Do Mothers With Bigger Butts Have More Intelligent Kids?

imageEver wondered why men world over are attracted to women with big butts? Studies have shown that children born by women who have a big derriere might be have a chance at been more intelligent than the rest of them.

An Oxford University 2010 research has credited the Omega 3s ‘good’ fatty acids present in the mother’s body for the extra boost in a child’s brain activity especially the fat in the booty. It has been proven too that women with more weight are less likely to fight heart disease and high cholesterol according to the 2007 research of the University of Pittsburgh.

The fat deposits in the hips, butt and thighs are responsible for the development of the baby’s brain and these areas are a store of heightened levels of Omega 3. According to the HuffingtonPost, the fat contained in breast milled with all those Omega 3s which makes for the baby’s balanced diet is gotten from the lower part of the body.

The 2007 Pittsburgh University research showed that gluteofemoral fat is key in producing smart offspring. The study author, William Lassek, theorized that men could be attracted to women with large bottoms as an evolutionary way of enusring they have smart children. He published a book with the title ‘Why Women Need Fat’.

Fitness and diet are all key elements to overall body health. Ladies with fuller lower bodies i.e ‘pear’ shaped or hour glass shaped women can become just as unhealthy as those who have all round excess body weight if they are not properly cared for.

The conclusion is that while carrying ‘good’ fat below the waist is good, it is most likely the result of genetics. So all women are advised to stay active and stay healthy.

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