Borno: Ali Modu-Sheriff Recruits Social Media Soldiers To Battle Gov. Shettima’s 2nd Term

image…Buys Million Naira Worth of I-pads, Smart Phones To Discredit 2nd Term Dispensation of Governor Shettima
…May escape to Chad were he had been granted political asylum

Following his total disgrace and annihilation from the political scheme of Borno State and the role the social media played in exposing the many atrocities of ex-Governor Sheriff, especially with his alledged links to the Boko Haram brouhaha which continued to run on the social media unabated, the ex-governor has now resorted to fight back to clean up his battered image and also inflict injuries to his perceived detractors.

The ELITES gathered that Modu Sheriff, who is still nursing the political injuries he suffered in the hands of his estranged god-son, Kashim Shettima, has instructed his media team led by Mr. Inuwa Bwala to immediately initiate a robust social media propaganda machinery so as to get back at Governor Shettima, whom they believed has one of the strongest social media team in the country and had effectively utilised such to his advantage.
The Sheriff camp, it was gathered, believed that 80% of the damages the ex-governor suffered in both his personal and political carrier, came from the social media, which continued to hammer on his alleged links to the Boko Haram saga in the country to Nigerians. The Sheriff camp also believed that the Stephen Davis revelations were only widely circulated and blown out of proportions through the social media since the first news broke out.

A source from the Sheriff camp who would not want his name mentioned had told disclosed that the ex-Governor had listed some social media platforms as directly responsible for his downfall.

Part of the ex-governor’s plans were the acquisition of hi-tech internet gadgets such as I-pads and phones to be distributed to some individuals with nuisance values to paint the Borno State Government in negative light with a view to discrediting it before the Buhari presidency.

It was also gathered that the Sheriff camp had also set up a specialised team made up of Social Media experts with the mandate to track down on the incoming Governor Shettima’s cabinet especially his Commissioners and certain individuals closer to the Governor, so as to monitor all their financial transactions and dealings, with a view to making them public in negative light.
Already some social media promoters have been contacted with mouth-watering offer to be part of the plot and some of them were reported to have turned down the offer.

“I was also notified of their intention but I turned it down. They said they want to make the remaining four years of Governor Shettima hell for him by using the social media to propagate all forms of negative stories about the administration, and it is being sponsored by Ali Modu Sheriff, we were told,” says Modu Kur Kafama, a social media promoter.

Findings also revealed that Sheriff might leave the country before May 29th for fear of being arrested and prosecuted by the Buhari presidency over his alledged links to the insurgency in the Northeast. He will be operating and funding his social media team from Chad, where he had been granted political asylum by his good friend Idris Derby, the president of Chad.

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