Buhari’s Handshake: Hypocrisy of The Purists, By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

imageBuhari became the president of Nigeria through a careful, deliberate and strategic construct of the Yorubas who believed, he is what we needed at this time. You can go ahead and sue me for that. Do you wonder why Buhari has failed to win previous elections in Nigeria? It is chiefly because of religion. Now, they you started again! This time we will not let you, I WILL NOT let you. We worked hard for him to emerge as president, I worked hard for him to emerge as president. Some of us are still working hard behind the scenes without being asked and without receiving a kobo from anyone for doing what we do. We are doing it at our expense deploying our most valuable resource (time) and sometimes money to helping him succeed.
Listen up! I will go after you like a rabid dog in this fight! I will bite you like mad! I don’t care if you are a Muslim, Christian or whatever. I will not care if you are Fulani or Yoruba. I will bite and bite hard. I want my American born daughter to be proud of her roots. I don’t want her to introduce herself saying “I am American but my parents are Nigerians”, with the cold detachment of a hyena. I am in this fight, staking everything for her sake and the sake of voiceless Nigerians. I represent them. Buhari is not the president of Northern Nigeria, he is not the Caliph. He is the president of secular Nigeria.

Unfortunately for you, I am schooled in Hadith and Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) probably more than you because you parrot the nonsense preached to you, by fiery preachers who peddle self-serving patriachal interpretations of Islam that served agrarian and warring Arabs back in the days. You cannot push the edges of Salafism in a multicultural and ethnically diverse country like ours. You can have your opinion and say it, but hey, you cannot impose or seek to impose it. Islam is seen today as rabid and unattractive because of people like you.
It is sadder, that this handshake diversion originated from a university Don! Imagine! Is there any hope for Northern Nigeria with jaded elites like him? Where is his outrage on Tsangaya and its sibling Almajirci? Where is his outrage on underage marriage and Vesico Vagina Fistula? Where is his outrage on how intergenerational poverty is assuming Fibonacci dimensions in the North? Where is his outrage as the North continue to subvert developmental indices of the Millenium Development Goals? Why did he not quote Shafi’i, Maliki, Hanafi and Hanbali school of thoughts when Buhari was seeking to govern a state with equal number of Christians? Where is his outrage when Boko Haram was pillaging the Northeast?
Hey Nigeria belongs to all of us. I know the person who started this is my friend on facebook and many of them are on my list. I have unfriended quite a few who said they will never allow a woman to be their governor when it was almost possible for the Taraba woman to win. I knew she lost on that grounds but kept my cool then. You can unfriended me now, I won’t give a damn! We are not going to tolerate fanaticism from any one individual or group. We will call you out. Muhammadu Buhari is President-elect of secular Nigeria. If you are not happy, go and die!

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