British Government Distances Itself From Agitation For Biafran Nation

imageThe British government has distanced itself from the agitation for a Biafran nation, stating that it still recognizes the borders laid down at Independence.

“The UK Government’s position, which reflected the Charter of the Organization of African Unity, was to recognize the borders laid down at Independence,” said the British High Commission Press and Public Affairs Officer, Joe Abuku, in a statement on Thursday.
“The Biafran War caused great suffering and the UK supported the reconciliation work that followed the conflict. The UK supports the territorial integrity of Nigeria and President Buhari’s commitment to work for a secure and prosperous Nigeria for all Nigerians”
The British government only provides consular assistance to dual nationals in the country of their other nationality in exceptional circumstances.
“If the High Commission is approached for consular assistance by a British National in Nigeria who also holds a Nigerian passport, the level of support that could be offered in their case would be discussed with the individual concerned”
The report also stated that the British High Commission’s position was also disclosed in a widely-circulated letter written by UK Minister of State, Grant Shapps.
Shapps was said to have written the letter in response to a Member of the Parliament, Micheal Meacher’s inquiry on the detention of Radio Biafra Director, Nnamdi Kanu.
The letter reads, “We are not aware of any institutionalized persecution of any people by the Nigerian authorities. The position of the British Government during the Biafran War is a matter of historical record.”

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