Death In Indonesia The Drug Cabal and The Ndi-Igbo Question By Kayode Ogundamisi

imageCall me whatever you want, majority of our compatriots being executed abroad on drug charges are of Igbo extraction. We are dealing with a cabal that is preying on young men and women from Nigeria but especially from South East Nigeria.
When Oshiomole noticed that majority of Sex Workers in Italy came from Edo extraction, he did not scream anti-Edo. Rather, he went for intervention and broke the ring.
I am told we have a big drug cabal from Abia state. If we love our country we must go after those elements. It is so bad that a song in local Igbo dialect titled “Indonesia” is popular as it describes ‘young successful men and women who live in Indonesia’
In the United Kingdom, majority of those involved in benefit fraud and credit card fraud are of Yoruba extractions and same in the United States.
Majority of ethnic violence recorded in Nigeria came from Northern Nigeria. We should stop calling a spade a shovel.
The Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, must concentrate on South East Nigeria and identify the ring, entrapping our compatriots. Michael Titus Igwe, Kingsley Okonkwo, Uchenna Onyewuru, Eugene Ape, Hunphery Ejike, Obinna Nwajiagu, Benjamin Onuoha and Ikenna Abanukwu are going to be executed in Indonesia soon, not because they are Igbo but because they are drug traffickers. But, we need to get to the root of the problem.
Now go on and call me anti-Igbo I am used to it. It doesn’t worry me a bit and wont stop me from making my opinions public. Kayode Ogundamisi

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