Ayade Handed PDP To His Younger Brother – Jarigbe

Federal lawmaker, Jarigbe Agom has said thay the recent comments from Cross River Governor, Ben Ayade over the actions and inactions of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) may send wrong signals to members in the State especially as the Governor was not entirely honest in what he described as an “outburst.”

Mr. Ayade had on Friday, while receiving in audience, his Bauchi State counterpart, Bala Mohammed during a short visit to Cross River warned the PDP that they will “see a new Cross River” if they continue to perpetrate injustice against his interests.

The Governor has been having a Herculean political battle with the National Headquarters over who controls the structures of the party in the State as well as the lingering controversy over who occupies the Senatorial seat for northern Cross River.

And, Jarigbe who has been at the front of the faction of the party at loggerheads with Mr. Ayade, faulted his claim that he played “politics with ethics.”

“I watched this and I know this outburst could send the wrong signals to those who are ignorant of the goings-on in our dear State and the PDP.

“How has my dear Governor played politics with ethics? Is it by handing over the administration of the Party to his younger brother, Frank? The last ward and chapter congresses of the State were conducted from the comfort of the living room of his younger brother, Frank Ayade. He picked and choose who became Ward Chairmen in the Wards of National Assembly (NASS) members and even serving Commissioners, with total disregard for NASS members or other stakeholders.

“In my own case, when I complained, I was asked to nominate an Ex- Officio. The Governor and Frank treated all of us with levity. That was not the style he inherited. Anyway, in this case it was a premeditated move to throw us out of politics. Is that what we deserve for being in the forefront of Ayade’s emergence as Governor? This claim of ethical politics should be told to the birds.

“Talking about injustice, let’s look at it from the perspective of contemporary issues bordering on his leadership of the Party and governance of Cross River State. As Leader of the Party, he has been unjust, as he appropriates every opportunity to suit his whims and caprices. We are in a democracy and this affords us the opportunity to challenge non participatory and dictatorial decisions,” he said.

Continuing, he stated that: “We did not give you the Party as a franchise. As Leader of the PDP in Cross River State, the governor is not a franchise. We got stakeholders. As Governor of Cross River State, why have you killed the industry of businessmen in the State? We had contractors in Cross River State and the Governor and I were part of that industry. Why are all the contractors within a single family? Why was the Mobile Police Squadron 75, relocated from Ogoja to Obudu? The Inspector General (IG) of Police had approved for it to be located in Ogoja but the Governor went to the IG and lobbied for it to be relocated to Obudu. Why do you try to divide us along ethnic lines? Where is the acclaimed justice?

“Should I tell my own story of how this struggle started? That will come in another epistle. I don’t want to bore you with a letter as long as that of (Wole) Olanipekun, SAN.

“We cannot be fooled. The way forward is to come back as a family and discuss. No one intimidates anyone in a democracy. There are natural laws that govern our co- existence as humans, not money, contacts or power. The aforementioned are transient but the laws of nature are sacrosanct.

“He who goes to equity, must go with clean hands.”

Source: Cross River Watch

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