Buhari Did Not Support impeachment Plot Against Me, Says Fayose

imageGovernor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State has said that the 19 All Progressives Congress lawmakers of the last assembly attempted to impeach him without the support of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Fayose said he reached the conclusion based on available security report. The governor spoke while inaugurating the 6th House Assembly on Friday.
He said he was certain that President Buhari had forgiven those who opposed him during the presidential campaign, since he had promised to work with all Nigerians to move the nation forward.
“The President had said that he had no enemy to fight. He said he has put the past behind him and why are the APC lawmakers still bent on impeaching me? What is their own in this matter?” Fayose asked.
While addressing the new house, Fayose warned the lawmakers against any attempt to impeach him.
He promised to pay all the entitlements due to all the 26 former lawmakers in the spirit of oneness and unity.
“I won’t behave like them. I am going to give to all what is due to them, not only the G7 alone,” he said.
Fayose promised to work with the new house, but warned the new Speaker against being over ambitious.
“Whoever thinks he can impeach his governor and the Deputy for him to become the Acting Governor always end being destroyed.
“You have to learn from history. Those who impeached me the other time had died politically today.
“I am a man destined for greatness and with the power of God, nobody can bring me down. I have defeated my enemies during elections and now I defeated impeachment,” Fayose boasted.
He also warned the lawmakers not to oppose the new Speaker of the House, stating that “whoever attacks the new speaker is attacking Fayose”.
The House had elected Fayose’s former Chief of Staff, Pastor Kola Oluwawole, representing Moba Constituency I as Speaker, while Olusegun Adewumi from Ekiti West I, was elected Deputy Speaker.
Other principal officers include Sunday Akinniyi (Ikere II), Chief Whip and Olatunji Akinyele (Oye II), House Leader.
Before the inauguration ceremony, Fayose had led his supporters in a victory procession and thanked them for standing by him during his travails.
He said, “You have really proved that you gave me the mandate to serve you. You defended me and proved that Ekiti will continue to speak with one voice.
“PDP is an opposition party and we have accepted that, but we will resist any attempt to muzzle opposition here in Ekiti.
“You may not like my style as an elite, but the people here say they like it. I am a local politician and I will continue to work for the people. I won’t do whatever Ekiti people won’t like as the governor of this State. I am your boy-boy here. I am not a governor who uses power to oppress his people.
“The last seven months have been more of distraction for me because of the impeachment threat. With this inauguration, we have to settle down for governance and kick the ground running, so that we won’t disappoint the people.”
The Speaker, Mr. Oluwawole assured that the new Assembly won’t overreach its bounds and shall uphold the tenet and principle of mutual respect in dealing with the executive arm.
“The separation of powers between the executive and the legislative arms is not meant to be taken to the extremes as some people opined.
“Separation of power is a mandatory requirement of government. These roles are enacted in such a way that harmony can reign. The executive and the legislature are one PDP family,” he said.

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