Akeredolu Celebrates Howard Medical Genius, Boubini Over Outstanding Educational Achievements

Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu,SAN, has congratulated a Nigerian Medical Doctor, Boubini Miyensinte Jones-Wonni on her emergence as the best graduating student in the Howard University Medical School, class of 2022, at the age of 22.

The Governor also celebrated Boubini on her admission into the prestigious Harvard University Medical School as one of the only two members of her class admitted for residency (Post Training) training in internal Medicine.

Boubini is from Arogbo-Ijaw Kingdom in Ese- Odo local government area of Ondo State.

While commending Boubini for her exemplary display of brilliance and intelligence, Governor Akeredolu said she has exhibited the ethos and values the people of the Sunshine State are known for-resilience, hardwork and dedication.

“The young Boubini is our pride in Ondo State. The people of the Sunshine State are known for alluring values and ethos. She has displayed the brilliance we are known for in her exploits even from elementary stage.

“Undoubtedly, Boubini has carved a niche for herself. She is evidently cruising on an excellent path of greatness to the future with a clear vision to render nothing but excellence. The numerous laurels to her credit in the course of her academic pursuits, even at a very young age, underscores her zeal to unleash her outstanding potentials on the world.

“On behalf of the people of the sunshine state, I celebrate our own Boubini. I congratulate the good people of Arogbo-Ijaw Kingdom, and most especially, her parents, who have built her a strong academic background and provided the needed encouragement. We are indeed, proud of her. She is our collective pride.

“On our part, we shall continue to prioritise education and celebrate excellence when it is achieved. It is our belief, that the young Boubini will continue to inspire our young people to strive for excellence. We shall always remind the people of our dear state of our core values. We must not lose focus.

“With her academic trajectory, we are sure that Boubini will continue to make the state and indeed, the nation proud. We are very elated that this star is shining on the world from the sunshine state. “ the governor said.

Governor Akeredolu wishes Boubini a very successful career, while praying to God to grant her long life and good health to reach her full potentials.

Tokunbo Wahab: An Uncommon Legal Eagle Soaring To Greater Place In History

By Victor Ojelabi

It amazes many how some politicians quickly gather court-like followership that often transcend their generation. Why would the likes of Winston Churchill, D. Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela and the sage himself, Awolowo still command so much respect, many years after their death? Beyond oratory, these figures have an underlining nature of selflessness, deft wisdom and uncommon abilities to get things done and always for the greater good of the society. Politicians in this class live their lives pursuing the dream of a fair and prosperous society so much that it becomes the only image the people hold of them.

One Nigerian political figure that is fast assuming that status is the Special Adviser on Education to the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Barr. Tokunbo Philip Wahab, whose partisan political journey is only short of a decade.

Like the Legends of People Service that were mentioned above, the endearment to the TW brand cascades from his many years in legal practice and private business. And those very close to him often attest that it is his unsatisfied desire to scale up the impact of his programmes for the betterment of the lots of the majority that drove him into active public service. The TW brand that is fast becoming associated with landmark long-term sustainable development projects is one that both the masses and the political class have become connected to.

Though, political kinship these days, particularly in a nation like Nigeria, has been commoditized. Whereby wealthy individuals purchase crowd of supporters and induce loyalty with cheap gifts and bonded favours with thousands chanting their praises because of basic handouts without a deep relation with their values, vision and personality, the soaring followership of TW is by every yard organic, because there is value-based image and his personality, vision and performance easily command bountiful followership.

Leadership positions, the finality of politics and politicking, is a basic output of a life that is predisposed to the nature of selfless service, where the pursuit of the happiness and fulfillment of the other person is always the focus of the leader. This naturally makes more and more people voluntarily put their interests, goals, aspirations, voice and rights in the hands of that individual. The growing attraction to Tokunbo Wahab is easily traceable to his natural ability to indeed lead, gaining tremendous trust and support from all corners and strata of the society!

TW is an amiable leadership brand in the eyes of a lot of people who follow the development of Lagos State. His outlandish impact in the last 3years have drawn a lot of people to him, placed him the radar of progressive governance watchers, sparked curiosity amongst the gentlemen of the press, endeared validity amongst educationist and futurists, placed dignity in the office he occupies, which hitherto was not a highly reckoned position in the large scheme of things in the state.

In 2019, when Babajide Sanwo-Olu struck the right chord by calling TW to join his team in pursuing the THEMES agenda with a major emphasis on education, no one could have imagined what the next three years held for Lagos educational sector.

