Drama As Man Is Hospitalised After Sleeping With Friend’s Wife

imageA 21- year old man in Ugbona village, Ishieke community Ebonyi local government area of Ebonyi State, Orima Onyebuchi, has been hospitalized after having sex with his friend’s wife (name withheld).

Mr. Onyebuchi had allegedly been having affairs with the woman until the last one which resulted in his hospitalization.
He had a day after he met the woman complained of serious pain in his private part which became very serious. He was rushed to some local hospitals in the area for treatment, and later to a prayer house as his ailment persisted.
At the prayer house where he reportedly narrated having affair with his friend’s wife to the pastor, the pastor advised him to confess the act to his friend, Friday Nwankwo, following the deterioration of his health. He confessed.
But after the confession on Monday, he was asked to provide N250, 000 to enable Mr. Nwankwo destroy the charm (juju) that caused the sickness for having affairs with his wife.
Mr. Nwankwo said he had been suspecting Mr. Onyebuchi and his wife’s relationship and had to get the charm from a native doctor to stop the relationship and insisted that he must be given N250,000 for the man to free himself from ‘bondage’.
Mr. Onyebuchi’s parents offered N50, 000, which Mr. Nwankwo rejected.
The parents then left home and started selling off some of their properties to be able to raise the amount demanded by Mr. Nwankwo.

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