EKITIGATE: How Soldiers Sent By Obanikoro To Arrest Bimbo Daramola Brutalised His 87-Year-Old Father, Close Associate, Family Members

image…An Eye Witness Account
The the leaked recording of the leaders of People Democratic Party, PDP, has exposed how Musiliu Obanikoro, Ayodele Fayose, Iyiola Omisore, Caleb Olubolade, Chris Uba coerced and connived with Brigadier General Momoh to rig the election in favour of Governor Fayose. During the “secret meeting”, the voice of former Minister of Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, can be clearly heard, ordering the arrest of Honourable Bimbo Daramola, the Director General of Dr Kayode Fayemi’s Campaign.
Invariably, on the eve of the election, a 12-man team of soldiers, policemen and members of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), stormed Daramola’s father’s house in Ire Ekiti, at about 1.30am, to carry out Obanikoro’s order.
Recounting her encounter with the fully armed, unwanted guests, Daramola’s fiancé, Sola Salako, who was with his 87-year old father and other family members, described it as a Gestapo-like operation. According to her, the armed men brutalized and subjected her and members of the Daramola family to sundry indignities.

The ELITES reproduces her account, which was posted on her Facebook on the morning of the Ekiti Gubernatorial Election.

“They just left….A team of police, army, SSS and Civil Defence armed to the teeth looking for Bimbo Daramola. They kicked our doors in, put a gun to my head and shouted at me ” where is your husband”?

I don’t know where my Bimbo is as we speak. I told them the truth. I left him outside with over 300 constituents and didn’t know when he left the house as I was busy cooking and entertaining guests.

They said I was lying. “How can your husband leave without telling you?”
Me: We were not married yet. ”
Where are your children?
Me: “We dont have any yet.”
At your age, you are not married?
“Where is his wife?”
He is not married either. We are engaged
Puts a gun to my head, “lead us through the house. Open every door…

I screamed to Bimbo’s 87 yr old dad Chief FA Daramola, “Daddy, Daddy! E jade oo. They are looking for Bimbo oo. He startled out of sleep, opened his door and a gun was in his face!

Where is your son?

Daddy: I don’t know..

They screamed at him “lie down! No sit down! Cover your face! I will waste you now if you don’t tell us where your son is…Daddy was shocked.. and troubled. .We all had not seen Bimbo since about 8pm.

“Where is that his wife? Tie your face and kneel down there!” I used my sleep scarf to tie my face..

Now tell me where your husband is or I will waste you now! Better start saying your last prayers, one of the SSS said, still pointing his gun at my head.

I closed my eyes and kept repeating ” Lord please have mercy on my soul…didn’t know if he will shoot any minute.

Then began the beating of Bimbo’s aides, my drivers, Bimbo’s cousins and the cooks. Slaps and kicks…but they didn’t touch me.

Ok, we will take you instead of him! I stretched out my hands.”Take me, cos I don’t know where he is… The tears started to flow then..Please I hope he is safe…

SHUT UP! Go and wear something on your nightie and let’s go! One followed me into the room, I wore a tshirt on my p-jays and they led me towards the gate. Stop! What is in this hi lux truck? Nothing. Open it! I did. It was empty.

Where are your security guards? Anyone in any force here? More slaps and kicks. We are all civilians! One saw a tazer used for mob control at the just concluded rallies. Who owns it? I didn’t know.

Let’s go! And I was led in between gun totting men like a common criminal towards the gate. Then someone changed their minds and told me to return into the house and lock the door! Then they left… We are still in shock as I speak. Chief Daramola ‘ s blood pressure may be high and I don’t have the machine to check.

I am shaking in terror cos I have never experienced this level of oppression before in my life! Someone said I know where to go for help.. who do I call to help and protect us now when it is security agents who should protect us that came to terrorise us?

For what? An ordinary election? I can only hope we come out of this alive…
Please pray for my Bimbola that God will keep him safe….Please pray that we will survive this election without losing anyone of us.

I am posting this now so if anything happens to us, the world will know that our offence was holding dissenting views in a democratic nation.

I weep for my country….”

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