Domestic Violence: Lady Calls Off Wedding Three Days Before, Says Fiance Full of Rage

A young lady, Ozioma Michael, has called off her wedding with her fiancé, David Okike, which was billed to hold this Saturday, over domestic violence.

Ms Michael, also known as ‘Ada Uburu’ announced the wedding call off on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

She alleged that her fiance usually “hit and abused” her at any slightest provocation.

The young lady stressed that she called off the wedding because she would not live her entire life enduring domestic violence.

“My supposed husband is full of rage. Beating me with his belt, stick, broom is his daily routine. Many atimes, he had lifted his hammer on me (but I fled),” she said.

According to Ms Michael, the fiance had promised to stop beating her after she ran out of the house, last year, when she could not bear the beating, but he started beating her again, months after they were reconciled.

Continuing she said,” this Monday last week, just because of a little misunderstanding, he beat me mercilessly and in the process of it, he rushed into his mother’s kitchen for a cutlass.

“When I noticed he was going for a weapon, I locked the door behind him which he forcefully opened, both his mother and sisters and some neighbors were begging him not to cut me with the cutlass. With all these things and more I am fed up.”

Ms Michael said she met Mr Okike during their days in secondary school, but after the fiancé paid her bride price, he started “maltreating” her.

“This is my reason why I am calling off the traditional marriage (Igba-Ngwu) and white wedding ceremony between me and David Okike off. Beating me was not part of the agreement in our marriage,” she added.

Ms Michael and Mr Okike hail from Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Both had been expected to wed on Saturday, April 16, before the call off, Ms Michael said.

The wedding event was scheduled to take place at Living Faith Church Amata Uburu, according to the details in the wedding invitation posted on Facebook by Ms Michael.

Mr Okike did not respond to calls and a text message seeking comments from him.

This is coming days after famous Nigerian gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu reportedly died due to physical abuse inflicted on her by her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, who is currently in police custody over the incident.

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