Davido, Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu In Messy Child Custody Battle

How Davido, Father, Deji Adeleke and Sister, Ashley Coco Were Stopped From Smuggling 7-month-old Baby To Dubai

imageSon of billionaire businessman and top Artiste, David Adeleke popularly called Davido is embroiled in a fierce battle with the mother of his baby daughter, Sophia Ajibola Momodu-and now family members have been dragged into the messy affair
The matter which has been a hush hush affair for the past six months reached a new height yesterday when the Adeleke family allegedly attempted to smuggle the little baby, Aurora Imade Adeleke to America via Dubai on an Emirates Airlines flight.We have it on good authority that Davido’s baby mama has been going through torrid times in the hands of the Adelekes-and has not been made to see her daughter since July 2015, when the baby was just two months old! The tiny tot was seized by Davido’s half sister, Ashley Coco Adeleke with the full knowledge and support of other family members
Our sources revealed that yesterday, Davido’s dad and half sister, Ashley Coco Adeleke came to the Murtala Muhammed Airport with Baby Imade. The artiste too was at the airport maybe to also use his star power as cover for the operation that was in the offing. As it is the usual procedure, the Immigration officials had allegedly asked who was the mother of the child, Miss Coco Adeleke reportedly claimed she was and actually was the one that presented her United States Passport and the baby’s Nigerian passport to the officials.
Sophia who is the niece of Popular Journalist and Publisher, Dele Momodu had got wind of the intenmtion of the Adelekes and they too stormed the airport, they it was, who blew the lid off the attempt to sneak the baby out of town.


Davido being consoled at the airport
Davido being consoled at the airport

It was based on the intervention of the Momodus that the passports of Miss Coco Ashley Adeleke and the baby were impounded by an immigration officer whose name was given as Mrs. Modupe Mofikoya. All attempts to intimidate the Immigration Officer failed as she stood her grounds not even the arrival of Davido and his dad, who all along was waiting in a van in the Departure Area moved her. She insisted that what the Adelekes attempted was child trafficking and ensured that they did not board the flight. The matter was taken from the Airline Counter to an inner office.
Today however, the battle has moved to the social media as Davido took to Instagram to abuse his baby mama and her family while attempting to curry public sympathies. In a series of posts, he stated “In 2015, May, I became a father of a love-child”, the artiste began filled with lamentations ” DNA testing determined with maximum proof that I indeed was the father of my daughter delivered by a head-butting casual lover, Miss Sophia Momodu.
I met Sophia, when I was barely 21 years old. she was many years older than me and was able to manipulate and exploit my youth, naivety and generosity. Sophia is the mother of my daughter, and no more!she never will be my wife and she was never qualified for that status. her background is dissimilar to mine and she has paltry education and equally diminished physical attributes. Cunningly she moved into my house because she claimed she has no place to stay in lagos and that her father is late and her mother is resident in Abuja.

I rented an apartment for his niece who is not my wife and I duly pay monthly charges. What has Uncle Dele Momodu done for my daughter or even his niece? Momodu family also wants me to buy a car for woman who is not my wife and also an habitual and ceaseless night crawler who is unable and unwilling to mother or even bathe her own child.


Davido at the airport
Davido at the airport

I have accepted what providence brought my way including my own personal indiscretions. but I also have been burdened by the grave lapses in character of sophia and have thus suffered for my daughter who I love so much as my late mother, Imade.
On a routine hospital check my daughter was found to be infested with massive dosage of o poisonous cannabis that she contracted from breast feeding regime oh her mother’s breast. Already Imade has special needs and has been treated at the American hospital, Dubai with all medical costs and expenses drawn off my personal purse ever since Imade was born.
As for the person of Sophia I paid two year rent for her apartment in Lekki and she receives a monthly allowance of 300,000 ever since Imade was born. This December Sophia received n500,000 as her allowance and Christmas bonus.

On December 29, Imade was supposed to travel once more to Dubai for further medical care. A family vacation was attached to this medical trip. but our family plan was truncated by sophia, her uncle Dele Momodu in the company of his wife and all these persons were the significant accessory to the Lagos Airport debacle
It is this incidence of December 29 that made it implicitly necessary to bring my family matter to public domain, I agree both parents have to give simultaneous approval to travel plans of an infant , but I do not intend for Sophia to join me on this trip.
As for me, I feel bad that my dad who had boarded and was already issued a boarding pass but was forced to elect not to travel anymore because his daughter and grand-daughter were prevented from traveling on December 29 by the Momodus.

Sophia Momodu
Sophia Momodu

The passports of my daughter and sister were impounded for no just cause. The airline has refused to give a refund because my dad was allocated a seat and boarding pass. Calmly he lost one and half million naira for his first class ticket. What is the loss to uncle Dele Momodu in this matter. But more precisely what is his gain? but you know who the real losers are.
Our lawyers re looking into the books digging for legal recompense, the authority used by Dele Momodu is the callous enforcement of corrupt practices in the conduct of ordinary domestic issue . uncle Dele Momodu has boasted of possessing certain things he knows about me and my family i dare him to publish or perish whatever he has in his pouch, globally!


Full Text of The Letter of Petition

The Director General
National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons
No. 2028 Delaba Street
Wuse Zone 5
FCT, Abuja

Dear Madam,


We act as Solicitors for Miss. Sophia Ajibola Momodu, (hereinafter referred to as our client) whose instructions we have to forward this petition to your esteemed Agency.

Our client, a 27 year old, is the biological mother of a baby girl with name, Aurora Imade Adeleke, who was born on the 14th day of May 2015. The baby’s father is Mr. David Adedeji Adeleke (aka Davido). The father and mother are unmarried.

