Ekiti Politics: Ojudu Is The Light, Fayose Darkness, Says APC Action Group

imageimageThe Action Group of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Ekiti State, has drawn a distinction between Senator Babafemi Ojudu representing Ekiti Central at the Upper Chamber in Abuja and Governor Ayodele Fayose, describing Ojudu as the light of Ekiti politics and Fayose as the darkness.
In a release signed by its spokesperson, Segun Dipe, the APC Action Group urged Ekiti people and all well-meaning Nigerians to see the desperation in Fayose and his constant manipulation of the state owned media to speak evil of Ojudu as the desperate act of a sinking man who has seen the latter as his nemesis.
“Ojudu is an apposite political leader for Ekiti while Fayose is the opposite. Ojudu is a liberator, an asset and a pro-democrat. Fayose is a prankstar, a political liability and an anti-democrat,” the group observed, noting how Ojudu had joined other human right activists to spearhead the return the country to democracy and how he had suffered in the hands of the military junta of Babangida and Abacha.
Ojudu was arrested, tortured and detained several times during the Sani Abacha regime (1993–1998). Ojudu was arrested and detained for three days at the notorious Shagisha prison in the outskirts of Lagos on 11 August 1996, all for political liberation of the country. Fayose on the other hand was arrested and detained for looting the same Ekiti that he is now pretending to love. He is still under watch by the EFCC for corruptly enriching himself, dipping his hands into the Ekiti till.”
“As a hero of the political struggle, one of the few we have in Ekiti State, where was Fayose then? He was busy conning people across the globe. What was his background and who were his mentors?”
The same Ojudu he is badmouthing had beaten him hands down in the April 2011 election for the Ekiti Central Senatorial seat. Ojudu polled 67,747 running on the ACN platform, while Fayose as the Labour Party (LP) candidate received 29,773 votes.
It is the same Ojudu that Alufa, the PDP contestant at the election had congratulated saying “Our God in his wisdom has chosen you with your experience and good credentials, which I am sure you will deploy for the service and improvement of our impoverished area.” What was Fayose’s credentials before sneaking into politics?”
“Is it therefore not a misnomer for a Fayose to have alleged that the same Ojudu had collected N250 million for him to be impeached and using the resources and media of the state to propagate such lie? How much was Ojudu being paid when he was struggling to return Nigeria to democracy, which Fayose is now a beneficiary? How much was Ojudu paid in 2004, when he uncovered Fayose’s bloodletting rituals? How much was Ojudu paid in 2006, when he joined others to reject Fayose’s maladministration, which got him booted out of government in the first instance.” All these and more are the questions that well-meaning Ekiti sons and daughters should be asking Fayose.
APC Action Group further warned those following Fayose not to get carried away by his antics and should take every pronouncement made by him with a pinch of salt, being an incurable prankster whose words and actions are not always in sync.
The group said in as much as it would lend its support to any effort at achieving peaceful rein in the state, trusting Ayo Fayose to walk his talk is a daunting task.
“Our worry is not about the intention of Fayose in carrying hate reports about Ojudu, since we know what he is scared of and what he thinks Ojudu is capable of doing. But we are disillusioned by Governor Fayose’s tendency for lie-telling and brigandage. He is a known prankster and stalker. He is characterized by blind, deaf and dumb feelings to the rule of law and therefore cannot be trusted to continue to govern our dear state.”
“Our position is that any peace move made by Fayose at this point without respect for the rule of law cannot hold water. Fayose’s words are one thing, his actions are another. Whatever good words he may be speaking on air is a mask for the concealment of his bad deeds.
”Dipe said the gut instinct of the group is that Fayose was trying to lay banana peels on the path of the distinguished lawmaker, believing that by presenting him in a bad light, the senator would get distracted and react irrationally.
“But here is a man whose integrity is like a tefflon and his credentials are well respected by colleagues at the Upper Chamber. But here is a Fayose being haunted by his own shadow, having muscled the APC G19 lawmakers out of Ekiti and ensured that none of them participated in the April 11, 2014 House of Assembly elections which would have returned them to the House. Should anyone have trusted whatever olive branch he may be waving afterwards?”
“While it is the intention of every well-meaning Ekiti son and daughter to realize peace in the state, we in the APC Action Group see Fayose as the main source of crises and any peace move originating from him is no more possible than pouring dry water on wooden iron.”
“We are not pessimists. But we can easily predict that nothing good can ever come out of Fayose. He is the ill-wind that is not blowing the state any good. The governor’s moves are well known and geared towards a predictable end of cowing the opposition and putting every democratic tenet under lock and key.
“Our group thus stand by Senator Ojudu and other well-meaning Ekiti political leaders who have restated their commitments to ensuring that separation of power and rule of law, the two pillars of democracy stand firm in Ekiti state, without anyone trampling on any of them.
Ekiti is bigger than all and the right of everyone confers a duty to restore sanity to the state devoid of any executive brigandage.

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