The ELITES Celebrates Doyene of Journalism, Dr. Doyin Abiola at 80

The former Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Concord Group of newspapers, Dr Doyinsola Hamidat Abiola, joined the octogenarian club on February 1, 2023.

A woman of many firsts, Dr. Abiola (nee Aboaba) has always been a record breaker. As editor of the National Concord in 1980, she was the first woman to be named editor of a national daily. When she was named managing director and editor-in-chief in 1986, she was also the first Nigerian woman to preside over the fortunes of a national newspaper group. Indeed, when she was selected for the Eisenhower Fellowship in 1986, she was the first Nigerian woman to participate.

Educated at the University of Ibadan where she earned a degree in English and Drama in 1969, she started her journalism career as a reporter with the Daily Sketch. There, she also tried her hands at column writing. Just as her weekly column, Tiro, was waxing strong, addressing sundry issues of public concern, including gender matters, she left for the United States to pursue her Masters programme in Journalism.

After the Masters programme, she returned to Nigeria and was offered the position of Woman Editor at the Daily Times. She rejected the offer on the grounds that it was an attempt to pigeonhole her talents. She was later employed as a Features Writer and rose to become the Group Features Editor.

The Daily Times crisis of 1975/76 and the fouled atmosphere at the work place offered her opportunity to embark on her doctoral programme in Journalism so she travelled to the United States on study leave. In 1979, armed with her Phd, she returned to the Daily Times and was deployed to the Editorial Board where she enjoyed the company of the likes of Stanley Macebuh, Dele Giwa and Amma Ogan. It was, however, to be a short stay as the newly formed Concord Group of Newspapers soon invited her to be its pioneer daily editor.

Dr. Abiola’s Concord odyssey spanned three decades of unbridled joy and agonizing pain. From her privileged position, she was, however, able to shape public opinion on a number of issues and guide Concord Group into public reckoning and respect. After her Concord days, she has continued to lend her talents and time to the continued effort to mould the Nigerian media into a respectable institution through column writing, training and mentoring. When our friends at the Nigerian Media Merit Award started out she served as Chairperson of Awards Nominating panel. She has also served as Chairperson of CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards. Over the years, in many media houses in Nigeria and abroad, Dr. Doyin Abiola’s protégés have been found in public and private positions acquitting themselves admirably.

For her lifelong devotion to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and strengthening the media as a pillar of democracy, the Trustees of DAME unanimously approved the selection of Dr. Doyin Abiola as a recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award at this 24th DAME. She thus joins Mrs. Omobola Onajide as the second woman to receive a DAME Lifetime Achievement Award.

UBA Appoints Abiola Bawuah As First Female CEO For Africa Operations 

+ Announces Six other Executive Appointments  

Samuel Oni Retires from the Group Board 

The Board of Directors of the United Bank for Africa Plc, Africa’s Global Bank, today announces the appointment of Mrs. Abiola Bawuah, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UBA Africa. Bawuah will also join the Group Board as an Executive Director, overseeing the Group’s operations across the African continent, outside Nigeria. UBA operates in 19 African countries beyond Nigeria, in addition to global operations in New York, London, Paris and the UAE. 

Bawuah, a Ghanaian national, is the first female CEO of UBA Africa.  Her appointment further demonstrates UBA’s commitment to diversity.  The UBA Group Board now includes eight female Directors. 

Prior to her appointment, Bawuah was Regional CEO, West Africa, supervising the Group’s operations in nine subsidiaries, including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. She previously held the role of CEO, UBA Ghana. 

Speaking on the new appointment, the Group Board Chairman Mr Tony O. Elumelu said, “Abiola has contributed significantly to the growth of UBA Africa for close to a decade.  She brings a wealth of experience in commercial banking, and stakeholder engagement.  It also gives me great pleasure that with her appointment, the UBA Group Board has now become a majority female board.” 

The UBA Group also announced the following executive roles: 

Chris Ofikulu becomes the Regional CEO, UBA West Africa.  Ofikulu, who has over two decades of banking experience spanning corporate, commercial, and retail banking. 

