Chico Ejiro: An Unfinished Life… – By Zik Zulu Okafor

Chico ! Chico ! Chico ! Several times I’d call you just like this to ask why you were ever in a hurry. Your phone calls were made and cut in fleeting seconds, you had your bath, cooked and ate in less than 25 minutes ; even the job you loved most , movie production, was shot in a racy mode. And so you became Mr Prolific . Your entire life could have been called Speed. And you indeed left us with speed. I’m told that even your most devastating and tragically dramatic passing to God’s place took less than 10 minutes. What a man! What a mortal shock ! You lived for drama and your exit was dramatic.
In retrospect , I now understand why you did nothing with glacial pace. No slowing down.
Your life was packed with too many assignments, so many missions. So, you approached each job with the speed of sound. You tried to finish all, you did your very best. But you couldn’t. I’m sure your beautiful wife, Joycee as I call her, your children, siblings, friends, those you encountered; I am so sure they’d all agree you left a lot unfinished despite the intensity of your life and living, despite your pacy work spirit and unbelievable strides, directing over 95 movies . What man ! What a professional ! Yet there were a lot still undone. Your curtain dropped too , too early. Your story has an unresolved plot, a tale of pain to many of us close to you. No pretences, your business here is a fractured dream. There was still a lot of ideas you spoke hurriedly about as always with your eyes as eloquent as your voice . Now you are gone with those ideas, their promises and possibilities. An unfinished business !
And to think of your love for your wife, your children and sibblings. You sure would have loved to be around to take manly responsibilities and to add a little more joy to the challenging journey of life for these ones you so loved but left with your silence . But then you had to answer the call. You were left with no choice. If you had the privilege of a choice, you would beg for more time. Of this, I’m sure.
You were a rare friend, brother and colleague. You were my first Partner in Nollywood. Along with Mike Nliam, our mutual friend, you made a rare sacrifice so that my own creative business may take off. I will NEVER FORGET.
Peace my brother ! Peace !
Eternal Peace, I ask my God….for you. Rest.

– Okafor is a respected writer and filmmaker

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