Jos Cold Bites Harder Amid COVID-19 Fears

The cold weather in Plateau State has become more intense, causing discomfort and fears among residents amid COVID-19 and other related illnesses.
Such cold weather has compelled residents to improvise measures to keep warm and evade cold causing illnesses.
The climate in the state capital, Jos, has been hovering between 26 degree Celsius by day and as cold as 10 degrees Celsius at night.

Meanwhile, some residents in the state were worried because the cold was coming at a time the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 is spreading across the world.
According to the residents, the cold has caused worries over infections from the disease and making night social life almost non-existent in the state.
A resident, Mr Yemi Jimoh, a retired teacher, said, “I actually thought that the cold in Jos was going to be mild because the cold in December lasted a few days, only for it to resurface fiercely in January.
“I am an old man. That it is coming back amidst the COVID-19 Omicron variant, is worrisome.
“I now have to remain indoors as much as possible and protect myself when I have to go out”.
Mrs Rifkatu Dung, a trader at the Farin Gada Market, said that the cold had affected her business as she resumed sales later than before.
“This cold is too much for someone to bear. I used to come to the market as early as 9 a.m., but I now come at almost 11 a.m. because of the cold weather.
“It is now hard to wake up and start the day because I just want to stay in bed until it gets warmer. I am still nursing the cold I contracted a few days ago.
“It is not easy on us that stay in the open to sell,” she stated.
A relaxation spot owner, Mr Kingsley Ozomenam, described the weather as too cold and unexpected after the short one experienced during the Christmas.
“This cold is too much; we were happy that the cold disappeared some days after Christmas and felt relieved that our customers would want to stay out a bit more.
“Suddenly it has returned, and we now have a few customers patronising us because they don’t want to sit out in the cold for too long.
“I have just returned from the eastern part of the country which is very warm. The climate here can only be compared to what we hear about Europe and other parts of the world,” he said.
A teacher, Mrs Mary Itse, said: “Jos is usually cold this season, especially December through January. It is expected, but one can never get used to the cold.
“It was mild in December but it has significantly worsened a few days ago, leading to several pupils missing school because of it.
“Some parents called in to say their wards either had a cough or catarrh and some didn’t call at all”.
Dr Nyam Azi of the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) advised residents to keep warm and observe protocols that mitigates the  COVID-19 infection and other related illnesses.
According to the medical doctor, the weather could pose respiratory tract infections, as the cold serves as an optimal temperature for replication of respiratory tract viruses.
He said that people with osteo athritis may also experience the exacerbation of symptoms.
The medical practitioner said that these were times where the outbreak of Lassa Fever and COVID-19 outbreak were common.
He urged residents to avoid stored food from contamination of rat faeces and eating leftover food that were not properly covered.
Azi advised residents to protect themselves by keeping their environment warm, wear protective or full body clothing, wear face masks and maintain social distancing to protect themselves against the cold and infections.

Why I Visited IBB In Minna – Shina Peller

On Monday 17th January Whilst in Minna, Niger State, the Ayedero Peace Tour delegation paid homage to Nigeria’s elder statesman and former Head of State, Retired General Ibadan Badamosi Babangida (IBB).

We spoke at length, and the elder statesman aligns himself totally with the peace tour, and expressed optimism that it will enhance peaceful coexistence of Nigerians. He also shares my view that for the country to progress, there must be peace, and that the youth representing 75% of our population and workforce of the nation, should be given the opportunity to play their roles as agents of positive change, peace and good governance.

For those that do not know, IBB is someone that I adore so much. I am emotionally attached to him for some reason. The first is that my late dad, Prof. Moshood Abiola Peller, adored him so much that he purposely did a magical show (drama) in honour of Gen. Babangida in 1987. He named the drama “The Invisible General” and predicted that there would be a coup against the military administration of Gen Babangida, but that he would survive the coup.

It was an hour drama show, and I’m sure there are some people alive today who watched it live because it was taken all around the country and even West Africa. In the drama, my dad played the character of Gen. Babangida, and he was actually captured, but whilst locked up in a cell, my dad disappeared, and appeared with a sound of gunshot in the middle of the audience indicating that IBB survived the coup in the drama.

Interestingly, three years later, there was a military coup attempt to overthrow the government of General Babangida, but as predicted by my late dad, the coup failed.