Uzoechina Molokwu will take on the role as Deputy Managing Director (DMD) of UBA Ghana, subject to local regulatory approvals.  He was previously the Executive Director, Business Development – UBA Côte d’Ivoire and has over 23 years banking experience. 

Ayokunle Olajubu will be the Managing Director/CEO UBA Liberia, subject to local regulatory approvals. He currently drives compliance across Africa subsidiaries andcomes with 30 years banking experience in Nigeria and other African countries,includingSierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire and the Gambia. 

Theresa Henshaw has been appointed as CEO of UBA UK, subject to local regulatory approvals. She was previously the DMD, Business Development, UBA America and joined the Group as ED, Business Development at UBA UK. 

Usman Isiaka, currently CEO, UBA Sierra Leone, will be the Deputy CEO in UBA America, subject to local regulatory approvals. 

Adeyemi Adeleke, the former CEO of UBA, UK is now the Group Treasurer.  Adeleke will be working to unlock the immense value in the Group’s multi-jurisdictional balance sheet, leveraging on its presence in 24 countries within and beyond Africa. 

In addition to the executive appointments, UBA has announced the retirement of High Chief Samuel Oni, an independent non-executive Director, from the Board following the expiration of his tenure.  He joined the UBA Group in January 2015 and served on the Board of the Group for eight years. 

The Group Chairman Mr Elumelu expressed his appreciation to High Chief Oni, for his commitment, leadership and extensive contributions to the UBA Group and on behalf of the Board, wishes him the very best in all his future endeavours. 

Operating in twenty African countries and in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and the United Arab Emirates, United Bank for Africa provides retail, commercial and institutional banking services, leading financial inclusion and implementing cutting edge technology.  UBA is one of the largest employers in the financial sector on the African continent, with 25,000 employees group wide and serving over 37 million customers globally

BREAKING: CBN Extends Deadline For Use of Old Naira Notes Till February 10

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has announced a 10-day extension of the deadline for the use of old naira notes across Nigeria.

The CBN governor, who spoke to journalists Sunday morning, said he had the approval of President Muhammadu Buhari for the extension.

The apex bank said it added a 10-day extension of the deadline from January 31, 2023, to February 10, 2023, to allow for the collection of more old notes…”

Emefiele said Nigerians, who are yet to change their naira notes from the old to new ones, now have an opportunity to do so.

He said people must utilize the opportunity because the deadline will not be extended again.

Details later…

The Tinubu/Buhari Cold War Is Becoming Hotter

Farooq Kperogi

It was always obvious to keen, disinterested observers that Bola Tinubu’s gamble in helping Buhari to ascend to power won’t pay off in the end; that his opportunistic political love affair with Buhari won’t be requited; and that the brittle, delicately thin thread that held their relational dynamic would snap sooner or later. I wrote countless columns on this.

Tinubu won the nomination of the APC not because of Buhari and the cabal of provincial power brokers that prop him but in spite of them. Tinubu was compelled to ventilate his famously impassioned “emi lo kan” outburst in Abeokuta (in the Yoruba language, no less) when it became nakedly apparent that Buhari and his cabal had perfected plans to edge him out of the APC presidential primary contest.

People who know Tinubu from his inchoate age in Iragbiji tell me that he is a dogged, rugged, never-say-die fighter who would rather die fighting than give up a fight. His contemporaries dreaded fights with him not because he was strong but because his fights were often brutal and never-ending until he won. Even when he was bloodied and beaten to a pulp, he would get up and continue the fight if not immediately then later.

The story I heard of Tinubu’s childhood in Iragbiji reminded me of someone I grew up with in my hometown whom we nicknamed Mohammed Shaytan. Mohammed was his given name, but his bizarre emotional investment in endlessly ferocious fights with anyone until he won earned him the name Shaytan, the Arabic word for Satan. We used to allow him to “defeat” us so we would have peace. Perpetual personal strife, which he thrived in, wasn’t physically, mentally, and emotionally sustainable for a lot of us.

