Enahoro Family Kicks Over Plot To Offer Adolor Title To Ex-minister

The Enahoro family of Uromi,Edo State, has cried out over what it called a plot to hijack the family traditional title of Adolor of Uromi by some vested interest, and confer same on Works Minister in the Jonathan Administration, Mr. Michael Onolimemen.

The proposed conferment is believed to have been scheduled for tomorrow and the Enahoros have warned invitees to the ceremony “not to inadvertently give support to an insult to the memory of Chief Anthony Eronmosele Enahoro with their presence.”

The late Chief Enahoro, nationalist and distinguished journalist, was the last holder of the title.

His younger brother and journalist/columnist of repute, Peter Enahoro, said the title “is hereditary and subject to the rule of primogeniture.”

The younger Enahoro in a statement in London advised the would-be recipient “once more, as I’d previously done in private” to keep off.
He said: “I continue to urge all who by text messages and email have pledged their support that it is our intention to counter this unnecessary, grubby, money seeking enterprise with a peaceful resolution. We know also that there are political elements in the conspiracy whose approval is predicated on their belief that only by erasing the memory of Chief Anthony Enahoro can their own legacy enjoy a lease in Uromi.

“Even this statement is issued with reluctance, to a point of sadness — sadness, because the good memory of Chief Anthony Eronmosele Enahoro, a man beloved across the length and breadth of Nigeria, does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as a murky story of financial greed and shameful social climbing conspiracy It is narrated here in its fulsome ingloriousness with reluctance, because until my hand was forced to issue this statement, the Enahoro Family strove to keep a lid on an artificially framed crisis deliberately created to pervert the legitimate succession to Tony’s title of Adolor of Uromi.

“Tony is no longer with us. It is my duty to lay the facts bare to the people of Uromi; indeed to Nigerians at large, to whose causes he gave himself, his family and even his health at times when it was fragile.

“We members of his immediate family may be chided for not reacting immediately when rumours began to circulate that the succession to what we knew to be a hereditary title — a hereditary title that is subject to ages-old rules of primogeniture — was being hawked around, on behalf of the highest levels of traditional institutions, in a quest for the highest bidder!”

He dismissed suggestions that the title was honorary, stating, “Tony was in his late twenties or early thirties when he became a star in the Cabinet of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Action Group Western Region government. The newspapers fondly branded him “Stormy Petrel of the Action Group”.

“He quickly became one of the leader’s favourites. Politics being what it is, he was resented by some colleagues who reached into their pockets to play the ethnic card. It was a time of an explosion of honorary chieftaincy title awards to political leaders by traditional rulers seeking favours from newly enthroned political decision makers with patronage galore to dispense.”

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