Here are we in 2022, with accelerated transformation, modernization and diligent purposing of all the fundamental aspects of education in Lagos State to meet the immediate needs and drive the future development of not only the state, but the entire West African region. Now at the brink of another election, if all BOS’ government will judged by are the successes in this sector, a second term ticket will not only be deserving but worth championing by the common man.

Education is said to be an organized mechanism through which society develops its human resources by equipping them with desirable knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which will enable them operate the social institutions of a given country or nation effectively. The state and future of a state is directly proportional to the investment put into quality education of her people.

By TW’s standard, quality means global competiveness. Hence, the use of his office to design and promote a new benchmark and objectives for the substructures of the sector and their managed institutions. LASU’s sporadic climb to the top tier lists of universities in the world, first-of-its-kind training of the heads and management of the state top educational institutions at the University of London, future-proofing programme to digitize libraries across primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across Lagos state are products of a resolve to put Lagos at an advantaged position now and in the future of a rapidly changing and globalised world.

William F. Buckley once said, “I would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people in the telephone directory, than by the Harvard University faculty.”

Of course, this speaks to elitism and how the common person in many ways is superior and better at politics for the good of the people they govern. The philosophy around this is the associative tendencies of experiencing the worst of a society, where the common person can relate with plight of the ordinary man.

A Tokunbo Wahab would perfectly fit into the class of an elite, having enjoyed world-class education in the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Governance and Wharton University of Pennsylvania, amongst other things. Just like majority of the ruling class, he’s expected to be classist in approach to leadership and governance – more given to personal ambitions and protecting of the power block.

But for his aggressive drive for the liberation of the people through quality education, one is easily reminded of his humble beginnings and attestable progress through life’s success mountains. From public schools in Epe to polytechnic in Ogun, University of Benin and with such experiences which has apparently formed his appreciative disposition to power, TW connects the divide between the government and the governed, the powerful leader and the common man in many ways deserving of a case study in political science.

So it was quite deserving when Wahab emerged the Most Outstanding Thought Leader in Education at the maiden edition of TheFLEA Awards.

According to the awards organisers, the desire to create thought leadership category in key sectors is to acknowledge exceptional personalities making real impact in the lives of the common man in the society.

“In our consideration of suitable candidates in education, we made deliberate effort to review the roles of several non-mainstream political figures – elected office holders, whose major projects are often powered by behind-the-scenes think tanks. Our very vast team indexed quite a number of public servants who fit into our model and after several considerations concluded on awarding it to you based on Eko Digital Initiative and Overall Transformation of Lagos Education,” the award committee revealed.

As Tokunbo Wahab turns 50, majority of his adherent supporters across the world, those he has impacted directly through his programmes, and those he has inspired by his performance and personality, firms up their gaze to the sky to watch this soaring legal eagle glide higher in the ranks, for the sake of our future as a people.

Poetry and Essay Competition To Celebrate Tokunbo Wahab at 50

A poetry and essay competition has been instituted by renowned filmmaker and the President of Association of Movie Producer and Founder of African Movie Academy Awards, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe to celebrate the 50th birthday of Tokunbo Wahab, the Special Adviser on Education to the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwoolu.

According to Anyiam-Osigwe, the essay and poetry anthology is a form of appreciation to Wahab, whose indelible footprints has been widely celebrated in the education sector in the state, especially the giant strides in tertiary education.

Speaking further on the project, she disclosed that turning 50 is a major milestone in the life of anyone and there’s no better way to show appreciation to a friend like Tokunbo who himself is very passionate about education and a lover of poetry than to come up with a competition like this one, whereby students who have a flair for writing can be encouraged and rewarded. Wahab himself is a logophile whose love for words and poetry is well known to those close to him.

The theme of the anthology is ‘’Education as the Essence of a good foundation” and entrance for the competition is already opened and those turning in their entries must relate to or revolve around the theme. Essays/Reviews are not to exceed 500 words, while poetry is not to exceed 30 lines.

Submission is free and open to undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics. All entries are to be sent to [email protected] and are opened between May 17 and June 17, 2022.