When the cabal was plotting to exclude Tinubu from the APC presidential contest, I had an informal chit-chat with a higher-up who had some associational affinities with the cabal. I told him that based on what I’d learned about Tinubu’s childhood and teenage years (some of which I can’t disclose publicly) and which seem to have endured into his adulthood, he would rather be dead than give up the APC nomination.

After the “emi lo kan” blow-up, which shook Buhari and his inner circle to their roots, my older acquaintance called to tell me I was right. The speech—and, of course, the support of APC’s northern governors, and his deep pockets— caused him to win the battle, but he is now in danger of losing the war, if he hasn’t already lost it. Here’s why.

Tinubu’s fervent, arrogant, and vaguely vituperative speech in Abeokuta at once unnerved, humiliated, and alienated Buhari and his inner circle in ways they had never been since 2015. Buhari never forgives, but he is also diffident, hates direct confrontation, and evades taking responsibility. That’s why he is such an ineffective but dangerous leader.

All indications clearly point to the fact that Buhari is still nursing the hurt of his well-justified humiliation by Tinubu. His inner loop of advisers is also waiting in the wings to exact revenge against Tinubu, which is frankly inexplicably self-indulgent, even hypocritical, because they would not have supported Tinubu even if he didn’t humiliate them on national television, even if he praised them to high heaven from now till kingdom come. Well, they seem to be now out for Tinubu in full force.

This signal first emerged in the open when Alhaji Sani Zangon Daura, a former minister in Obasanjo’s administration who is very close to Buhari, Mamman Daura and members of the cabal, gave a sermon in his mosque in Kaduna where he importuned northerners to support their own. It’s entirely possible that this opinion is his alone.

Nonetheless, as many people have observed, Buhari has so far studiously refrained from asking voters to vote for Tinubu. He raises Tinubu’s hands on the campaign trail, but it’s as a mere ritual political gesture that he is required to perform. He also raises the hands of other APC candidates. But he has so far not directly solicited votes for Tinubu.

In a November 10, 2022, interview with Premium Times on the so-called currency redesign, which has gone viral in the last few days, Buhari justified the currency redesign by gratuitously invoking the specter of unscrupulous moneybags who use thugs to win elections, which many people, including

[b]Tinubu’s people, understood as an indirect attack on Tinubu.

“Nigerians should vote for whoever they like from whichever party. Nobody will be allowed to mobilize resources and thugs to intimidate people in any constituency,” Buhari said in what seems like a sneaky barb at Tinubu who infamously uses money and thugs to win elections, including elections that Buhari has benefited from. “This is what I want to go down into Nigerian history for.”

Of course, when Premium Times’ reporter pushed him to speak on his support for Tinubu, he uttered platitudinous, half-hearted, mealy-mouthed praises of Tinubu and Lagos and said, “the party was lucky to get [Tinubu to] accept to be its candidate.” We all know it wasn’t the party that got Tinubu to accept to be its candidate; it was Tinubu who fought tooth and nail against the machinations of Buhari and his cabal to become the party’s candidate.

In the aftermath of the renewed attention to and intra-party criticisms of Buhari’s failure to publicly urge his supporters to vote for Tinubu, Buhari’s associates organized a charade in Bauchi. During the APC presidential campaign in Bauchi, Buhari was asked to speak in support of Tinubu. Then, suddenly, the microphone mysteriously developed a malfunction—or there was a power cut—and Buhari left the venue of the campaign in a faux huff. It seemed all carefully choreographed.

Being the aggressively wily and perceptive political fox that Tinubu is, he has sensed all the Machiavellian political mischief that’s afoot. And he has had enough. So, he threw another pugilistic rhetorical blow at Buhari and his cabal in Abeokuta—and in the Yoruba language. When he is drowning and is fighting for his political life, Tinubu cries in Yoruba. English has no capacity to carry the full weight of his fury.

Unfortunately for Tinubu, his avoidably self-inflicted reputational injury in the Muslim North by his inability to recite the first chapter of the Qur’an is eroding his support. Salafi clerics in the Hausaphone Muslim North who used to preach that a vote for the Tinubu-Shettima Muslim-Muslim ticket was a jihad in the service of Islam have gone quiet. They can’t justify calling someone who can’t recite the fatiha a Muslim. In fact, the clerics have become objects of ridicule now.

