Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Transferred To Rehab Facility

imageIt’s been seven weeks since Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the iconic Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown, was found in a bathtub in her home unresponsive.

She was placed in a medically induced coma, and for nearly two months, the families of Brown and Houston have remained vigilant that she will one day open her eyes and return to life.

News comes today that the families are moving her from the renowned Emory University Hospital to an undisclosed rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta. Her loved ones are looking for improvements in her state, despite the fact that she remains in a comatose state.

Ironically, Bobbi Kristina’s legendary mom died in similar circumstances just a few years ago in Los Angeles. Medical experts say that the effects of cocaine and heart disease contributed to her untimely passing.

Bobby Brown and Cissy Houston – Bobby Kristina’s grandmother – have remained by the 22-year-old’s side since the tragic incident. Although the doctors on the case have reportedly told the family that she may never recover, the families remain staunch in their belief that she will wake up and recover.

“Krissy will be good. Everything will be all right,” said Shane Brown, Bobby Kristina’s nephew, to “ET.” “She’s getting better. We just ask for people to continue to pray.”

Bobby is the only family member at this time that has the legal rights to remove his daughter off of life support. Doctors, according to “ET,” have told the family that the life support ensures that she is receiving a consistent flow of oxygen. However, there is a possibility of danger to the brain stem and that her body could become too dependent on the life support and not be able to function by itself.

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