Another thing worth noting about General Babangida and my visit to him was that when I engaged him one on one, I realised that he is a man with a very good heart. He spoke passionately about the youth and that he is ever ready to support anything targeted at providing opportunities for young Nigerians to get actively involved in conflict resolution, politics and governance. He also believes that Nigerian youths have everything it takes to take charge and put our country on the right track.

We also spoke about Lead Generation Initiative (LGI) and how the organization has been able to train thousands of Nigerian youths on free leadership, civic responsibility, strategic communication, nation building and community organizing. He was so happy about the initiative and expressed his readiness to support the course and everything that has to do with youth development and peace-building. Like my dad has described him in his drama, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is a great warlord “The Invisible General” and he’ll continue to be one in my heart. Seeing him makes me miss my dad more. As a matter of fact, I see my dad through him!

My Brother Has No Hand in my Marital Issues” Prescious Iginla Clarifies As He Exposes Wife

“It’s my prayer that you marry a woman who is a wife and not a knife”, Says pastor Precious Iginla in an emotional-laden voice as he opened up on the allegations raised by his wife Blessing Joseph in an interview she granted Chude Jideonwo.

Precious Iginla who is the shepherd in charge of prophetic Fire Embassy International Church Port Harcourt while admitting their marriage has hit the rock stated that His elder brother,  Prophet Joshua Iginla has nothing to do with the brouhaha, rather he was the one who has prevailed on him to sustain the marriage this long.

According to him, at no point did prophet Iginla objected to their marriage from inception as she claimed. 

“Despite her low academic qualifications, my family accepted her and my brother even included us as part of his ministry. Immediately we got married, she objected to my working with my brother in the ministry.  When the nagging was much and knowing my weakness that I hate trouble,  she  forced me to leave my brothers flourishing ministry just to please her. That was my biggest regret as things went awry for us. She made me turn my back on my family and even when my parents died, she didn’t attend the burial ceremony of  my father and mother”, Precious claimed. 

He also revealed that her cantankerous attitude and waywardness affected the ministry they started together. According to him, during ministry, she will go to the back of the Church and be eating groundnut, she beats up members physically and has caused us to close down the ministry thrice, thus turning herself to a nuisance in the ministry.

” Can you belive it that she will leave the house in the morning without stating where she was going , abandoned the kids with me to cater for them. She won’t bath them nor care about their feeding and schooling.  I do that myself. I wake them up, bath, feed and took them to school myself. She will come back late in the night without remorse? I knew she was cheating on me but  endured all of these for the sake of religion”

Speaking further, Precious Iginla admitted that when he couldnt bear it again, he decided to reconcile with his family and like a prodigal child,  his Elder brother, Prophet Iginla accepted him back and gave him a duplex and a cash of N5 million to start all over.

” Can you imagine amidst all we did to my brother, he forgave us and accepted us back with love and kindness. Shortly after this, this troublesome woman started demanding for too much. Instead of investing the money my brother gave us, she squandered it on frivolous lifestyle. My brother got wind of this and called me to caution me on wasteful spending.  I then decided to sell the duplex and acquired five blocks of flats. We both agreed to this. We decided to live in one and rent out the other four flats to sustain the family,the ministry in Portharcourt and also to be financiallyindependent. Sadly, like a woman possessed, she changed her mind claiming she can’t live in a flat again that we should sell it and relocate to Abuja and life a flamboyant life. My objection to her devilish requests was the beginning of my woes and her attack against my elder brother again”

According to Precious Iginla, she called his elder brother, Prophet Iginla in Abuja that if he fails to give her N3 million for her to leave home and relocate to Abuja, she will fabricate lies against him and tarnished his name. 

” I was privy to that call she made to my brother. My brother refused to yield to her cheap blackmails and she started a campaign of calumny against him. She started with a Facebook programme alleging I beat her just to target my family. Do you know at times I will run away from the house in my boxers to avoid her troubles? When that fails she  will come online again saying we have sorted it”

Finally,  on the issue of domestic violence, Pastor Precious denied that saying she fabricated that to get at his family. He claimed he was the victim of her domestic violence. According to him, several times she has torn his clothes to shreds, slapped him and Best him up.