This was completely preventable political self-harm. All he needed to do was continue being seen praying in mosques and going to Mecca for hajj. No one ever asks Muslims, not least wealthy ones like Tinubu, to justify their claims to their faith by reciting verses of the Qur’an. Most northern Muslim elites, including Buhari, know next to nothing about their religion. But it’s sufficient that they are seen in public performing the rituals of the religion.

Tinubu would have benefitted from having northern Muslims in his inner circle. They would have advised him against attempting to recite the fatiha that he has obviously lost because he doesn’t use.

The only silver lining in the cloud of political troubles for Tinubu in the Muslim North, which he needs to have a fighting chance, is that almost all APC governors in the region are solidly behind him for two reasons. The first is the embarrassment of betraying him after he stood with them in the 2015 and 2019 elections. Nasir El-Rufai is the arrowhead of this sentiment. He thinks it would be a treachery for the history books should the entire Muslim North forsake Tinubu.

The second reason is more selfish. Should Atiku Abubakar win the election, the dreams of another northern Muslim from the northern governors’ ranks becoming a president would be perpetually deferred. Even though Atiku has said he would do only one term, it would be almost impossible for another Muslim to succeed him after four years.

It remains to be seen if the support of the governors can reverse Tinubu’s lost ground in the Muslim North. But the fight is on, and it’s just getting started!

Thunderous Applause As Oando Boss, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, Picks Another Laurel

Serial  entrepreneur and Group Chief Executive of Oando Group, Jubril Adewale Tinubu, CON, has earned a name for himself with his visionary contributions to Africa’s oil and gas space. 

As a top player in the energy and business space, cutting deals comes easy to a genial billionaire businessman. 

The Lagos State-born businessman is an embodiment of numerous virtues: diligence, excellence and integrity. That his workaholic disposition has taken him to places where kings wine and queens dine is a testament to his growing influence and resultant affluence. 

A force to be reckoned with in Nigeria’s economic sector, his entrepreneurial exploits readily qualifies him as one of the most audacious moguls Nigeria can boast of. The exceptional achiever grabbed life by the lapel and got transformed from a lowly beginning to an enviable status filled with accomplishments.

Since he founded Oando, Tinubu  and his team have worked and are still working organically on their vision to make Oando a top-of-the-mind brand. He has altered the equation in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy through innovation, experience and quality corporate culture.

Of course, doing business in Nigeria is not for cowards and the lily-livered. To succeed, entrepreneurs must imbibe the will and capacity to always be aware and take measures to protect their business from corporate blackmail by some competitors who wish to see rivals go down or rubbish their credit rating or public image.

Over the years, the trained lawyer has successfully battled this, triumphed and led his  ‘baby project’  into becoming a premium energy company that is being mentioned among the best in the international oil and gas market.

His profile has continuously been on the rise, not because he loves cheap publicity, but for his leadership qualities, brilliance and mastery, all of which have combined to endear him to newshounds as well as many across the continent of Africa.

Obviously, the man shies away from the klieg lights, preferring to silently grow his business.

To him winning awards is no longer a once-in-a-while thing. His boundless and borderless entrepreneurial skill has ensured that it is an all-the-time thing. For this, and more, Tinubu ticks all the boxes and tops the list in any award considerations by the media and other organisations. At the moment, his shelf overflows with awards and honours trophies.

Again, the man fondly called King of Africa’s oil  teed off the year with the coveted Private Sector of the Year at the Vanguard Personality of the Year awards. The event was held last night,  Friday 27th January, 2023 at the prestigious Eko Hotel, Lagos.  The brilliant man was  laurelled among other world class business magnates, governors and top government functionaries.

