Buhari’s Visit To U.S: The Power of Integrity

He snubbed Angela Markel in White House; refusing to shake her hands in oval office.
He shocked President Al Sisi of Egypt. Told him point blank in WH that he will cut aid to Egypt.
He called North Korean leader Kim Jung Un , the ‘Rocket Man’.
He has chastised President Putin. Heaping sanctions on his close associates.
He called out Theresa May of Britain.
He criticised China and her leaders. He took a risk of trade war with China.
He called Mexicans rapist , drug peddlers and unsavoury names. Even plans to build a wall.
He fought American footballers who refused to honour their anthem.
He is fighting the largest media platform, CNN.
He is fighting establishments in US; FBI, CIA, JUDICIARY etc.
He knocked NATO allies. Threatened Iran. Shot into Syria.
He fights with his appointees if needs be.
He called black Americans ‘LAZY’ before his elections.
He called African nations ‘shithole’.
He is not afraid to tell it to u , no matter who u are because he is the POTUS. He says it exactly the way it is, snubs, Bullshits even world leaders.
He rarely gives compliments
when he met President Buhari, everything changed. He was so excited that he could not control it. To d extent that he was even longing for a ‘selfie’/ close shot, smiling to the camera. Meaning it was deliberate. Gave PMB d full presidential compliments he has hardly given any other leader since assuming office.
He didn’t stop there, he went on and on with eternal compliments.
Buhari became a Rock star to him.
The honour and unusual integrity , dedication and commitment of a black man.
Finally he said, ” I have tremendous respect for President Buhari…..Buhari is a honest & great leader Africa has produced ….For your sake, I will like to visit Nigeria pretty soon.”

He also called him the No. 1 President of Africa.

Keep your honour. It will speak for u someday.

If the Hater’s hero can say this about my President , why should I attempt to support or vote another.

It took a 75 year old President to attract such an honour to Nigeria. What far younger ones couldn’t do for years. It is an honour for us all; all Nigerians not for PMB alone.

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