Racism Feud At Longleat: Emma McQuiston, Daughter of Nigerian Tycoon Ladi Jadesimi, Scatters British Aristocrats

…Heir claims his mother suggested his Nigerian wife would harm bloodline
…Ceawlin Thynn has fallen out with his mother over wife Emma McQuiston
…41-year-old claims his mother, Marchioness of Bath, questioned marriage
…She apparently asked if he was sure about ruining ‘400 years of bloodline’
…Viscount Weymouth has also famously fallen out with his father Lord Bath

 Emma Mcquiston and her husband, Thynn

Emma Mcquiston and her husband, Thynn
Forty one year old, Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount of Weymouth in England, has fallen out with his mother over wife Emma McQuiston, a former model, he married two years ago.

Thynn’s mother, Hungarian born Anna Gael Thynn, felt his decision to marry Emma, half Nigerian and daughter of Nigeria’s oil tycoon, Ladi Jadesimi, who owns LADOL, an oil service company, Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Company, stands ruining ‘400 years of bloodline’.

Complicating the family rift is that Emma has an 11 month-old son for Thynn, who Thynn’s mother, Machioness of Bath has not seen since he was born.

Thynn himself spilled out the family crisis in an interview published by Mail Online today. Here is an excerpt of the report:

“The heir to Longleat banned his mother from his wedding and put ‘security on standby’ in case she turned up after she allegedly suggested that marrying his half-Nigerian wife would damage the aristocratic family’s bloodline.

Ceawlin Thynn, 41, whose father is the eccentric Marquess of Bath famed for his harem of ‘wifelets’, also claims he stopped his mother – the Marchioness of Bath – from seeing his son John in case the boy is ‘contaminated’ by her views.

Ceawlin’s wife Emma McQuiston, 29, a Nigerian oil tycoon’s daughter, will become Britain’s first black marchioness when Ceawlin, who took over running the 10,000-acre estate and safari park in Wiltshire in 2010, inherits his father’s title.

Yesterday Ceawlin – Viscount Weymouth – alleged that when he told his mother that he planned to marry Emma, she replied: ‘Are you sure about what you’re doing to 400 years of bloodline?’

 Anna Gael Thynn, The Marchioness of Bath.

Anna Gael Thynn, The Marchioness of Bath.

He tried to ignore it but when she repeated it he decided he had to tell Emma, who was ‘devastated’. Ceawlin demanded that his mother, who has lived much of her life with a lover in France, return her wedding invitation and ‘made it clear that under no circumstances would she be attending’, he said in an interview. Come the day of the wedding at Longleat in June 2013, he was so worried she might turn up and make a scene he put ‘security on standby to prevent her from accessing the area’, he told The Sunday Times. ‘All the doors were manned and various corridors and outdoor areas,’ he added.

Emma – Viscountess Weymouth – has previously spoken of racism in the British aristocratic circles in which she now mingles.

She once told Tatler magazine: ‘There has been some snobbishness, particularly among the much older generation. There’s class and then there’s the racial thing.’

Before her marriage to Lord Bath in 1969, Ceawlin’s mother was Anna Gael (née Gyarmathy), an actress who starred in erotic films such as Therese And Isabelle in which she stripped naked and simulated lesbian sex. She was nicknamed the ‘Naked Lady of Longleat’. Ceawlin also claimed his mother, 71, who has spent more time at Longleat since the death of her lover in France, now ignores Emma if they bump into each other in the stately home’s grounds.

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