Sanwo-Olu’s Wife Advocates Cleaner, Safer Lagos With ‘Sanwo Switch To Gas’

+ As LASEPA Storms Lagos Island With ‘Trash For Cash’ Campaign

Wife of Lagos State governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu has joined the advocacy for environmental sustainability with a call on residents of the State to embrace the “Sanwo Switch To Gas Project” initiated by Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA, for a safer and healthier Lagos environment.

She made the call at the launch of “Sanwo Switch To Gas Project” (SS2G) organized by the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), at Elegbata Sports Complex, Lagos Island on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

The SS2G is part of the ‘Trash for Cash’ initiative from LASEPA where residents gets cash, food produce, Health insurance cowry card and gas cylinder from the government in exchange for plastic wastes, unserviceable and abandoned electrical appliances, used or black oil, among others.

Dr. Sanwo-Olu who said that she was delighted to identify with the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) for the flag off the “Sanwo Switch To Gas Project” at Lagos Island, said that the initiative, is in line with the commitment of the administration of Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu to ensure sustainable management of the environment.  

According to her, “This project, which is an offshoot of the Eko Clean Air Initiative, was launched in 2022 to encourage an attitudinal change and promote a paradigm shift from wood and kerosene stoves to cleaner and more sustainable energy for improved Air Quality in Lagos State, thereby making a measurable impact in Climate Change.

“As a Medical Doctor, I have an appreciable knowledge of the nexus between health and the environment. This is why the second pillar of the THEMES Agenda is focused on health and environment.”

The Governor’s wife made reference to a study carried out by the World Bank in 2021, where it was revealed that air pollution was empirically adjudged to be responsible for most premature deaths annually with children below the age of 5 as the most demographically affected.

Dr. Sanwo-Olu informed that Lagos State, as a coastal city, is especially impacted by various human-based activities and a growing population estimated to hit 40 million residents by 2050, saying that the development and challenge of ensuring the fair and judicious use of the environment for all, amidst multi-level bottlenecks are of critical concern to the state government.

Sanwo-Olu explained that the SSG Project is specifically targeted at ensuring emissions from various cooking and other solid and fossil fuels dependent processes are reduced and phased out where reasonably practicable, whilst returning value to the pockets of residents and improving the overall quality of life.

The First Lady, commended LASEPA and its partners for this initiative and other various pilot projects carried out in line with the noble objective of protecting the environment, including waste for LPG (Gas) cylinders, waste for cash, waste for free health insurance, waste for free public transport, and waste for food schemes, and others, revealing that these initiatives is positively impacting the environment.

She, however, enjoined all Lagosians to support the “Sanwo Switch To Gas Project” and see the call to join the fight to safeguard the environment as a collective duty and a responsibility owed to future generations.

Also speaking, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello, said that the Lagos State government is proud to introduce to the Lagos Island Community an inclusive approach and intervention mechanism to the various myriads environmental issues.

” This program, is put together to further  reward those who embrace circular and sustainable processes in their every day activity, and provide cleaner alternative for cooking as against the use of firewood, charcoal and kerosene stoves.

” Also to reiterate the ban on open air burning amongst others. We therefore encourage appropriate handling of various domestic, commercial and industrial wastes through the newly introduced incentivized initiatives “Eko Clean Air’’ and ‘’Trash for Cash”.”

The Commissioner represented by the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Dr. Omobolaji GAJI, disclosed that ‘’Sanwo Switch To Gas’’ initiative cuts across the 57 LGAs/LCDAs of Lagos State, having been implemented in areas like Itedo Community in Lekki Phase 1, Ibeshe, an Island of Oriade LCDA and Ikorodu Town in the year 2022.

The General Manager of LASEPA, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe said that the idea of ‘’Sanwo Switch To Gas’’ was informed by the need to take decisive and deliberate plans about the health of Lagosians and the environment.

She pleaded with participants at the event to cultivate the habit of re-using non-degradable plastics and proper management of wastes, saying that somebody’s waste is another person’s raw material.

Fasawe stated that the concept and implementation of a circular economy is now being advocated globally due to the ongoing environmental infractions caused by improper handling and disposal of various wastes, including plastics, waste oil & oily waste, waste electrical & electronic equipment and trade effluent amongst others.