Alleged Blasphemy: Classmate Reveals Deborah Samuel’s Last Word Before Death

Deborah Samuel, a student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, who was killed on Thursday for allegedly “making blasphemous statements about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had pleaded for mercy and called out for help before she died.
One of Deborah’s coursemates, identified simply as Rakia, told a newspaper correspondent on Saturday that the last word of the deceased was ‘what do you hope to achieve with this?’
Narrating the incident, she said Deborah was flogged, killed, and burnt and it was the most horrible thing she has ever witnessed.
“Deborah was my course mate. I just stepped into the class when the uproar on her voice note started.
”It was her own coursemates that started it. One of them said Deborah dared them by refusing to apologise when she was asked to. It all started with a debate on the upcoming examination on a general WhatsApp platform created for our coursemates. One of the students asked her how she passed the last semester’s examination and in response, she said it was ‘Jesus o.

“Immediately, about three other chats came in from two Muslims and one Christian, telling her to retract the statement. Two students from other departments who overheard some Muslim boys discussing the matter told Deborah’s close friends to prevail on her to retract the statement. But she replied via a voice note on the platform ‘Holy Ghost fire. Nothing will happen to me.
”Is it by force that you guys will always be sending this religious stuff in this group? The group wasn’t created for that but rather as a notice on tests, assignments, exams, etc, not these nonsense religious posts’

“We were made to understand that some young men were brought from outside before the outrage. I was in class when some of our coursemates rushed in, saying ‘there is fire on the mountain o’.
Rakia further stated that the Muslim students led the strangers to the class to look for her, adding that some classmates tried to help Deborah escape as they had gotten a cab waiting outside to drive her straight to the police station but unfortunately, the mob overpowered everyone who tried to save her.

”The last word in her mouth was ‘what do you hope to achieve with this?’ By then some of our coursemates were making calls to some of our lecturers to save the situation. It was when I got home that I heard she was set ablaze. Since the incident, I have been having a flash of her pleading expression. She pleaded for mercy and called out for help but it was far from her. What a cruel way to die,” she said.

Why We Demolished Kpokpogri, Tonto Dike’s Ex-lover House – FCDA

Why we demolished Kpokpogri, Tonto Dike’s ex-lover house – FCDA

The Federal Housing Authority FHA and the Federal Capital Development Authority FCDA have advanced reasons for the latter’s demolition of a mansion within the highbrow Guzape area on Saturday in Abuja.

The multi-million naira mansion belonged to Prince Joseph Kpokpogiri, the estranged lover of Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike.

Officials of the FHA led by its Managing Director, Gbenga Ashafa who had visited the site of the building three days ago, in the company of some top Management team of FCDA admitted that the plot of land originally belonged to FHA, but denied that proper building plan was approved before the mansion was erected.

FHA affirmed that notices to stop work were served at different stages and times of the work, but Kpokpogiri refused to comply.

The Executive Secretary of the Federal Capital Development Authority, Engr. Shehu Hadi who was also in the team that visited the site said the road alignment had been done long ago and FHA was duly notified.

Hadi noted that the road alignment which the demolished building obstructed was designed to serve as an important bypass to the Abuja-Keffi axis.

He added that any plan to realign the road because of the building would be difficult and not a fair judgment to those that it would affect, considering that the demolished building was not in existence earlier when the plan started.

Also speaking, the Director, Department of Development Control, Muktar Galadima said the mansion, located in the highbrow District of Guzape, Abuja, was unapproved, and could not be allowed to over ride public interest.

Galadima noted that the Mansion sitting on a rock in the fast developing district, was an obstruction to a major road network connecting the popular Apo bridge to many parts of the city.

According to him, FHA was duly allocated the Area in the district to carry out its Mass Housing programme.

He however clarified that when the road network of the district was officially realigned, FHA was promptly notified that some plots of lands within its area had been affected.

Galadima added that FHA was ordered not to allow any further development on the affected plots as replacement plots would be given to them.

He also denied lack of inter-agency collaboration between FCT Administration and FHA, stating that all necessary communications were properly documented.

“There is adequate inter-agency Corporation, the Federal Housing Authority FHA approached the Federal Capital Territory Administration FCTA for allocation and they were given global approval and were asked to make sure that whatever they do aligns with the approval.

“The plot in question was part of what was in the allocation, but because of the importance of the road, we wrote to FHA, notifying it that a number of their plots had been affected by the realignment of the road, and that we were going to give them replacement plots.

“We told them that no development should be allowed on the plots, and this was around 2019. We came for site visit and had given them noticed. We even marked the building for demolition, but the owner cleaned it off”, Galadima said.

Kpokpogiri has however claimed that the decision to pull down his mansion worth over N700m was an act of oppression.

