BBC To Host Debate For 100 African Women On Dec 1

On December 1, 2015 the BBC 100 Women – a season dedicated to shining a light on women’s lives around the world – will bring together a series of debates from across the globe, to be broadcast live on television on BBC World News, on Radio on the BBC World Service and online on
The debates will be hosted throughout the day at BBC Broadcasting House in London, while more than 100 conversations will take place across the globe in eight languages. In Africa, many groups across the continent will host discussions to contribute to the BBC’s live feed, including the Rape Crisis Centre in South Africa, Kinshasa Woman in the DRC, Women Journalists of Nigeria and the 50/50 group in Sierra Leone.
Focussing on leadership, image and relationships, the debates will ask women across the world if they feel they have to conform to what is considered the “right way” to behave. They will also be asked what they believe to be a “good girl” and who decides what is “good” – them, their family or society. The debates will also find out how women react to those pressures and expectations, and if they accept or reject them.
Fiona Crack, BBC 100 Women Editor said: “This debate is really special because we are giving women around the world the opportunity to have their voices heard on topics that matter to them. We’ll be tapping in to more than 100 conversations happening in almost 50 countries. The level of response we’ve had of people wanting to take part is testament to how needed these debates are.”
Also taking part in the debates are Solidarité FM Benin, Building Maison De La Bible in Burundi, the Women’s Lobby in Cameroon, Women of Character in Ghana, Marrakesh Inspiration in Morocco, The Senegal Women’s group, The University of West Cape in South Africa, the South Sudan Empowerment Network, the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention in Uganda, the Zambia National Women’s Lobby and the Women’s Lawyers Association of Zimbabwe, amongst others.

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