The General Manager, added that circular economy also showcase the clear tenets of waste to wealth as a socio-economic pollution control mechanism, which can stimulate business growth with huge economic potential from unwanted items or trade effluent, similar to the “Sanwo Switch To Gas Project” being championed by LASEPA.

Symbolic presentations of BRT Cowry card, free health insurance card, money, rechargeable lamp, raw food items, Gas Cylinder were made to some beneficiaries by the Lagos State First Lady, assisted by Dr. Fasawe and some other top government officials at the event.

How God Healed Me of Total Shut Down of Body System – Prof. Fola Aboaba

Exactly two years ago, I suddenly found myself getting weaker and I was getting short of breath. Within a week, I lost 14 kilogrammes. So, we decided we are going to the top hospital around us there. We went there, we did some tests and I was told I had lump in my lungs and that we should watch it. I was developing temperature every night and it was getting near the time for Solemn Assembly. When I couldn’t bear it any longer, I said I should check my heart because my heart was beating so high with some hit. So, I went to a doctor friend who sent me to his special diagnoses centre where they tested me and took the result back to the doctor. He took one look at me and said everything about you seems to have shot down. The only result that saved me was that I proved negative to HIV. And he said when is your birthday, I said on March 8, at that time was about March 1. And he said if you haven’t sent out invitation, you better pack your luggage and go straight to a consultant in London. I said no, I have things to do even before then. So, as we’re going back, I said get Daddy oh, somebody get Daddy oh. We eventually got Daddy and met him at a certain place. And he prayed for me. I saw the concern in his eyes. At this time, I’d stopped eating, I couldn’t eat anymore, I was just on only fluid. Then Mummy sent me some pack of fruits, it was on March 2, I had to sing. I love to sing. On March 2 everybody said you better don’t just go and sit down, but I said Daddy had prophesied the previous year that I will be singing on March 2. So I went, I sang and it was glorious. March 8 came and I went through the birthday and the following day my wife bundled me and herself into the plane and we went to London.

When we got to London, we met the co-coordinating consultant and she gave me letters to so many consultants on Harley Street. Though it was cold and my wife was watching how they were puncturing my skin all over the place and the blood, testing me for sugar, because sugar was high, cholesterol was high, and there was something they said was also high which meant quarter to go. Everything was wrong. There was a day they gave me an injection and put me in something that looked like a coffin and said I won’t move for about 20 minutes. Then I came out, they gave me a slip of paper that anywhere I went in the next 48 hours, I should show them, this man is radio-active and I should keep away from pregnant women and little children. They tested my lungs, tested my heart and tested everything.

Before we left for London, I had a vision. I wasn’t sure I was sleeping, I was standing alone in a lonely place. I was shivering. A white car slowed down and stopped by my side. The man inside was wearing all white. He opened the door and pulled me in. I looked at the face and it was Daddy G.O. I was so weak, I put my head on his lap and he kept patting my back, saying it’s alright and calling me a certain name. So to cut the long story short, when the verdict came, the doctor said, let’s do one more test on you. I was on the couch and she tested my heart and said whatever that hit you must have hit you hard. All the results we have here show that there is nothing wrong with you anymore, and the heart is working so hard than that of 80 year old.

We just gave all the glory to God. My wife and I went to a restaurant and ordered the biggest lunch you could think of and I topped it with ice-cream, since there is no more sugar problem, no more cholesterol problem. I was free. We came back home. While we were in England, Daddy phoned everyday to find out how we were doing and faring, and in the background I could hear Mummy’s voice also. I thank you Daddy and Mummy for your love. Praise the Lord.

  • This article was first published in 2015

Prof Aboaba Dies at 89

An Assistant General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Prof. Folagbade Aboaba, is dead. He was aged 89.

Aboaba, who was one of the closest allies of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, died on Saturday, January 21, after a brief illness.

Professor Folagbade Olajide Aboaba was born on 8th March 1933 in Lagos-Nigeria, to late Mr and Mrs J.B Aboaba.

