Celebrating Aare Dele Momodu (aka Bob Dee), The Ultimate Mentor and Boss at 63


Aare Dele Momodu, The Pacesetter. Pathfinder. Game Changer. Mentor. Boss. Life Coach. Icon. Encourager.

I call him my Egbon and Mentor. He has a fluid personality, but, don’t cross him… he can be as hard as the Rock of Gilbratar. However, behind the rock, should you get past it, is a fine gentleman, easy-going and an encourager. He is never afraid to take on anything. 

Of the truth, Bob Dee is a man who understands the value of relationship with people. Where others see negativity, he sees potential in people and heralds the positivity. He sees doors, his ebullient personality opens them and he maintains relationship.

Despite being a superbly, well-connected man, his capacity to reach out to people is admirable and, at the same time, enviable. 

No matter how tight his schedules are, Bob Dee manoeuvres and creates time to support his friends whenever the occasion demands for it. He never discountenances anyone.

I can go on and on about this great man, who is a personification of humility, industry, kindness and courage.

Happy 63rd Birthday, Bob Dee. The world couldn’t ask for a better media supremo.

Igba odun, kan ni o!

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