Ekiti Fiasco: Senator Babafemi Ojudu Refutes N250m Impeachment Fund Story

imageThe Senator Representing Ekiti Central Senatorial District, Mr Babafemi Ojudu has refuted the story of a N250 million slush fund allegedly meant for the impeachment of Governor Ayodele Fayose, describing it as baseless, unfounded and only exists as a figment of imagination of Gov Ayo Fayose and his media goons.

Ojudu in a statement made in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday, said he had no reason to meddle in the affairs of the All Progressives Congress, APC, G19 lawmakers or teleguide them to carry out their normal legislative assignments which are within the purview of the House of Assembly as enshrined in the constitution.

“As a representative of the people, who still enjoys the mandate of the people as a member of the Senate, my preoccupation has been how to fast track development in Ekiti and Nigeria, and not to fan the embers of enmity by way of funding impeachment against a Governor, whose love for lies and violence has assumed an international dimension.”

Ojudu branded the allegation as another ploy to discredit the opposition figures by a drowning man looking for the last straw to clutch onto, no matter how feeble. He said he was aware of the impeachment saga like everyone else and did not know how Fayose came about the ploy to drag his name into it.

“Ordinarily, I would not have venerated the rumour mongers with a response, but some unsuspecting members, of the public who are not aware of Fayose’s antics might start believing the lie. We are used to his divisive style. He thinks that by creating phantom groups within the opposition and putting words into their mouths, he could decimate us and we would end up facing ourselves in battle rather than remaining focused on how to save Ekiti from the path of perdition that he is leading the state.”

Ojudu said he was aware of the role of one Gbenga Ariyibi, a staff of Vanguard in Ekiti who doubles as a Special Assistant, Media to Fayose in the melee. “The Gbenga Ariyibi boy is the one being used for all the Fayose dirty jobs in the media, planting negative stories about the opposition. But such unconscionable act of our young journalists making themselves willing tools in the hands of politicians is a story for another day.”

Describing Fayose as the troubler of Ekiti’s soul, always playing retrogressive stunts with the fate of the state, The Federal lawmaker said it was quite unreasonable and smack of ignorance for Fayose’s aides to finger him as the mastermind of the doom, which he had personally brought upon himself. He urged Fayose to face his self-inflicted travails alone and leave him (Ojudu) out of his dirty politics that he was widely known for.

“If Fayose wants a scapegoat to carry the cans of his travail, I am the wrong one for him to choose. I want to say without fear of contradiction that I never had a hand in Fayose’s travail. I don’t know how he managed to concoct the N250 million allegeldy meant to fund his impeachment, and I am here challenging him to go ahead and provide proofs by mentioning those that actually contributed to the fund and give detailed analysis of the transactions.”

I think as a patriotic citizen of Ekiti State, I also owe it a duty to tell Fayose and his co-travelers the open truth: his problem is self-imposed. He cannot manage success and he is always untrusting of anyone, including his own shadow. Fayose must come to his senses by doing thorough self reassessment to discover where things went awry with him to the extent that his reign in Ekiti seems jinxed, rather than to be dissipating energy by pointing fingers at innocent citizens.”

I want to say loud and clear that I never had any friction with the Assembly members, who I cannot deny to be members of my party. Rt Hon Adewale Omirin and other APC lawmakers are financially established individuals and it would be foolhardy of anyone to be having the erroneous impression that Fayose’s impeachment was being teleguided by anyone and being carried out for pecuniary gains.

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