A retired Professor of Agricultural Engineering, Prof. Aboaba was educated at C.M.S Grammar School. Lagos, Nigeria (1944-1949).

He had his University education at the University College, Ibadan, Nigeria (1955-1959); Kings College, University of Durham, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, England (1960-1962); and University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA (1968-1971) for his B.Sc., M.SC. and PhD respectively.

He was instructor in Agricultural Engineering & Surveying, School of Agriculture, Ibadan, from 1953-1955, after his training at the School (Jan. 1951- Dec. 1952). 

On completion of his B.Sc. in 1959 he was posted as Divisional Agricultural Officer in charge of Extension Services in Ondo Division, Western Nigeria Ministry of Agriculture, 1959-1960.After his training and M.Sc at Kings College, Newcastle-on-Tyne, University of Darham he was appointed Agricultural Engineer (later Snr. Agricultural Engineer) in charge of Lagos and Oyo circles in the Engineering Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resource, Western Nigeria (1962-1964). From here he was seconded to the University of Ibadan as Lecturer 2.

His career at the University of Ibadan spanned 27years and he retired as a Professor of Agricultural Engineering in 1992 after serving the University meritoriously.

During his working career as an academic, he has acted as Consultant to many institutions in both the public and private sectors. Some of these were consultant to Economic Commission for Africa on Engineering Institutions (1971), and Federal Agricultural Coordination Unit (FACU) on Oyo State-wide Agricultural Development (1986). He was Chairman, Governing Board, National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization, Ilorin for a short spell in 1994.

National Coordinator/Resource Person, Directorate of Food, Roads & Rural Infrastructure (DFRRI), Lagos in 1990.

He has also served as Chairman, Governing Council, Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) from 1976-1979; Chairman, Academic Planning Committee, Federal University of Technology, Abeokuta ( 1983). He was a member  of The Governing Council of Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, 1984-1989; chairman, Ibadan University Press and Member, Board of Directors, Caxton Press Nigeria Limited 1986-1988. He also served as Managing Director/, Associated Granite Industries Ltd.

He served the University of Ibadan meritoriously from 1965 till 1992 and was a professor of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Ibadan from 1976-1992. During this period, he was the foundation Dean, Faculty of Technology of the University 1975-1982; and chairman Committee of Deans, from 1977-1978. In this capacity, he acted for the Vice-Chancellor whenever the V.C and the DVC were out of the country.

In addition to delivering the standard inaugural lecture in 1976 he had the privilege of giving his University lecture on behalf of the Faculty of Technology in 1988, an event done once a session by an accomplished academic at the peak of his career in the University system.

Prof. Aboaba has authored many publications in learned journals both locally and internationally.

From 1992-1998, he was Secretary-General, Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigeria Universities. Whilst serving as Secretary General of the Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigeria Federal Universities (CVC). Prof. Aboaba also served as the Secretary General of the Committee of Pro Chancellors of Nigerian Federal Universities (CPC). He also served as the foundation Secretary General of the Association of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (AVCNU) and the Association of Pro Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (APCNC).

Between 1998 and 2005, Prof. Aboaba served as Chairman, Global Bank Plc; After the Bank merger with Intercontinental Bank he was Chairman Intercontinental Finance Ltd Plc.

He was appointed the pioneer Pro-chancellor and chairman of Council of the Redeemer’s University in August, 2005 for two terms, a position he held till August, 2013. During this period, he made great contributions to the University to stabilize and nurture her to a great citadel of learning.

He was awarded an Honorary degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc) by the Redeemer’s University in September, 2015.

He was also awarded an Honorary degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc) by the University of Ibadan in November 2019.

Prof. Aboaba was a Pastor and Elder with the Redeemed Christian Church of God; and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Church.

He was married to the late Pastor (Mrs) Olabisi Aboaba and blessed with outstanding and notable children and grandchildren.

Inibehe Effiong at 34: The Man God Elevated From Obscurity

Today is 21st December, 2022 – my 34th birthday.

The story of my life in the last 34 years is one that can only be properly understood by those who are vested with the capacity to decipher the workings of providence and the trappings of destiny. I’m not scared, shy or ashamed of admitting that I came from an economically disadvantaged background.

