Dele Momodu Has Displayed Selflessness In Upgrading NIIA – Ooni

Your excellencies, the celebrant of today, our dear brother, I think I see you more as Nigerian than even Ghanian, the elders that are here, the political leaders of our dear country.

At least, I’ve seen two here the Kwankwasiyya movement and our amiable tsunami from the Labor Party. Please, give all of them a resounding round of applause. I even noticed something about the Kwankwasiyya movement, their logo the red and white, I looked through his shoe today I saw that it’s actually indeed red and white but I looked around maybe the distinguished Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi part of APC that is here. But I’m very happy that this Hall is indeed a party affair of our dear country. Our nation is way bigger than any one of us, way bigger than any political party or anything that has to do with party affiliation. The day we all sit down to talk about our interests commonly as a nation rather than our selfish interests as individuals, things will be better for our dear country.

We’re stronger as a nation individually than us doing things very collectively and that has been the problem of our there Nation. People came and spoke very briefly, aptly, and straight to the point they are leaders both in the private sector and public sector.

A lot of Nigerians can actually talk and talk about the solution to this problem but what are we all doing? But it is very important for us to know we’ve been talking about gas abundance for a very long time, we’ve been talking about so many things in this country that are in abundance that we can actually even extract and we will not focus on the dollar economy. But the truth be told, the day as a nation that we start doing things; not individually. The day we realize that this country is bigger than all of us; a good example of the celebrant today that you are bringing all political parties together, irrespective of your party affiliation that we will realize that Nigeria is bigger than all of us then we will be a better Nation.

For us to settle all the problems of energy is no rocket science. And that’s the truth. It’s because of our selfish interest that’s the reason we’ve been having a lot of bottlenecks here and there. Selfish interest. So, I want to appeal to every one of us, talk is cheap. Enough of talking and talking and talking as a Nation, let us look at this nation, beyond all of us, bigger than all of us, and let us jointly and collectively look at things that will be betterment, that will be in good structure, and a very futuristic manner, that can better a lot of even generations yet unborn.

On this day, I want to thank God Almighty for the celebrant’s life. What you are doing. You have displayed selflessness which is very rare in our country by upgrading this hall. Let every one of us pick our public utilities; whatever we can do, the government cannot do it all. Let us imbibe this culture. For what the celebrant has done today, I want every one of us to give him a resounding round of applause. He bought new ACs and a new carpet and gave this place a very good uplift.

So, as a nation what are you doing?

God bless you all and God bless Nigeria.

Thank you very much.

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