” at a time she packed all my clothes and set them on fire. She told me nobody will believe me when she lied against me on the issue of domestic violence. I am the victim of thr domestic violence not her. She doesn’t care about her obligation as a woman, a wife or a mother. I never denied her access to the kids. She abandoned them and I have never denied her access to them. They are with me in our house at Portharcourt.  Can you belive it they she tried to indoctrinate my son to abuse me as a useless father but he refused. And mind you, I didn’t initiate the divorce,  she did that herself. All she is interested in is being on social media, or being a blogger. You can go to her page and confirm. All she is interested in is trending online and mind you,  am not the target, she wants to ride on the popularity of my brothers fame to trend”

Watch out for an explosive live Video of this interview….

Omolara  Adebiyi Set To Open HighPoint Event Centre In Lagos 

All set for HighPoint Event Centre Opening in Lagos
Few years at the helm of affairs at ADDAS Mall , Omolara Adebiyi  has proved to be the quintessential Chief executive with her string of achievements .
This industrious woman of substance is an accomplished industrialist and entrepreneur par excellence, set to open all-embracing event center which will be one of the best and biggest event centers in Nigeria.

All hands has been on deck as preparation are in top gear for the new state of the art event Centre named HighPoint which will be officially opened to the general public come Tuesday 25th, January 2022.
The ‘HighPoint’ event centre aptly sited on over a 10,000sqm of land located at the heart-beat of Lagos, in Alausa, Ikeja, owned by wife of Nigeria’s biggest indigenous contractor, Lekan Adebiyi, is a one-stop-shop for all that is required to have a memorable event with its masterpiece architectural design, top of the range interior décor, shopped from the biggest designers across the best in the world, with over a 500-capacity car park.

HighPoint as a masterpiece is set to change the face of event centres in the city of aquatic splendour in Lagos, is a testament of class, pristine and exquisitely burnished with class, the building emphasizes without much effort, the sheer tastefulness of the owner. The attention to detail that characterizes the structure is excellent; both the interior and exterior decor were carefully chosen and planned with flawless finesse. 
As a virtuous woman, Omolara will always find reasons to add more to her husband’s high-flying fortunes and will continue to take great steps in this dimension, especially when her husband is in the vanguard of doing great things for Nigeria.

Obasanjo Decorates Son Adeboye Obasanjo As Army Brigadier-General

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on Wednesday, had proud father moment, when he decorated his son, Adeboye Obasanjo, as brigadier-general in the Nigerian Army, following his recent promotion in the military.

Obasanjo, a former army general and former commander-in-chief of the armed forces, was accorded the privilege by military authorities to decorate his son with his new position at the Nigerian Engineering Corp, Bonny Camp, Lagos.

The former president was accompanied to the even by the Towulade of Akinale Kingdom of Egbaland, Oba Olufemi Ogunleye.

The decorated Adeboye Obasanjo rose to the rank of a brigadier-general last December. He holds two master’s degrees and other professional qualifications. He passed through the military mills both in Nigeria, and in various foreign formations.

NdaniTV Releases 5th Season of Real Talk Show! [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

NdaniTV has released new photos and a teaser video from the 5th season of its Talk show, Real Talk. The production company has also unveiled the multi-talented, Bisola Aiyeola, as the host for this season and if the teaser video is anything to go by, we are in for an exciting season! 

About Real Talk 

Real Talk first launched on the NdaniTV YouTube channel in 2016 and has had a number of popular hosts including Nicole Asinugo and Cornelia O’Dwyer. The talk show brings celebrities together to speak on societal issues and a lot more. The new season is set to launch on YouTube on the 20th of January 2022. 

About NdaniTV

NdaniTV is Africa’s premiere platform for original web series and is home to some of the most popular series including GidiUp, Rumour Has It, Skinny Girl in Transit, Officer Titus and more.

With over 441,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 109million minutes in watch time, the channel is one of the fastest growing platforms for original content out of Nigeria and made for Africans. 

NdaniTV content remains free to view on YouTube and is powered by GTCO PLC. 


