Bill Gates, The Naked Truth And The Power Of Impact!

Before Bill Gates, there was Andrew Carnegie who gave most of his fortune away. Philanthropy before Bill, was about need, which was done by throwing money at suffering people or funding a cause. In some instances, philanthropy was about wanting to be known and recognised as a do-gooder.

Unlike Nigerian leaders and the country’s incorporated thieves, Bill is motivated by suffering. He is driven by need and much more. It is a shame that those who have contributed nothing to humanity are deriding a man who has redefined charity, calling him a college dropout. The ignorant diatribe on social media not only signposts our lost values, it showcased how low our education has sunk. The world famous “University dropout” has deployed the same acumen he used in running Microsoft to philanthropy. Apart from being motivated by need, he found out how his money can have the greatest IMPACT and yield the best return on investment. That is not found in the province of dullards.

Bill created the new paradigm of philantrocapitalism in charitable giving. He created a utilitarian approach to philanthropy by bringing a for-profit mentality to the non-profit world. By a stroke of genius, he introduced new variables to the charity equation, where every $1 given to cause Y can yield X units of measurable impact. Again, that is not what the unintelligent do.

He spoke our minds. He spoke the mind of millions who want Nigeria to rise to its full potential, and not the minds of government apologists, sycophants and pseudo-patriots with questionable allegiances. An average Nigerian spends so much money on private education, which would not have been necessary if the government had invested properly in education at the primary and secondary school levels. That money could have gone into savings, starting a business or getting a mortgage. Financing children’s education and having a roof over one’s head are the major reasons why many people steal public funds. Thousands die daily because they have no means and access to healthcare. The government cannot provide clean potable water to its people. Households spend the equivalent of hundreds of dollars buying water in sachets and bottles, which in turn litter the environment with materials that are not easily biodegradable. Hence, our personal and food security is threatened.

What Bill is telling us is that we should improve the life chances for our people by providing the basics. He knows us. He has spent more time in Northern Nigeria than most caterwauling crowd on social media. While he spends millions of legitimate, earned dollars on programmes in Nigeria, the country’s incorporated thieves drive in convoys with police escorts on pothole ridden roads, and hop around dingy airports with their private jets. How much have your millionaires given to health, education, the arts and social institutions? While the priviledged class are busy shafting hapless Nigerians, how do you feel seeing Bill Gates caring for the same children they robbed?

Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú a farmer, youth advocate and political analyst writes this weekly column, “Bamidele Upfront”

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