting.

The game being played sounds deja vu, just like the way Babangida taunted the political class in 1992/93 dangling the presidential carrot to every one.

Babangida at the end of the day dribbled himself into a corner and committed a historic and grievous error of annulling MKO Abiola’s election.

The rest is history.

This is 2022, the political puppet masters appear not to have learnt any lesson.

The herd of politicians, some of whom cannot win their wards are dancing to the tune of the puppeteers.

Is it not crazy so many people want to be president?

Not even in America, bigger than Nigeria many times, do we have this madness we are witnessing in APC.

But like in 1992/93, I can predict all these schemings will reach their denouement and collapse like Babangida’s.