PHOTO NEWS: Sanwo-Olu Tours Talgo Incorporated, Milwaukee to Acquire Train Coaches for Lagos

L-R: Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu; Managing Director, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Engr. (Mrs) Abimbola Akinajo; President & CEO, Talgo Incorporated USA, Antonio Perez; member, Lagos House of Assembly, Hon. Temitope Adewale and other stakeholders in the transport sector, during a factory tour of high-speed train manufacturers, Talgo Incorporated Company for the acquisition of two sets of brand new 10-car Metro Trains for Lagos Rail project, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
L-R: Acting Mayor of Milwaukee, Cavalier Johnson presenting a souvenir to Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu during a factory tour of high-speed train manufacturers, Talgo Incorporated Company for the acquisition of two sets of brand new 10-car Metro Trains for Lagos Rail project, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
L-R: Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Federic Oladeinde; President & CEO, Talgo Incorporated USA, Antonio Perez; Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Managing Director, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Engr. (Mrs) Abimbola Akinajo, during a factory tour of high-speed train manufacturers, Talgo Incorporated Company for the acquisition of two sets of brand new 10-car Metro Trains for Lagos Rail project, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu alighting from a train coach during a factory tour of high-speed train manufacturers, Talgo Incorporated Company for the acquisition of two sets of brand new 10-car Metro Trains for Lagos Rail project, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
L-R: President & CEO, Talgo Incorporated USA, Antonio Perez; Acting Mayor of Milwaukee, Cavalier Johnson; Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu; Managing Director, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Engr. (Mrs) Abimbola Akinajo and Vice President, Public Affairs & Business Development, Talgo, Nora Friend, during a factory tour of high-speed train manufacturers, Talgo Incorporated Company for the acquisition of two sets of brand new 10-car Metro Trains for Lagos Rail project, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
L-R: Acting Mayor of Milwaukee, Cavalier Johnson presenting a souvenir to Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu during a factory tour of high-speed train manufacturers, Talgo Incorporated Company for the acquisition of two sets of brand new 10-car Metro Trains for Lagos Rail project, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Dangote Refinery to Reduce Africa’s Petroleum Importation by 36%, says APPO

African Petroleum Producers Organisation (APPO) has said that the establishment of Dangote Oil Refinery will bring about a 36 per cent reduction in the importation of petroleum productions into the continent.

Besides, the organisation expressed a belief that the success of Dangote Refinery project could incentivise the rise of similar projects across Africa despite the current focus on energy transition.

The Secretary-General, African Petroleum Producers Organisation, Dr. Omar Farouk Ibrahim, said in an interview that Dangote Refinery shall be supplying over 12% of Africa’s products demand when it becomes operational.

Ibrahim stated, “To appreciate the impact that the Dangote refinery is going to have on African economies and especially on the supply of petroleum products, and to some extent the conservation of scarce foreign exchange, a look at some statistics on the continent’s petroleum products demand and supply is in order.

“Currently, Africa’s daily petroleum demand is 4.3 million barrels per day (mbd). Of this volume, 57% is produced locally (on the continent) while 43% is imported. When Dangote is fully onstream, the percentage of Africa’s products import shall drop to 36%. This is even as the total volume of products demand rises to 5.4 mbd. You can therefore see the huge impact that Dangote refinery shall be making to overall products supply in Africa. Dangote shall be supplying over 12% of Africa’s products demand.

“That is huge savings for a continent that has scarce foreign exchange and little to export. We shall save from buying abroad and from shipping and insurance costs. Furthermore, the success of Dangote could incentivise the rise of similar projects, the noise about energy transition notwithstanding,” oil analyst noted. 

Ibrahim also hailed Dangote’s decision to go ahead with the construction of crude oil refinery despite a campaign against fossil fuels, adding that the demand for fossil fuel is going to continue for several decades to come.

“We believe that Dangote made a very wise decision to proceed with the project, despite the campaign against fossil fuels. There will be demand for petroleum products for many decades to come. Indeed, we see petroleum products prices rising steadily in the next few years for at least two decades.

“This is because new refineries are not coming up in Europe and North America, where Africa imports 34% of its supplies, because their governments have embraced energy transition, some willingly, others due to pressure. So, some of the sources of Africa’s imports are going to dry up. At the same time, Africa will not be in a position to fast track the development of non-fossil fuels.

