Evacuated Nigerians From Yemen Arrive Abuja

imageThe National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), on Monday, received the first batch of Nigerians in Yemen as Federal Government commenced the evacuation of its citizens from the crisis ridden country.
NEMA Director-General, Muhammad Sani-Sidi, said the exercise was in line with government’s directive to immediately evacuate Nigerians stranded in Yemen.
The DG, represented by Navy Capt. Michael Igwe, Head, Mission Control Centre, NEMA, received the returnees at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.
Igwe explained that the operation was ongoing as the government, alongside its Embassy in Saudi Arabia, was working in collaboration with the government of Saudi Arabia to ensure their safe return.
“Yemen is at war and the Federal Government directed that Nigerians stranded in Yemen should be evacuated and there are about 58 Nigerians that are stranded there.
“However, our Embassy in Saudi Arabia, which we are coordinating with, has been able to get three Nigerians out.
“They have been waiting in Saudi Arabia but we were informed that the number of days given by Saudi Government for the evacuees to transit though Saudi Arabia has been exhausted.
“They have to quickly put them on board the available aircraft to Nigeria while they are gathering the majority of the evacuees and that is why the three Nigerians are here now.
“They complained to us sometimes ago that the border with Yemen was closed last week so they are finding it very difficult to bring out the Nigerians.
“However, they are assuring us that within the next one week, they would be able to get as many Nigerians to Jeddah as possible.’’
Igwe said the returnees have undergone the preliminary stages of their resettlement as they have been tested by the ports health authorities and have been profiled and registered in the data base.
Igwe said the Nigerian government would continue to assist them until they were fully settled in with proper means of livelihood.
Receiving the returnees, the Liaison Officers from Kebbi, Kaduna, and Adamawa States where the returnees hail from, said arrangements had been made for them to reunite with their families.
The Administrative Secretary, Kebbi State Liaison Office in Abuja, Bitrus Shekowoagaza, said their identities would be verified to ensure that they are indigenes of the state.
He explained that the security verification is of essence so that they will be sure that they do not pose any form of security threat to their communities.

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