It has been a journey defined by God’s enduring grace, courage, conviction, perseverance and a daring determination to be exceptional, successful and fulfilled in life, career and purpose.

The last 34 years of my existence has strengthened my belief in the efficacy of God’s unwavering Hands in the affairs of men. I have had to make certain hard and difficult decisions. Some of the decisions have had profound consequences for my life and future.

By this time last year, I never envisioned that I will have to spend one month of my life in the prison; not for committing any offence known to law, but for refusing to yield to the attempt to silence me from defending certain principles and values that every conscientious lawyer, and indeed conscientious citizen, should cherish. My incarceration was just an episode of my journey of destiny.

The attempt to break my spirit is not new. In the final analysis, it has always been the case that persecutions only emboldens my spirit.

As I reflect on my life in the last 34 years, I cannot but acknowledge the Holy One of Israel and the Mighty One of Jacob for consistently showing me love and mercy despite my frailties and sins. God is the reason why I am alive today.

What I endured and survived as a child bears testament to the fact that there’s a divine purpose for my existence. I pray that I fulfill that purpose according to the will of God.

I am particularly grateful to my dearest mother who endured difficult times to raise me. My mother single-handedly saw me through school. She’s God’s best gift to me.

My mother never neglected me, even when I defied her and abandoned my studies and luggage at Senior Science School, Ididep, Ibiono Ibom, Akwa Ibom State and rebelliously went to enroll (on my own) in a Community School because I wanted to be a lawyer, and not what Mum wanted, she still loved and cared completely for me. The good news is that she’s very proud of her son’s decision today, (Lol).

I am also grateful to my brothers and my entire family, my friends, colleagues, clients, associates, fans, supporters, critics, opponents and every single person that has been part of my success story in the last 34 years.

It has been obvious over the years, that every year of my life on earth is always better than the previous one. I hope that when I’ll be marking my 35th birthday by December 21, 2023, my life will have more laurels to showcase and be thankful for.

But one thing is certain, I will continue to devote my life to the causes that I am known for, to speak the truth, defend the rule of law and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves as much as I am able to.

I am the man that God elevated from obscurity.

History will vindicate the just.

LIRS Reaffirms January 31 Deadline For Filing Of Annual Tax Returns By Employers of Labour 

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) has announced that January 31, 2023, remains the deadline for filing the annual tax returns by employers of labour.

The LIRS Executive Chairman, Mr Ayodele Subair made this known in a statement signed by the Head, Corporate Communications of LIRS, Monsurat Amasa on Sunday. 

 According to the LIRS Executive Chairman, all businesses and employers of labour residents within Lagos State must file their annual income tax returns on or before January 31, 2023, as failure to comply with the directive would attract penalties as well as other statutory sanctions as stipulated in section 81 (2) of the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) Cap P8 LFN 2004 (as amended). 

The Act stipulates January 31st as the deadline for filing of annual income tax returns, failing which a penalty accrues. 

“For filing the annual income tax returns in Lagos State, the only available platform is the LIRS e-Tax portal: The e-Tax portal is built for the convenience of taxpayers and is easy, convenient and safe. All businesses and employers of labour are advised to use the e-Tax portal to file their returns.

“With the eTax system, corporate bodies are expected to find it more convenient to carry out tax transactions in the comfort of their homes and offices, Subair noted.  

To be on the eTax platform, corporate bodies can follow these steps: Visit, input your company payer ID, password and click login; Step two: Generate your bill and Step three: Make your payment.  

‘’Taxpayer ID of all employees is compulsory for the annual income tax returns to be successfully filed on the e-Tax portal. Therefore, all employees and taxable persons within the State are advised to generate a taxpayer ID (where applicable) and file their individual annual income tax returns on the e-Tax portal.’’

For more information or inquiries, taxpayers are enjoined to visit the agency’s website:, follow the various LIRS social media platforms: @lirsgovng, email: [email protected] or call the LIRS customer care hotline: 0700CALL LIRS (0700-2255-5477).