“In fact, even the developed countries will not be able to move as fast as is projected. We see Africa and many regions of the world continuing to rely on fossil fuel energy at a time when deliberate decisions are being made to stop funding fossil fuel projects. The world risks abandoning fossil for renewable, but in the end not getting the renewables, and at the same time losing the fossils due to deliberate neglect”, he explained.

Ibrahim urged African refiners to invest more on technology and develop the right expertise to manage their refineries, which are going to serve the continent as western refiners halt the establishment of more refineries.

He stated, “African refiners have no cause to worry about their investments. All they need to do is to ensure that they have developed the right expertise to manage their refineries, get honest managers and staff to run their business and come together to join APPO’s initiative to establish foundries and other equipment manufacturing plants to service their refineries. Once they have these, the market is there for their products.

“For the next three decades or more, Africa shall continue to use fossil fuel-driven vehicles and with its population projected to double within that period, there will be a huge market for petroleum products. Africa cannot rapidly transit into electric vehicles, as the bulk of the vehicles on our roads today and in the next 20-30 years are going to be non-electric. There is the market, and we should not be discouraged from thinking positively”, the APPO scribe noted.

He disclosed that APPO is working with its Member Countries to construct cross border energy infrastructure like pipelines for crude and products as well as for oil and gas terminals, depots etc.

“Once we have this infrastructure on the ground, the markets for African refiners shall not be limited to their home countries. Fortuitously, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, which came into force in 2021, is there to support this initiative”, he added.

FirstBank Rewards Customers in Transact and Win Promo

Getting rewarded for spending money is a dream that is probably going to remain exciting for many people, but not for the Firstmonie Wallet users. In a two month Transact and Win campaign that started on November 22, 2021, First Bank of Nigeria Limited is rewarding several customers for carrying out transactions on its Firstmonie Wallet application. 

The e-wallet is useful for conveniently paying utility bills, purchasing airtime and data, transferring and receiving money, and many other digital transactions. Just for using the mobile-friendly wallet app, Customers got rewarded with mouth-watering prizes both in cash and kind. The number of transactions done on the app determines the price a user could win. 

100 customers who had done 1-15 transactions through Firstmonie Wallet within the month won N10,000 cash price; 53 25kg bags of rice and 50 units of standing fans were also won by customers who carried out 16 – 30 transactions with the Firstmonie Wallet; 2 units of power generating sets, 1 unit of Air Conditioning systems and 1 unit LED Televisions went to customers who carried 31 – 50 transactions; while 2 units of iPhone 12 were won by customers who had carried out over 50 transactions on the app within the month. 

Victor Nnanna Onyedikachi, a student of the University of Abuja was one of the winners of the iPhone 12, and while receiving his gift, he admitted that he did not expect to win the prize.  “I used the Firstmonie Wallet App, and just like that, I was told that I had qualified. I did not believe it until I saw it myself. I am truly grateful to FirstBank” he said. 

Other winners also expressed their pleasure at being rewarded for using a completely user-friendly app. “There is no issue of service error when using it for any transaction. The service is seamless and the app is easy to use” one of them said. 

The Group Executive, e-Business & Retail products, Mr Chuma Ezirim had noted that the promo was targeted at appreciating customers for their patronage; and in line with the Bank’s December-is-a-Vybe campaign. “This promo is hinged on the need to appreciate our customers for their patronage, especially as we have had an increased engagement and usages of the various services offered by our mobile-friendly wallet product,” Ezirim said when the promo was being launched. 

Interestingly, the promo also includes new customers and users of the app. By simply downloading the mobile app from the play store, or using the *894# USSD string to sign up, anyone can qualify for the promo. The promo runs till January 22, 2022, so what are you waiting for as you could be the next winner of any of these fantastic prizes.

As the premier Bank in West Africa and the leading financial inclusion services provider in Nigeria for over 127 years, First Bank of Nigeria Limited has remained at the forefront of promoting digital payment in the country, and the Firstmonie Wallet is one of the channels for digital transactions. 

Little wonder FirstBank was named “Most Valuable Bank Brand in Nigeria” six times in a row (2011 – 2016) by the globally renowned “The Banker Magazine” and “Best Retail Bank in Nigeria” for seven consecutive years (2011 – 2017) by the Asian Banker International.  FirstBank also bagged the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards and “Best Bank in Nigeria” by Global Finance for 15 years.