Desperate Fayose Bares Full Fangs Against Opposition In Ekiti

image…torments, arrests, destroys in what he terms operation total destruction of opposition
…connives with NYSC director to pay N20k each into account of corpers

For Peter Ayodele Fayose, the roughneck governor of Ekiti, governance has been totally relegated to the background in the state while he personally leads his goons in gestapo-like operations to track down members of the opposition who he claims are standing between him and victory for Jonathan in Ekiti State.
Fayose who is making his last minute dash to win Saturday’s election at devil’s cost has told whoever cares to listen that he is on a special mission to ensure that President Goodluck Jonathan wins in Ekiti and that anything short of that would spell doom for him after the election.
Apart from his deadly squad that parades the length and breath of the state searching for those on their list, Fayose has also connived with the NYSC director who is from the state to compromise the NYSC members who were selected to serve as electoral officers at the election by paying a sum of N20,000 each into their accounts. We have it on good authority that the presiding and returning officers appointed for the election have also had a meeting with Fayose
We are seizing this opportunity to call on those boys and girls not to make themselves willing tools in the hand of the devil, but rather serve their fatherland diligently and as transparent as their conscience can carry them.They should also be mindful of the fact that it is only the partisan ones among them that can be vulnerable to reprisal attacks should their fellow youths see them as compromised and corrupted during the election.
Fayose who has penciled down a list of some opposition leaders who he termed as his killjoy and has told his killer squad to use all means possible to get them out of circulation before Friday morning has also assured members of his killer squad of full support and full cooperation of the presidency.
Prominent among Fayose’s roughnecks that have been unleashing mayhem on the opposition include Tosco, Femi Akilapa and Emeka. These goons are usually spotting bandana on their heads and drive around in no fewer than 10 unregistered hilux vans. They also include some Niger Delta boys who are being camped in hotels in towns like Iloro and Ikogosi. They make no pretences about their mission and have visited homes of several APC leaders like Mrs Ronke Okusanya, Bunmi Dipo-Salami, Olofin to mention but a few.
Those they have been able to sight like Bode Agbeleye in Ipoti only escaped death by whiskers but have their vehicles and other properties greatly damaged.
Meanwhile the arrest of some APC leaders have been effected. Right now one of those picked up by the policemen on Fayose’s assignment, Bayo Aina, is still being detained

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