Dear Lagosians, Keep The Goats Away From Your Yams, The Vigilant Barn Keeper Is Back In Power

imageContinuing with the Yam and Goat Theory, through resilience and rugged determination, we succeeded on March 28th in getting a good barn where our yams can be kept for maximum safety and also sent the goats troubling them packing.
Some, reportedly though, had fled the country. A lot are preparing to go into hiding. They don’t want their thieving heads to be used for that delicious Igbo delicacy isiewu.
The stubborn ones among them, you know goats can be very stubborn, have relocated to the city of the Lagoon to come and feast on our yams that have been secured all the while.
You need to imagine the ferocity with which they will feed on the Lagos yams if allowed. The reason is simple: the vigilant barn keeper is back in Abuja. No goat is coming in. Lagos is the only place now.
If we could collectively chase the goats in Abuja away, what stops the Lagos electorate from repeating the same in their zone?
Remember, if you allow these goats invade your barn, that is one hell for a densely populated city as Lasgidi.. We might be seeing the return of the famous Lagos cannibal.
You can do it.. You have your PVC and the card reader is still going to be used. Use it to secure the future of your yam.

Dayo Williams

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