Bauchi State Governor Appoints Press Secretaries For His Two Wives

Gov Abubakar
Gov Mohd Abubakar

The Governor of Bauchi State, Barrister Mohd Abubakar recently appointed two chief press secretaries for the office of the 1st Lady of Bauchi State.

The governor is married to two wives – and each operates an independent office of the 1st Lady of Bauchi. The two individuals who were appointed to the post are – Rasheed Yusuf Tintin and Adamu Ibrahim. It was gathered that the two wives personally selected their press secretaries.

The recent appointment comes against outcries by the concerned citizens of Bauchi over the continued delay in setting up an executive cabinet for the government to aide pilot the affairs of the state. Prior to the appointment, the Governor had earmarked the sum of N3million monthly for the office of each 1st Lady – equivalent to N72million annually. The Governor had refereed to the money as a “pantry” sum.

Each of the press secretaries are estimated to earn a base salary of 80,000 monthly.

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