He alleged that his house was demolished because he refused to sell it to some “powerful” but unnamed individuals who had begged him to sell the property to them, vowing to fight fervently to get justice.

UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa, Dies At 73

The United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan died aged 73 on Friday, state media said, after battling illness for several years.

“The Ministry of Presidential Affairs condoles the people of the UAE and the Islamic world… on the passing of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan on Friday, May 13,” the official WAM news agency said.

The ministry announced 40 days of mourning with flags at half-mast from Friday, with work suspended in the public and private sector for the first three days.

Sheikh Khalifa took over as the UAE’s second president in November 2004, succeeding his father as the 16th ruler of Abu Dhabi, the federation’s richest emirate.

He has rarely been seen in public since 2014, when he had surgery following a stroke, although he has continued to issue rulings.

His brother, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, has been seen as the UAE’s de facto ruler in recent years.

Shina Peller, An Advocate of The Youth For The Youth

By Seun Oloketuyi

Without wisdom, the labour of a foolish leader would weaken all those around him, and because of that, wisdom remains a principal character in leadership.

Honourable Shina Abiola Peller, House of Representatives member for Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Iwajowa/Kajola (Oyo State) Federal Constituency in the last decade has proved that he is a leader with full possession of the wisdom of elders.

For those who have followed his trajectory, they would attest that while he is not a man new to the concept of leadership, what remains unique about his style is the wisdom he brings to bear in his day-to-day activities, and dealings. It is probably why youths of this age gravitate towards him. Not only does he speak their language, but he also walks their walk and identifies always as one of them and their advocate.

A Nigerian entrepreneur, entertainment industry stakeholder and tourism enthusiast, ever since his sojourn into Nigerian politics, he has remained true to his calling of building leadership worthy young people for the glory of the Nigerian dream.

While it seems almost magical what he has achieved just within the last decade, one must not be deceived that he failed to put in the work.

To start with, unlike many of his counterparts who forget the pain of the people when they get into office, Hon. Peller never suffered that memory loss.

In 2018, when he joined politics, he stated that he didn’t make the move for himself, but for the people and that he was not one of those people who get carried away with their popularity and decide to run for the fun of it.

Five years later, the result we have to show is a tried and tested politician who has served meritoriously as a House of Representatives member and is still absolutely and undeniably sold out to the cause of the youth and the betterment of the future of Nigeria.

Asides the duties demanded by his office, he focused his energy on trying to build and redefine the political space by pushing younger people into joining politics. Like a godfather of youths, he has in the last four years expended personal money and resources in the quest to bring youths into the political fold.

Apart from the fact that he started the Lead Generation Initiative (LGI), a citizen and youth-driven nonpolitical, non-profit, and non-governmental organisation that is committed to creating opportunities for young people to channel their creativity, energy and aspirations to adding value to their communities and country, he has been on an enlightenment drive, going around the country in an effort to get young people involved and interested in politics.

The LGI, which achieves its aims through programmes like the ‘Get Involved Leadership Training (GILT), get involved regional leadership summit, emerging leaders conference, women leadership development programme, creative open crafts, national entrepreneurial enterprise competition, among others, trains representatives from each of the local governments, in all the 36 states of Nigeria and the federal capital territory on civic responsibility, nation-building, community security, communication and development skills.

A ‘train-the-trainer’ programme where the local government supervisors will go back to their respective local governments to train the ward representatives from each of the wards in their local government, the initiative has successfully held the GILT in the five states of Oyo, Osun, Bauchi, Gombe and Niger, respectively.

One cannot also fail to mention his involvement in We2GedaNG, a non-partisan movement aimed at uniting young Nigerians to forge a common platform that would ensure active youth participation in nation-building.

Peller is no doubt a colossus with that light touch of magic, and he is here to stay. His unselfish mobilisation of youths has led those under the umbrella of his movement to realise that Nigeria belongs to them.

Today, as a result of Shina Peller’s involvement and intervention, many youths believe that one day soon young people will take over the world and because of that they need to lay a good foundation to build on.

At 46, not many men have become fully realised political leaders, but Shina Peller is an exception. He believes in the Nigerian dream, he has managed to open the curtains for other youths to see the dream and work hard at achieving it, and he has through wisdom also given them the tools to make it happen against the odds.

The energy of youths with the experience of age they say is a lethal combination. A young man, Shina Peller no doubt possesses the wisdom of the elders and is in no small way channelling it with youthful energy that brings a world of possibilities.