On the 11th July, 2015, our client was tricked to visit the house of Mr. David Adedeji Adeleke’s half sister – Miss Ashley Coco Adeleke’s with her baby, Imade Aurora Adeleke. After getting to the house on Baderinwa Alabi Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, our client’s baby was forcefully taken from her and she was thrown out of the premises with the threat that she would be decisively dealt with if she ever bothered to return there. There were armed policemen in the premises and our client’s survival instinct prevailed on her to make her leave her breast suckling baby behind, with so much pain in her heart.

By daybreak on the next day, our client was again at Ashley Coco Adeleke’s house to take her baby, but she was prevented by armed policemen from gaining access into the house. She was again threatened and warned never to return for the child.

Since July 2015, our client, who has now become so disorientated, saddened and confused has been going to family members, including her cousin, Mr Dele Momodu, and other well meaning Nigerians to intervene and allow her get her baby back or at least allow her to be able to have access to and care for her daughter. This was frustrated by Coco Adeleke, David Adeleke and their father, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke. These people boasted to our client and all her family and friends that our client is a nonentity and of little substance in Nigeria. They also claim that they have the financial wherewithal and political and security clout to deal with her and her family anyhow and without any consequence with the aid of their brother and uncle, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, and other friends Mr Deji Adeleke purportedly has in government. In a bid to justify their actions, Mr Deji Adeleke and his daughter, Ashley Coco Adeleke, have been spreading several malicious and unfounded allegations about our client.

While the attempts at finding a peaceful and lasting solution were still ongoing, on Tuesday the 29th December 2015, Ashley Coco Adeleke and her father, Mr Deji Adeleke, tried to travel to Dubai with our client’s baby. The baby was meant to be flown out of the country with Nigerian and American passports. Prior to that date, our client and her cousin, Mr Dele Momodu, had gone to alert the immigration services at the Murtala Mohammed, Ikeja International airport of the likelihood of Ashley Coco Adeleke travelling with our client’s baby by pretending to be the Mother. Our client believes that her baby’s American passport was hidden and is now likely to be in possession of Mr Deji Adeleke or Ashley Coco Adeleke. It appears that the assistance of Emirates Airline was sought as the baby’s American passport was not produced in breach of aviation regulations. Neither was a letter of authority from the mother to confirm her consent to the trip produced despite the airline being alerted.

When Mrs. Modupe Mofikoya, the immigration officer who attended to the Adeleke travelling party accosted Ashley Coco Adeleke and asked for the mother of the baby, Ashley Adeleke claimed that she was the mother. Immediately, the immigration officer on duty collected her Nigerian international passport, she quickly absconded from the scene with the baby and her father, Mr Deji Adeleke, showed up shortly afterwards to try to clear his daughter’s mess.

Our client with the help of her family members, including Mr Dele Momodu, determinedly resisted the attempt by Miss Ashley Coco Adeleke and her father, Mr Deji Adeleke, from taking Aurora Imade Adeleke from Lagos yesterday. Our client believes that the pair are trying to take the child to America and thus put her out of the reach of the biological mother.

At the moment, Miss Ashley Coco Adeleke and our client’s daughter, Aurora Imade Adeleke
are still in Lagos and two of their respective international passports are in the custody of the airport immigration services. Our client’s fear now, is that Ashley Coco may use her Nigerian passport and Aurora Imade’s American passport to travel through other Nigerian or West African airports.

We know that the actions of Mr Deji Adeleke and Miss Ashley Coco Adeleke contravene many provisions of the law. One is Section 13 of the Childs Right Law 2007 of Lagos State (as adapted from the Federal Act), which guarantees Aurora Imade Adeleke’s right to parental care and protection. That law also forbids separation of a child from her parents. Another is Section 24 of the same law, which also prohibits abduction of a child from the lawful custody of her parents. Neither Mr Deji Adeleke or Ms Ashley Coco Adeleke has any lawful right to the custody of Aurora Imade Adeleke. Even the unmarried father, Mr David Adedeji Adeleke, only has limited rights to the child and certainly not to the exclusion of our client, the natural mother as the Adeleke’s are trying to do.

We are of the sound view that your Agency is the most viable organisation that can intervene in the plight of our client and save her from the untold trauma that she is going through in the hands of Mr Deji Adeleke and Ashley Coco Adeleke, who has her own child that she keeps with her. We have advised our client about the statutory powers of your Agency to potently investigate and enforce all the provisions of the law that deal with abduction and trafficking in persons.

We urge you to use your good offices to intervene in the case of our client and protect a baby who should still be under her mother’s care from being abducted and smuggled abroad.

We thank you.

Yours faithfully,

S. O. AJAYI & CO./Gbolaga Ajayi Esq.


1. President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR
The President and C in C of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Aso Rock Villa
FCT, Abuja

2. Mr. Yemi Osibajo GCON (SAN)
The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Aso Rock Villa
FCT, Abuja

3. Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode
The Executive Governor of Lagos State
Lagos State Secretariat
Alausa, Lagos

4. The Head
National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons
Lagos Zonal Command
No. 165 Oba Ladejobi Street
G.R.A. Ikeja

5. The Station Manager
Emirate Airline
MMIA Office, Ikeja, Lagos

6. The Comptroller of Immigration Services
Murtala Mohammed International Airport,
Ikeja, Lagos

7. The Managing Director
MMIM, Ikeja

8. The Director
Department of State Security
Lagos State Command
Shangisha, Lagos

9. Mr. Solomon Arase
The Inspector General of Police
Loiu[truncated by WhatsApp]

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