It is only fair that the world stands still to celebrate the man with the magic touch who has done so much for youths as he clocks 46.

Seun Oloketuyi is a filmmaker and founder of the Best of Nollywood pan-Nigeria awards.

Pa Fasoranti @96: You Are A Living Legend, Pride To Ondo, Yoruba Race- Akeredolu

Chairman of the Southwest Governors’ Forum and Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu,SAN, has hailed the leader of the Pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti on the occasion of his 96th birthday, describing him as a pride of the state and the Yoruba race.

Governor Akeredolu, who noted the impactful life of the Afenifere leader on the country, said he is a colossus in the field of education and politics.

The Governor maintained that Pa. Fasoranti’s contributions to human capital development can not be forgotten in a hurry. He saluted his love and commitment to the Yoruba race and the country at large.

The Governor in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde said the Yoruba race is lucky to have a leader like Pa Fasoranti whose wisdom and high moral values are impeccable virtues desirable in any society.

The statement reads:”Pa Fasoranti is an adorable enigma whose exploits have brought pride and respect to the Yoruba race. His unwavering commitment to the development and progress of the Yoruba race and the country at large are commendable.

“Baba’s service to the nation and humanity are enthralling and inspiring. His untainted records of steadfastness and discipline will remain a reference point, even for emerging leaders in the country.

“It is legendary that Pa Fasoranti at 96, is still very much interested in the progress of this country, more importantly, as it concerns the Yoruba race. We are proud of your legacies and what you represent.”

The Governor prayed God to grant Pa. Fasoranti peace and keep him well, adding that his vast experience is needed at this critical stage in the country.

Sadiq Shagaya Celebrates 10th Birthday (PHOTOS)

The 10th birthday celebration of Sadiq Shagaya was held last weekend in Abuja. 

The event was a soccer-themed celebration, tagged Let’s Kick Some Fun To Celebrate, took place on Sunday, May 8, 2022, at Play World, Idris Ibrahim Crescent, Jabi, Abuja. 

Sadiq is the first grandchild of Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya, the billionaire business magnate, society matriarch and style icon. He is the first of the three children of Sheriff and Maryam Shagaya. 

Sheriff Shagaya is a prominent businessman and philanthropist; and the co-founder and managing director of Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited. His wife, Maryam, a medical doctor, is the daughter of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, the chairman of NEPAD Business Group and the executive president, African Business Roundtable. 

The colourful event was graced by prominent personalities. 

Gobet247: New Betting Platform Launches in Nigeria, Promises Exciting Rewards 

…sign up and get a N250 bonus

The burgeoning betting industry will inevitably experience an intense revolution when Gobet247 makes its grand entry into the Nigerian market on May 14, 2022, the new betting firm has said.

Gobet247, a Nigerian company, said it is committed to rewarding the passion of Nigerians by creating a world-class and hassle-free experience for the betting populace.

With more bonuses, great odds and instant payouts, the firm said Gobet247 is raising the bar in the Nigerian betting industry, with offerings that are mouth-watering and the delivery that is stimulating.

The company noted that fans would get a N250 welcome bonus once they sign up via the user-friendly platform; https://gobet247.com with no deposit required. Upon first deposit, punters would also get a 100% bonus. 

According to the General Manager of the betting firm, Damian Okosun, “Gobet247 online platform is an easy-to-use on desktop and mobile phones as bookmakers can seamlessly register, deposit, place their bets and withdraw their winnings without hassles.

“We are committed to providing the fastest payout in the industry and that is an experience our customers will find out by the time we roll out nationwide on May 14.”

“We are creating a brand that the gaming populace will trust; a platform that offers the pundits the opportunity to access their winnings in a twinkle of an eye. More so, punters can earn more using our platform for their gaming activities because our odds are highly competitive.”

He said the customers can’t be worried about the security of their identities and funds, insisting that the top-class technology deployed by the firm makes the platform among the most-secured betting websites in the country.

“Choosing Gobet247.com, one of the most secured online betting sites in Nigeria, you can be sure of getting 250% accumulation bonus and sign up bonus with no deposit required,” the online gambling platform manager noted.

Okosun added that although Nigerians are more passionate about football, the platform covers many sports including volleyball, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, boxing, MMA, and table tennis among others.

“Our offerings also capture those who like to play casino; there is an opportunity for those that play lotto. They can play these games live. We certainly have more markets and our customers are going to enjoy more matches and leagues compared to our competitors,” he added.